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Breed Notes: 21/06/18

"Going to a dog show in Germany is dangerous and should be boycotted"
Says a recent Exhibitor to a dog show in Dortmund.

Why - Why is going to a dog Show in Germany dangerous?

Because they arrested 5 of my dogs because they did not have Sellotape over their rabies batch lot number
The Kennel Club VDH man attacked me. The police assaulted me,
They did vet check on Sat and Sun and they were not bothered that there was no Sellotape on the rabies batch lot number. Then they micro chip checked each dog in the show ring,

Sat and Sun I was harassed by a man with a pack of Cairns. He never wore a ring number and the Klub Fur Terrier do not want to tell me his name. He kicked my dogs kennels on both days telling me to move. He sparred his pack of Cairns on my dogs when I was in the ring so twice both days I had to exit the ring to tell him to stop it.

Sunday they had 2 white lab coated so called vets doing a 3rd check on foreign dogs. They had 4 of my dogs out of the kennels for needless micro chip checks for the 3rd time when a woman who had packed her York Terrier cages on the back of mine walked across my vet bed and the pup leapt up in fright. She accused my pup of biting her York but it is not so as if it was true then the Dortmund vets have broken the law in re vaccinating both of my pups,

They illegally kid napped 5 of my dogs and the fire brigade forced them into a wire hotel cage and wheeled them off. They forced my male dog into a tiny plastic kennel. I was assaulted by the VDH and I ended up with a hospital visit at Saint Joseph in Dortmund. Then the police assaulted for the 2nd time in the car park. Lifting me off the ground by my right arm as my left arm was in a bandage since 20 April with surgery, Brutes,

They took my dogs illegally forcing their German way or no way on transit dogs at a 2 day show. They told me I illegally imported dogs in to Germany. They kept 3 dogs for 9 days at euro 660 they kept 2 pups for 32 days at euro 1316 and re vaccinated them illegally. They make money. They steal your dogs. I was in Germany at Leipzig. Munster, Berlin, Chemnitz.

You cannot impose German way or no way on show dogs. This is breaking the law. They rant that the dogs are in Germany and have to comply with German law. Germans want Sellotape over lot batch numbers and my dogs had tape 2017 but not 2018. It is not enforceable. Only UK DEFRA wants this but at Calais the check in never noticed otherwise there would have been tape. It is only a DEFRA requirement. Dortmund pushes a 2013 June guideline and rants it is law. It is not adopted in France. I checked and Calais is the check in the for the dogs to return to UK. It is not forced in Italy and I spoke to a whole list of vets at Calais plus Eurotunnel in Ashford and it is not enforced but a requirement of DEFRA. They tell me countless German dogs coming to UK do not have Sellotape over lot batch number and the German vets to do follow this guideline.

Dortmund make euro 3000 off me. Gross suffering to 5 of my dogs. Gross suffering to my 2 pups.

People need to know what can happen. This is a vile incident and not all people are as strong mentally as me or savvy at travelling abroad with dogs. I show all over the place.

People have the right to know what can happen. The Germans are crazy. They have to live with their own past. They cannot enforce their Teutonic ways on transit dogs rating that you have illegally imported dogs into Germany. I got told I would never be allowed into Germany again. I would never be allowed to show in Germany again. As if!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is xenophobic and Brexit all over again.

This needs to be known to people. This is what can happen. The German way or no way. I never had this garbage at other German shows. Dortmund is old Germany the other shows were in old communist Germany. They are completely crazy. They think isolated British woman on her own with dogs. Yes, I did pay to get my dogs back,

You can see this on the open fb page Jrasamuyr Border Terriers which tells the story as it happened in May where I seek help from Germans to find a lawyer.

You can see this on the page to tell people about pet passports on the Going to a dog show in Germany,

I have crazy Germans stalking me and I spoke to press at KC yesterday about this and they are blocking idiots who are trying to post on their fb timeline,

People have a right to know about the bullying. They illegally took 5 of my dogs under the pretext of no Sellotape on the lot batch number. It is rubbish.

