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Border WELKS 12 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

WELKS 12 Judge



Best Breeder Woollacott



I appreciated the good entry. With a ring rather restricted in size ( not to mention a bitterly cold wind blowing through the cattle shed), I felt it was necessary to give the dogs as much opportunity as possible to move. Unfortunately, several moved rather wide behind, while one or two were plaiting in front. Coats were a problem , with a couple of good looking dogs showing absolutely no topcoat at all. It was interesting to see that most, but not all, of the dogs that I saw when I last judged Borders in 2010 had come on well.

Vet D (I) 1. Jackson's Ch. Clipstone Hard Cash, good all-round dog, having a typical head and excellent body outline. Nice straight front and moved well.

MPD (6, 2) 1.Rumsam's Saygo of Hassage, not a lot separating the first two. Preferred the head and body shape of the winner. Moved well both ways, helped by good hindquarters and a nice narrow front.

2. Thomas' Daluce Soldier of Fortune, giving away two months to the winner and this showed in the immaturity of the head. Bones still developing, but should remain a good size. Much to like and should have a good future.

3. Harrison's Iacheslei Innit.

PD (7,2)

1.Waller's Question Master, Res CC, BP. Took my eye straightaway and was given serious consideration for the CC. Very good light grizzle coat, with a good thick, loose pelt. Excelled in topline and moved like a dream. Lovely head.

2. Rumsam's Saygo of Hassage.

3. Ramus' Onthill Amaretto.

JD (10,1)

1. Fryer's Irton Morse Code, rich red coated dog, very balanced throughout and moved well. Good bone and outline, very fit condition.

2. Guvercin's Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath, in better coat than the class winner, but preferred the head of 1. Well constructed dog who moved well both ways.

3. Woollacott's Tufterslodge Good Move

YD (2)

1.Warneford's Hartswelin Houdini was the better mover of the two. Good hindquarters and had a good coat.

2. Lambeth's Svinghammars Blueberry for Lutudarum, b/t dog, nice front, but did not look right moving today.

PGD (12)

1.Wilson's Olderhill Afortunado, good eye and ear set contributed to just the right expression. Looked very good on the move, keeping an excellent topline throughout. Well deserved winner, who came very close in the challenge.

2. Waldron's Intack Red Admiral, grizzle, good head and expression, had the proper reach of neck Good tail set. Moved well, in very good coat. Very nice pair of dogs.

3. Tanner's Rhozzum Viceroy at Felinoak

LD (12,3)

1.Spencer's Cobstoneway River Magic, CC and BOB, has come on so well since I last judged him, when I noted that I liked him a lot. Today, moved so well and had perfect balance throughout. Head has developed well, good eyes and ears well placed. Lovely, unexaggerated reach of neck. Hindquarters just right. In good coat. I gather he already has a couple of Res ccs to his credit .

2. Sqibbs and Barker's Cobstoneway Lazy River. I had no idea these were litter brothers, so it is not surprising I noted that the same comments apply in general. Felt that 1 just had the better head and moved with more drive.

3. Buckle and Flowers' Bingobongo Hollywood Blues.

OD (8,2)

1 Anscombe's Ch Orangebox Firecracker, a dog I have always liked. Well balanced on the move and the best mover in the class, aided by well angulated hindquarters. In good coat and with a nice loose pelt.

2. Stockley's Foxfactor Pied Piper I have placed before, just preferred the head of 1. Moved soundly and held topline well. Shown in good coat.

3. Jackson's Clipstone Tailor.

GCD (1)

1.Freeman's Bolt Tail Jebba was not too happy on the move today. Better front end than back end. Coat was fine.

Vet B (3,1)

1 Freeman's Borderella Elsa had a better body shape than 2 and certainly moved more truly.

2. Prevost and Hopkins' Mulysa Miss Muffet was three years older but still had a lovely head.

MPB (8,2)

I thought all six puppies were really promising and could easily change places on another day.

1.Fletcher's Wadesleia Mountain Ringlet was particularly lovely and took my eye straightaway. Really gorgeous feminine head, nicely boned throughout her body. For a first timer at a big show, moved with confidence and ease.

2. Harrison's Iacheslei Corus, surely another youngster with a promising future. Slightly longer in the back, but with a good coat and pelt. Good head. Another good mover.

3. Matthews' Tojamatts Morgana.

PB (9,2)

1.North's Chorbeck Miss Money Penny by Northborders, very well balanced and composed on themove. Good front and back ends. Nice otter head. Coat good. Very promising.

2. Stockleys Foxfactor Cue the Music, very similar to class winner. Also had a good head and moved freely.

3. Reeves' Baywillow Blue Design.

JB (9,4)

1.Jenkins' Badgerbeck Prediction, res CC, grizzle/t, not long out of puppy, but looking very mature. Very sound and steady on the move and shown in beautifully fit condition. Excellent coat and pelt. Seemed very much at ease in the ring and on the table. Good, typical head, unexaggerated in any way.

2. Fryer's Irton Enigma, litter sister to JD winner, also a deep red. Good head, moved well. A little short on coat today, but very fit.

3. Lowry's Ravenside Zenyatta.

YB (10,3)

1 Lee's Tythrop Touch on Wood, grizzle/t, easy winner of this class. Good head and expression. Well balanced and kept a lovely topline on the move. Good coat and pelt. Was seriously considered in the challenge, but seemed to have gone a little off the boil.

2. Sansom's Tufterslodge Tiz Only Me, another sound bitch in good coat. Preferred head of 1. Good straight front. Moved well.

3. South's Tameila Penny Lane by Borderella.

PGB (12,2)

1.Evans' Nogard Take Ten, a lovely bitch but unfortunately not in the best of jackets. Nice head, but what was outstanding was the superb balance on the move. Good fore and aft. Looked really good , but my notes say 'pity about the coat'.

2. Johnson and Williams' Quarryway Tansy, placed her when she was a minor puppy and she has come on well. In good coat and sound on the move, keeping her topline all the time. Another lovely head.

3. Payler's Badgerbeck the Vivacious at Jansara.

LB (9,3)

1. Wildey's Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox. b/t, was in really good, hard condition. Good head, keen expression. Was really true on the move, good straight front.

2. Roberts' Badgerbeck Ballerina could change position on another day but was not as good on the move today. Another terrier who was fit and in excellent condition. Really good coat and pelt.

3. Scale's Doramil Camorra.

OB (12,7)

1. Johnson and Williams' Biddestone Poppyseed by Quarryway, CC, won Junior last time I judged and has certainly come on wonderfully well. Remains beautifully feminine, good body structure and moved the best in the class. Really good, typical head. Well deserved top honours today.

2. Holmes' Trixdale Twix at Bimandi, darker red, but of similar type to 1. Good head, but did not move too well today.

3. Peacock's Ragatam Jewel

GCB (3,1)

1. Freeman's Borderella Elsa.

2. Speake and Tart's Aurora's Popcorn, moved Ok, in good coat.

Phil Sharp

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