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Border Terrier

Judge: Mrs M B Reeves

Dog CC : SINGH Miss J Vandamere's Secret Agent JW
Res Dog CC : HARRISON Miss A Iacheslei Taum JW
Bitch CC : PICKERING Mr G A Picer Bright Idea
Res Bitch CC : GUVERCIN Mrs J Glebeheath Figurine
Best Puppy : FREIVOKH Mr K Dugaden Dilemma At Artwork
Best Veteran :

Judge: Mrs M B Reeves


Thanks to the exhibitors for their patience with me. I had very stupidly fallen down 2 steps on my way into the hall & sprained my ankle, it slowed me down somewhat.
I was looking for a well constructed dog of sufficient length & flexibility to enable it to do the job for which it was intended. I wanted it narrow but not thin. I don’t like to see a marked indentation behind the last rib. I found a number of exhibits who were too wide in front, a fault we can do without.

MPD (5,2a)

1 Davis’ Hasslemere HI Karate, well constructed b/t, good length of rib, easily spanned, straight front, super coat & pelt, well proportioned head, excellent expression;

2 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Bobby Owl, b/t, good quality, well angulated, good ribbing, in good harsh coat & thick pelt. Just preferred head & expression of 1;

3 James’ Blackmine Rossington.

PD (3,1)

1 Dean’s Cedarhill Authorized, pleasing g/t, well off for bone, good tight feet, well placed shoulder, easily spanned, short carroty tail;

2 Crockett’s Melincoed Cadfael, promising g/t, straight front, narrow all through, good coat & pelt. Not quite the angulation of 1.

JD (11,1)

1 Girling’s Benattivo Rock Robin, g/t, well balanced & narrow, straight front, good shoulder placement, moved out true both ways;

2 Fryer’s Irton Up Helly As, very typical head & expression, liked his proportions & angulation, super coat & pelt. Just a bit bigger in rib than 1;

3 Richardson’s Ragatam Hawk at Staynorwood.

ND (7,1)

1 R Hawk at S, liked his length of rib & angulation, harsh coat & thick pelt, typical ottery head;

2 C Authorized;

3 B Bobby Owl.

GD (11)

Strong class with several nice dogs going home cardless.

1 Wallace’s Hobholt Harrier, top class exhibit with all the essential qualities I look for, just wish he had more terrier sparkle;

2 Peacock’s Ragatam Harris, good quality, especially pleasing head, balanced throughout, well angulated, tight feet. Not quite as narrow in rib as 1;

3 Jackson’s Clipstone Tailor.

PGD (12,3)

1 Crockett’s Badgerbeck Prestige at Melincoed, g/t, straight front, good angulation, liked his length of rib, preferred his head & expression to

2 Morgan’s Badgerbeck Festive Spirit at Blewecourt, excellent angulation, well ribbed back, straight front;

3 Sharp’s Rhozzum Flint.

LD (16,4)

1 Singh’s Vandamere’s Secret Agent, fit well muscled masculine dark grey in excellent harsh coat with thick pelt, well proportioned body, straight front, good length of rib, spannable, pleasing neck & topline held well as he moved out on good stride. CC;

2 Davis’ Hesslemere Thriller, good type, well ribbed back, excellent topline, easily spanned, typical head, small v-shaped ear, moved soundly;

3 Harrison’s Iacheslei Torus.

OD (4)

4 high quality dogs.

1 Harrison’s Iacheslei Taum, well constructed & balanced g/t, level topline, excellent angulation, in good harsh coat with thick pelt, moved out with purpose, straight & true. RCC;

2 Sneddon’s Kersfell Comet, many good qualities, sound & narrow, good tight feet & a handy size. Just preferred length of body of 1;

3 Sharp’s Rhozzum Dankworth.

MPB (10)

1 Davis’ Hesslemere Miss Lemon, g/t, lovely make & shape, good length of rib, good feet, very appealing head, well set carroty tail, neat ears, keen expression;

2 Fryer’s Irton Polka, red, in underclothes though I found some harsh hair on tail. Could not deny her this place as in all other respects she is of highest quality;

3 Small’s Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at Tilmoray.

PB (12,3)

Excellent class.

1 Freivokh’s Dugaden Dilemma At Artwork, light red, lovely proportions, well laid shoulders, excellent length of rib, well angulated rear, super ottery feminine head, moved out stylishly straight & true. BP;

2 Hurt’s Ottawell Obsession, top quality g/t I have admired from ringside for lovely outline. Balanced, narrow & well angulated. Just very slightly preferred head of 1;

3 Watts’ Markrich Kamal.

JB (19,2)

Class full of quality bitches.

1 Pickering’s Picer Bright Idea, absolutely gorgeous g/t, lovely flowing outline, well constructed, excellent angulation, attractive feminine head of correct proportion, keen expression, free & assertive on the move. CC & BOB;

2 Morgan’s Glebeheath Minnie The Motor at Blewecourt, g/t, first class construction, nice length of rib, well angulated, straight front, pleasing head, moves out freely on good length of stride;

3 Armstrong’s Totemia She Know You Know at Justrite.

NB (12,1)

1 O Obsesson;

2 Limebear & Irving’s Dandyhow Blue Bell, pleasing b/t, super coat & pelt, level topline, well angulated quarters, liked her well proportioned feminine head;

3 Norris’ Cast A Spell over Brookbank.

GB (12,5)

1 Steven’s Cobstoneway Moonlight, nicely balanced g/t, very good type, in super hard coat with thick pelt, good straight front & shape of ribbing, ottery head of correct proportion, keen expression;

2 Vasey’s Ruelata Allspice, slightly bigger than 1 but in proportion, lovely topline & length of rib, very good angulation, excellent coat & pelt;

3 Ramus’ Dandyhow Rose And Crown.

PGB (19,2)

1 Fraser & Butler’s Blue Tutu via Ycart, very pleasing outline, narrow well constructed b/t in harsh coat & thick pelt. Close decision with

2 Harris’ Penlumeg Pendent, red, plentiful harsh coat, very good shoulder placement & rear angulation, pleasing feminine head. Both moved out with plenty of drive;

3 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Purdi.

LB (17,3)

1 Guvercin’s Glebeheath Figurine, well constructed g/t, narrow all through, super length of rib & angulation, in harsh coat, head improved greatly with maturity, very pleasing picture standing & moving fluently around the ring. RCC;

2 Harrison’s Iacheslei Deva, well balanced g/t, excellent angulation, very nice bone & feet, super harsh coat & thick pelt, correct head proportions, moves out with purpose & drive;

3 Wright’s Totherend Toffee Apple.

OB (8,1)

1 McPherson’s Brumberhill Breeze, neat handy sized g/t, attractive head, narrow all through, good length of rib, level topline, well set tail, in harsh coat with good pelt, moved out accurately keeping nice outline;

2 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Fantacy, g/t built on lovely racy lines, straight front, good feet, flowing topline. Better than 1 for angulation but preferred 1’s head properties;

3 Singh’s Lets Go to Vandemere.




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