They took my dogs and I had no idea where they were or what was going on. No one tells you anything. They do not reply at the refuge. Nothing. It is totally

Breed Notes: 22/04/13

Well, as there have been no other offers to compile some sort of breed note, whether you agree with them or not, here are some snippets of information from around the Border Terrier world in the UK.

Border Terrier Welfare will be holding a Mid Year event on Sunday 12th May 2013. You can find them on Facebook where you will be able to support a charity specifically set up with the needs of dogs from the breed uppermost.

Mrs Jane Roberts (Smalesmouth), judging at WELKS this comming weekend and awarding CC`s for the first time, has drawn a very good entry. 140 dogs making up 174 entries. Best wishes to her and may she enjoy her day `in the middle`. Also awarding CC`s for the first time is Mrs Laura Illingworth, at National Dog Show, again our best wishes go to her. Two new judges to the CC list. Well Done to both.

Congratulations to Mrs Anna Duxbury on being elected to the committee of The Border Terrier Club. Anna and husband Neil (Ridgebow) have enjoyed success in recent times and long may it continue. Hopefully Anna will bring some new ideas to the Club along with working along side the current committee.

We are aware that The Yorks, Lancs & Cheshire BTC are holding a seminar where Mr Brian Baxter (Beenaben) will be giving a talk on the Clubs thoughts that a terrier should be a terrier and not a lapdog. This could be a very good opportunity for those in the breed to learn about the true origins of the breed and maybe give your opinion on what you think could or should be done to for the future of the breed. You can find contact details on their website.

EABTC held their Champ Show recently where Mrs Jean Willetts ( Hanway ) judged a good entry once again. It was nice day with a good atmosphere and also good to see a number of very good examples of the breed in the hands of some up and coming owner / handlers.

Cheers for now

Bonny & Clyde

Breed Notes: 13/04/13

From: t Delivery-Date: Saturday, April 13, 2013 1:27 PM
To: Subject: breed notes

{ I want to say how dissappointed I am in the Border Terrier breed notes. Sounds like whoever writes them has a huge chip on his/hers shoulder and it is quite detrimental to our lovely breed and most who are involved in it. To write ...".Due to the amount of, groans, heard about who is judging where and the disbelief that such a person is judging at that level in the first place leads us to think that there is either a huge degree of apathy in accepting the norm whereby the breed, much like the rest of the show world, is run by the few for the benefit of the few, or indeed those who groan about things, don't have the gumption to do something about it"............... is so wrong IMO.
If all he/she can say about the breeders of the best puppy 2012 is that they are prolific says a lot to me. The remarks about the top junior breeder and the fact she has only been in the breed for ten years smacks to me like the breed note writer has not been in this breed for long and was a rather sarcastic remark to make.
Nancy Hogg

[ Thank you for taking the trouble to send in your thoughts Nancy Hogg; more's the pity you haven't seen fit to take up the role of Breed Note writer yourself. Feel free to take over the role any time you want, we have done this in order to help the editor with his very good website and to bring a little bit of news and information to those who use it

We find it confusing that in your opinion what has been written about the complaints made around ringside regarding who is judging in 2013, "is so wrong."
What is wrong with writing something that we have heard so many times around the shows from mid way through 2012 and into 2013? We have attended all the Champ Shows and regularly hear the comments. If people are so regularly dismayed then surely they should do something about it. Vote with their feet or throw their own hat into the ring maybe? It is sad to think though that those who regularly complain must obviously think that each of the judges they complain about lacks the integrity to perform such a crucial role as judging the breed, in a less than professional and honest manner.

As for our comments regarding the Top Puppy 2012; the free dictionary meaning we refer to is that of "producing abundant works or results", which the Dandyhow kennel have done for many years with regards results. We fail to see what is wrong with using such a description for such a well known couple as the Irvings, being knowledgable in their breeding and rearing of their dogs.

