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Border Union Agricultural Society
Venue: Springwood Park, Kelso, Roxburghshire, TD5 8LS

Judge(s) Mrs J E Tuck


Judge(s) Mrs J E Tuck

MPD (7)

1 James’ Blackmine Rossington pleasing typical head, narrow front, nicely balanced throughout, correct topline, tailset & neat feet, moved well;

2 McKenzie’s Akenside Zadok The Priest, not quite the quarters of 1. Lovely headed pup, good overall balance, good coat, good topline on the move;

3 Gregory’s Westmarte Capalgo Time at Visrie.

PD (3,1a)

1 Iddon’s Murphs Rutland Rascel, good headed pup with a straight front, nice length of rib, good topline, well set on tail;

2 Marr’s Redfox Robbie, good headed pup. Preferred topline & tailset of 1.

JD (9,1)

1 Barber’s Alcumlow Starstruck, winning a very good class, super narrow front & well laid shoulders, good coat, correct length of rib, good topline & well set tail, very good hind angulation, moved well, should mature nicely;

2 Anderson’s Minx’s Diamond, good headed pup with correct expression. Failed in front to 1, not quite so angulated behind. In very good coat, top end for size;

3 Vasey & Peacock’s Ruelata Boulder.

ND (4)

1 R Boulder, typical head with good overall balance, presented very well, slightly cleaner front than

2 B Rossington;

3 Houston’s Earthwise Wolfbane.

GD (5,3)

1 Woolrich’s Mansergh Song Thrush, good headed dog, narrow throughout, very workmanlike;

2 McConnachie’s Appleside Little Herbert, workmanlike dog with good head, good length of rib. Just preferred the backend of 1.

PGD (10,3)

1 Wallace’s Hobholt Harrier, very typical headed dog, superb shoulders, good overall body length, easily spanned with good topline & tailset, good coat & pelt, moved very well;

2 Houston’s Earthwise Follow Me, super headed dog. Slightly heavier in shoulder than 1. Really good coat & pelt, well set on tail. Two very good dogs, preferred the overall balance of 1, a close decision;

3 Culley’s Joncroft Orcadian Scion.

LD (9,3)

1 Singh’s Vandermere’s Secret Agent, masculine otter headed dog, straight front, good in shoulder, in excellent harsh coat with good pelt, good topline & well set on tail, moved with drive;

2 Sneddon’s Kersfell Comet, very neat workmanlike narrow moderate dog, not exaggerated in any way, a handy size, easily spanned, quality throughout, good hind angulation. Just preferred the overall balance of 1;

3 Johnson’s Karison Kasper.

OD (14,2)

Amazing class for quality in depth.

1 Harris’ Stoneygin Jack The Lad at Nickeltweed, he gleamed with condition & excelled for type, very typical otter head with strong muzzle, nice size, masculine without any coarseness, superb narrow front, very well laid shoulders, correct rib, easily spanned, in very good jacket & pelt, good topline & tailset, nicely angulated hindquarters, moved around the ring with style & drive. CC, his 3rd;

2 Gilpin’s Ch Otterbobs Ninezergh, quality Border, good outline, handy size, super head, coat & overall balance. Close decision but just preferred the front angulation of 1, thought they looked a picture standing together. RCC;

3 Hollingsbee’s Ch Otterwood Amex.

MPB (12,3)

1 Fryer’s Irton Polka, very typical rich red pup, lovely feminine head, good front, nice rib, very well balanced throughout, good hind angulation, moved well;

2 Hopper’s Terracao’s Nell Gywn at Esyntona, a close decision, good front & rib, nice topline. Just preferred the hind angulation of 1. In good coat;

3 Scott’s Sarecen Sue.

PB (6,2)

1 Watts’ Markrich My Kamal, good headed typical pup, bl/t coat with correct ticking, good pelt, correct rib, topline held well on the move, good hind angulation, looked a picture, in very good condition. BP;

2 Gregory’s Remony Barley Twist, settled since earlier class, very feminine head, straight front, correct shoulders, good topline & tailset, good coat & hind angulation, moved well;

3 Sneddon’s Kersfall Calpurnia.

JB (11,2)

1 Pickering’s Picer Bright Idea, gleamed with condition, super head, good reach of neck, straight narrow front, very well laid back shoulders, easily spanned, correct rib, good topline & tailset, very good hind angulation, good bone, moved well with excellent overall balance, coat & pelt at its best, a star, one of the best bitches I have seen in years, wish she were mine. CC & BOB;

2 Johnson’s Karison Kamellia, very good bitch, lovely typical head, good reach of neck, excellent coat & thick pelt, topline & tailset. Preferred the front & hind angulation of 1. Pushed very hard for RCC;

3 Johnson & Williams’ Quarryway Sorrel.

NB (5)

1 R Barley Twist;

2 Douglas’ Croalchapel Miss Meggie, very well balanced bitch all through, good head, straight front, OK hind angulation;

3 Sneddon’s Kersfell Cordelia.

GB (4)

1 Pickering’s Picer Polyanthus, lacking coat but evidence of both. One of the best heads of the day, good front, rib & hind angulation, excellent overall balance;

2 Fraser’s Achnagairn Plum Duff, decent all round bitch, good Border head. Slightly large in ear. Good topline & coat. Preferred the angulation of 1. Good set on tail;

3 Fraser’s Achnagairn Quick Step.

PGB (22,6)

1 Wanless’ Thorneyburn Minnie The Minx, lovely feminine head, good front, nice length of body, correct bl/t coat, good tailset, neat feet, moved around the ring well, quality bitch;

2 Smith & Watts’ Markrich My Motti, quality bitch, very typical in head with good front, coat & pelt, good hind angulation. Preferred the overall proportions of 1;

3 Fraser & Butler’s Wagtail Lass via Ycart.

LB (18,3)

1 Dickinson & James’ Stoneygin Ripon Ruby by Badgerholme, out of coat but evidence of both, superb front with typical head, correctly laid shoulders, correct easily spanned rib, good topline, tailset & good hind angulation, moved around the ring well;

2 Roberts’ Baywillow Canape at Smalesmouth, up to size but her overall quality could not be denied, superb front, good head & layback of shoulder, good topline & tailset, easily spanned, correct hind angulation, what a pair;

3 Fraser & Butler’s Blue Tutu via Ycart.

OB (9,3)

1 Singh’s Nanrich Lets Go to Vandermere, beautiful bl/t in really sparkling form, good pelt & coat, typical feminine head, large teeth, neat feet, easily spanned, good topline & tailset, could not be denied the RCC;

2 McPherson’s Brumberhill Belle De Jour, good front & shoulders, super topline & tailset, fantastic coat & pelt, good overall balance, moved well. Preferred the head of 1. Quality bitch throughout;

3 Crawley’s Dandyhow Madam Butterfly.



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