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Border Terrier

Judge: Mr J Watson

Dog CC : HOLLINGSBEE Mr M J & Mrs J M Ch Otterwood Amex JW Sh.CM
Res Dog CC : SINGH Miss J Vandamere's Secret Agent JW
Bitch CC : MORGAN Mrs T & Mr M Glebeheath Minnie The Motor At Blewecourt
Res Bitch CC : DICKINSON, Mr & Mrs B & JAMES Miss T Stoneygin Ripon Ruby By Badgerholme JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy : IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Masterpiece
Best Veteran : MOONEY Mr A & Mrs W Chesterton Broken Promise

Judge: Mr J Watson


MPD (7,2a)

1 Irving’s Dandyhow Masterpiece, pleasing head & expression, straight front, adequate bone, good neck & shoulders, harsh jacket, moved true. BP:

2 James’ Blackmine Rossington, just 6 months, good head, eye & ears well placed, nice outline, showed & moved well;

3 Stone’s Groomwell Bluestar.

PD (2,1)

1 Anscombe’s Tufterslodge Mischief, good head & dark eye, straight front, level topline, nice bend of stifle, moved well behind.

JD (9,3)

1 Girling’s Benattivo Rock Robin, nice head & expression, good front, ample bone, shoulders well laid, good topline, tailset & rear angulation, moved well;

2 Thomas’ Byrons Greengrass, sound moving dog, well proportioned head, good backline & tailset, nice bend of stifle. Shade short of coat;

3 Irving’s Dandyhow Royal Oak.

GD (7,2)

1 Jackson & Jackson’s Clipstone Tailor, good head, neck & shoulders, straight front, ample bone, good topline & tailset, well let down behind;

2 Spencer’s Caznray Double Trouble, nice head, outline & rear angulation, strong quarters, harsh coat, moved OK:

3 Morgan’s Badgerbeck Festive Spirit at Blewecourt.

PGD (10,2)

1 Evans & Evans’ Jenabeck Cie Coch at Nogard, attractive head, straight front, good neck & shoulders, topline & tailset, harsh jacket, moved & showed well;

2 Butler’s Arizcrow Sergeant at Arms, pleasing head & expression, nice reach of neck, shoulders well laid, good rear angulation;

3 Moffatt & Zech’s Towden Storm Diver at Laurelton.

LD (13,1)

1 Singh’s Vandamere’s Secret Agent, nice size dog, masculine head, keen expression, well ribbed back, good tailset & bend of stifle, in good coat & condition. RCC;

2 Clark’s Gameway Charles Dickens, pleasing head, dark eye, spannable, nice outline, well coupled, nice bend of stifle, harsh jacket;

3 Barnett’s Brockfox Buckshot.

OD (9,1)

1 Hollingsbee’s Ch Otterwood Amex, excellent type, good overall balance, lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, topline & tailset, well let down behind, in good coat & condition, moved with purpose & soundly. CC & BOB;

2 Woollacott’s Picer Monty Zoomer of Tuifterslodge, typical head, correct bite, straight front, adequate bone, good topline & tailset, easily spanned, well angulated rear, moved & showed well;

3 Clark’s Ch Gameway Kiwi.

VD (2)

1 Jackson & Jackson’s Ch Rossula Magic Borderer Clisptone, 7 years dog, good head, keen expression, nice neck & shoulders, kept topline on the move, in good coat & condition;

2 Lazell’s Conundrum Ivanhoe, nice head & still has full dentition, in good coat & condition for his age.

MPB (7,1)

1 Johns & Johns’ Alardyn Nikita, nicely balanced, feminine head, alert expression, good outline, tailset & bend of stifle, moved & showed OK;

2 Johns & Johns’ Alardyn Candle In The Wind, pleasing head, dark eye, scissor bite, narrow throughout, shoulders well laid, in good coat & condition;

3 Stockley’s Rhozzum Keynote with Foxfactor.

PB (5,1)

1 Freivokh’s Dugaden Dilemma at Artwork, nice type, good head & expression, pleasing outline, narrow front, good topline, tailset & rear angulation;

2 Moffatt’s Laurelton Summer Breeze, nice head, stands true in front, good legs & feet, ample bone, coat harsh & dense. Just preferred outline of 1;

3 Dean’s Yeomeadow Heather for Tyrian.

JB (8,2)

1 Morgan’s Glebeheath Minnie The Motor at Blewecourt, well constructed, good head, straight narrow front, nice reach of neck, shoulders well laid, looked well in profile, balance of height to length, moved & showed well. CC;

2 Aldis’ Torryburn Sequoia, nice shape, feminine head, ribs easily spanned, well balanced hindquarters, correct tailset, moved soundly;

3 Parsons’ Kyscafter Nimue.

GB (5)

1 Docwra’s Bandicoot Candy Twist, sound moving, feminine head, dark eye, straight front, adequate bone, nice bend of stifle;

2 Vincent’s Lighthorne Lottie, pleasing head & expression, good neck & shoulders, topline & tailset;

3 Stevens’ Cobstoneway Moonlight.

PGB (13,3)

1 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Purdi, nice head, ears well placed, good front assembly, looked well in profile, moved both free & true;

2 Wright’s Totherend Toffee Apple, keen expression, good reach of neck, shoulders well laid, in good body, thick coat & pelt, moved OK;

3 Reeves’ Baywillow Tarte Tatin.

LB (12,2)

1 Dickinson & James’ Stoneygin Ripon Ruby by Badgerholme, excellent type, good overall balance, lovely head, straight front, good neck & shoulders, topline & tailset, in full coat, moved true. RCC;

2 Stevens’ Springhill Pacify of Cobstoneway, pleasing head, alert expression, strong scissor bite, good body, well ribbed back, harsh jacket;

3 Guvercin’s Glebeheath Figurine.

OB (6,1)

1 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Fantacy, good head, straight narrow front, nice outline, correct tailset, well let down behind, harsh dense coat, moved & showed well;

2 Singh’s Nanrich Lets Go to Vandamere, bl/t, good overall balance, easily spanned, nice legs & feet, looked well in profile, movement free & true;

3 Jordan’s Rubicon Reward.

VB (5)

1 Mooney’s Chesterton Broken Promise, 7 years, nice shape, pleasing head & expression, good hindquarters, in good coat & condition. BV;

2 Freivokh’s Kelgram Kashmir at Artwork, 8½ years, feminine head, nice outline, topline & tailset, in good coat & condition;

3 Moffatt’s Laurelton Sally Sunshine.


J WATSON (Judge)



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