The reference to the breeder of the Top Junior 2012 only having been in the breed for 10 years was as a result of that breeder, Karen Stockley, mentioning that fact herself and how pleased she is to have achieved what she has in the 10 years. We can't find anything wrong with the statement.

Nor can we find anything wrong with the fact that it makes us laugh when people mention things such as " well he/she hasn't been in this breed for long"; should it matter how long anybody has been in any breed? People talk about having to complete your apprenticeship before getting anywhere; we didn't know it was a job, we thought it was a hobby in which the DOG gets judged against the judges interpretation of the Breed Standard NOT the PERSON getting judged against the judges preconceived ideas of what or who that person may be.

Finally, as this breed didn't have a breed note writer, we took on the role, but this doesn't necessarily mean we are in this breed or will ever want to be. Anyone can write anything from freely available information held elsewhere. These notes will not contain results as they are available elsewhere; we would invite people to send in any snippets of information or of interest so they can be published for others perusal. ]

Bonny & Clyde

After much thought about the work involved and time it will take, we havedecided to take on the role of Breed Note Administrators for in order to give all those interested in all aspects of Border Terriers a look into what, where, why and when.

We will endeavour to be fair minded and informative and ask that you forward any information, news, results or other interesting snippets about Border Terriers to You will no doubt see that some of the information will be duplicate, available elsewhere, but we will try and keep things original.
So, onto some relevant points from 2012


Champion Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox JW, bred by Mr & Mrs D Barrett and owned by Gordon Wildey. She is by Sundance Kid at Digmoor ex Jakarta Jay. In 2012 she was awarded 9 C.C.s, 4 of which came with Best of Breed. Looking at her pedigree on paper it is pleasing to see that it is not overloaded with RED, denoting Kennel Club Champions.


Champion Foxfactor Pied Piper JW ShCM, bred and owned by Karen Stockley. He is by home bred Foxfactor Hornblower JW ShCM ex Rhozzum Keynote with Foxfactor JW. In 2012 he has been awarded 5 C.C.s, 4 came with Best of Breed but more interestingly the other 2 came with Best In Show as well. Bearing in mind the next result it is very pleasing that Karen Stockley has only been in the breed for 10 years. Only been in the breed; this comment makes us smile every time we here it.


Foxfactor Cue The Music JW. She is by Champion Gameway Kiwi ex Rhozzum Keynote with Foxfactor JW. It would appear that Karen has a quality brood bitch on her hands.


Chatmoss King Orry at Moddeyaalin. He is by Champion Brumberhill Benchmarked JW ShCM ex Rhozzum Virtue at Chatmoss. He is bred by Darren & Trish Lockley, owned by Sally Ann Cracknell and handled by Neil Cracknell with some help from Darren. It must be said that both breeders and owner/handlers have done well with this dog as we believe he is from the first ever litter of Border Terriers by these breeders and moreover he resides on the Isle Of Man so has had to travel quite extensively to achievehis results.


Dandyhow Sonata JW. Another exhibit from this prolific kennel. She is by homebred and owned by Kate Irving. She is by Champion Dandyhow Dr Walter ex Dandyhow Ragus Rhapsody.

2013 looks as though it could provide some very interesting results as most, if not all, of the Championship Show judges have now been appointed with whoops from some but more interestingly, groans from many.

Attending all Championship Shows and Breed Shows to date it is easy to gauge the feeling of exhibitors by simply sitting down, watching the judging and listening to the many conversations.

Due to the amount of, groans, heard about who is judging where and the disbelief that such a person is judging at that level in the first place leads us to think that there is either a huge degree of apathy in accepting the norm whereby the breed, much like the rest of the show world, is run by the few for the benefit of the few, or indeed those who groan about things, don't have the gumption to do something about it.

This is our hobby and as such you are invited to forward any suggestions you may have that could make it a more enjoyable experience for both humans and dogs to

We look forward to National Terrier where once again the Border Terrier entry is significant to say the least. Good Luck to all.

Bonny & Clyde.

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