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Border Welsh KC 12 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Welsh KC 12 Judge


Judge: Mr J Watson

BEST OF BREED : 5029 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Dr Walter
Dog CC : 5029 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Dr Walter
Res Dog CC : 5049 MATTHEWS Mr D & Mrs A Rexlands Cock Robin
Bitch CC : 5059 PICKERING Mr G & Mrs S Picer Grace Darling
Res Bitch CC : 5044 LOWRY Mr M Ravenside Zenyatta
Best Puppy : 5030 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Sonata
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :



MPD (3)

1 Singh's Ragatam Poco For Borderbridge. B/T Good head and expression straight front nice reach of neck shoulders well laid level top line nice bend of stifle.

2 Guvercin, Glebeheath Jump The Gun. B/T Pleasing head good neck shoulders top line and tail set, harsh jacket.

3 Bull's Aurgwen Dragonbane.

PD (6)

1 Bladen's Daluce Fight Or Fall For Emblehope. Sound moving dog with a good head neck and shoulders firm top line easy to span, nice bend of stifle.

2 Davies' Orangebox Arcade Fire. Pleasing head dark eye good top line and tail, set narrow in body harsh coat.

3 Thomas' Daluce Soldier Of Fortune.

JD (5,1)

1 Waller. Question Master lovely head with a broad skull straight front, firm top line, well let down behind, good body shape.

2 Cracknell's Chatmoss King Orry At Moddey Aalin. Head lacked furnishings, nice reach of neck, shoulders well laid, good top line and tail set.

3 Johnson's Karison Klaret.

ND (3)

1 Ragatam Poco For Borderbridge.

2 Hollingsbee Otterwood Cyrus, pleasing head with a good bite dark eye, straight front, firm top line harsh jacket moved well when settled

3 Karison Klaret.

GD (4,2)

1 Question Master.

2 Larner's Hawcoat Lord George. Nice head keen expression dark eye, broad skull nice depth of brisket spannable

PGD (3,1)

1 Chatmoss King Orry At Moddey. Aalin.

2 Rose's Kersfell Conquistador. Pleasing head straight front good top line and tail set little straight behind. harsh coat moved well both ways.

LD (10/3)

1 Guvercin's Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath. Nice size with a lovely head and expression, good neck and shoulders, narrow throughout, well angulated rear moved and showed well

2 Dickinson's Ragatam Newmarket at Badgerholme.Typical head and expression nice reach of neck well laid shoulders good top line tail set and bend of stifle moved OK

3 Docwra. Bandicoot Double Take

OD (6)

1 Irving's Dandyhow Dr Walter. Lovely head good width of skull shoulders well laid straight front correct balance throughout. looked well in profile moved true both ways CC & BOB

2 Matthews. Rexlands Cock Robin. Sound moving dog with a good head with a flat skull dark eye good neck and shoulders with nice body lines nice rear angulation harsh jacket RCC

3 Spencer Cobstoneway River Magic.

MPB (5)

1 Docwra. Bandicoot Glitter N Gold. Nice type with a feminine head good top line and tail set nice out line good bend of stifle move OK

2 Peacock's. Ragatam Puzzle. Has a well-proportioned head, a narrow front good neck and shoulders, firm top line easily spanned.

3 Duxbury's Ridgebow Amberwitch.

PB (6,1)

1 Irving's Dandyhow Sonata. Lovely head dark eye well placed ears good neck, shoulders top line and tail set nice turn of stifle moved true both ways BP

2 Matthews'Tojamatt Morgana. Pleasing head with good breadth of skull, short muzzle, straight front, nice out line, good coat and pelt

3 Girlings Benattivo Double flame.

JB (7,3)

1 Philips. Nantcoch Ffion. Red with good overall balance has a nice head of correct proportions shoulders ok, well ribbed back moved and showed ok.

2 Stockley Foxfactor Cue The Music. Feminine head and expression has a good top line tail set and turn of stifle. 3 Reeves Baywillow Blue Design.

NB (4,1)

1 Ragatam Puzzle.

2 Reeves. Baywillow Blue Design. Pleasing bitch with a strong head dark eye correct bite nice depth of brisket correct bend of stifle.

3 Milton Baillieswells Lochindaal.

GB (6,2)

1 Langford. Afterglow Firecracker Of Caprian. Lovely outline pleasing head and expression, good front assembly, well angled behind good harsh jacket thick pelt moved true both ways.

2 Hopper Esyntona Ripling Ruby. Attractive head broad width of skull good top line and bend of stifle not the outline of one.

3 Lockley Chatmoss Chelsea Girl.

PGB (4) 1 Dean Tyrian Amulet. Pleasing head and expression nice reach of neck shoulders well laid correct balance throughout looked well in profile move well. 2 Hyslop. Baywillow Brown Braid. Feminine head straight front good top line tail set and bend of stifle hash jacket. 3 Pilkington Alardyn Foxgloves Charm Astrazone.

LB (13,3)

1 Lowry Ravenside Zenyatta. An attractive bitch with a lovely head dark eye, well placed ears, good overall body shape well angulated both front and rear in excellent coat and condition RCC.

2 Sharp Rhozzum User Friendly. Typical head with flat skull has a good bite ribbed well back straight front firm top line.

3 May & Whisker Thistlestone Jenny Wren.

OB (7,2)

1 Pickering. Picer Grace Darling. Nice size red bitch with an excellent head broad skull short muzzle good neck and shoulders ample bone nice turn of stifle good harsh jacket CC.

2 Wildey Ch Bramblebrae Violet At Shiftyfox. Blue/tan with a typical head straight front good neck shoulders well angulated good depth of chest, nice top line and tail set balanced throughout.

3 Johnson & Pearson Rexlands Golden Plover By Karison.

Jack Watson

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