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Border WELKS 11 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

WELKS 11 Judge





Border Terriers

VD (3)

1 Jackson’s Ch Rossula Magic Borderer Clipstone, smart, upstanding dog of 10 years & carrying his years very lightly. Strong head, excellent coat & pelt, well balanced outline & moved really well;

2 Small’s Tulawyn Oberon at Tilmoray, heavier built dog of 7 years with an excellent head & expression. Very thick coat & pelt, moved well.

MPD (5)

1 Wilson’s Olderhill Afortunado, well balanced puppy of lovely size, easily spanned with a nice length of rib, superb harsh coat & thick pelt. Nice head, good legs & feet, moved really well with an easy stride. BP;

2 Lowry’s Tythrop Tap On Wood for Ravenside, while he had a good topcoat he lacked the depth of coat of 1. Good head with dark eyes, moved well but topline could be better, this may improve with age as he does appear quite immature;

3 Green’s Breckgreen Royal Mint.

PD (3)

1 Haughton’s Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin, very strong head with a short powerful muzzle, quite heavily made but with good construction throughout. Scored in coat over 2 with an excellent harsh topcoat & thick pelt, moved very well;

2 Moss’ Foxthorn McVicar, not as strong in head as 1, nice length of neck into narrow shoulders, good topcoat, narrow rib & easily spanned, moved well;

3 Duxbury’s Ravenside Hurrricane Run at Ridgebow.

JD (13)

1 North’s Northborders Mr Pickles, leggy bl/t with a well proportioned head & dark eyes, lovely body shape, narrow throughout, easily spanned. Well balanced dog with racy hindquarters & nice legs & feet, good coat & pelt. Very good movement, especially in profile, really striding out well & in very good condition;

2 McPherson’s Brumberhill Brigadoon, just out of Puppy & looking rather immature at the moment, good coat & pelt. Head showing promise but again needs more time, lovely conformation & balance, moved well;

3 Wrenn & Langdon’s Dandyhow Douglas Fir.

YD (8)

1 N Mr Pickles;

2 Sharp’s Rhozzum Valet, bl/t with a strong head & dark eyes, harsh coat & thick pelt. Good legs & feet, moved really well, especially in profile;

3 Squibbs & Barker’s Cobstoneway Lazy River.

GD (3)

1 McPherson’s Brumberhill Benchmarked, stunning grizzle of great quality with a wonderful balanced outline. Super head with a refined flat skull & strong muzzle, good bite with big teeth, lovely dark eye with keen expression. Good coat & pelt, nice legs & feet, narrow front, really well constructed throughout with correct length of upper arm & well laid narrow shoulders, nice length of neck. Narrow body with good length, easily spanned & comes to hand well. Excellent movement with good reach in front & powerful drive from his well angulated hindquarters. CC, his first;

2 Fulker’s Foxpaw Brilliant Disguise, unplaced in Junior, only 12 months & is still developing. Good conformation & well balanced, nice head but a little immature as yet, narrow body & easily spanned, harsh coat, moved very well;

3 Sprung’s Schleswig Mr Bojangles.

PGD (10)

1 McPherson’s Brumberhill Blue Tempest, bl/t with a strong head, dark eyes, good mouth. Good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders, narrow throughout with ribs carried well back, excellent topline & underline. Harsh topcoat but would have benefited from greater depth of coat & perhaps a little more condition would complete the picture. Moved well, especially in profile;

2 Moore’s Rhozzum Mercury at Bramblequest, bl/t in very good coat & with a thick pelt, good head & expression. Moved well but not the scope of 1;

3 Anscombe’s Orangebox Firecracker.

LD (15)

1 Cobbledick’s Laurelton Moonlight Cowboy, dark grizzle presented in superb coat & condition, I have never seen him looking so good. A smaller dog of an old-fashioned type & a good honest Border with no exaggeration, beautifully balanced & well constructed throughout, very attractive otter head with a good mouth & dark eyes. Nice length of neck leading into well laid shoulders, correct front construction, good length of rib, narrow & easily spanned, harsh topcoat with a good undercoat & thick pelt. Superb movement, never put a foot wrong & held his topline beautifully on the move. RCC;

2 Gilpin’s Otterbobs Riggindale, more substantial grizzle with a very strong head, less refined than 1. Very good coat & pelt, well constructed but quite heavy, moved well;

3 Haughton’s Chorbeck Moonlight Shadow.

OD (4)

1 Lowry’s Ravenside Ballymoss, grizzle with a good head & dark eyes, good mouth. Nice length of neck. Would prefer more length in rib. Good coat & pelt, moved well;

2 Judge’s Mansergh Float to Plushcourt, beautifully constructed dog & I have given him a RCC before but he was not on top form today & paid the penalty for this. Narrow throughout, easily spanned, good coat & pelt. Not moving so well in front but covers the ground with a long stride;

3 Barber’s Alcumlow Starstruck.

VB (4)

1 Stevens’ Springhill Pacify of Cobstoneway, super grizzle with a lovely otter head, excellent double coat with a harsh topcoat & thick pelt. Moved well & really enjoys herself in the show ring;

2 May & Whisker’s Magic Milly at Thistlestone , a little lighter built than 1 & not quite so good in head. Very harsh coat & was in good condition, moved extremely well;

3 Hyslop’s Rubicon Raincloud.

MPB (6)

1 Lee’s Tythrop Touch Wood, well grown grizzle with an attractive head & expression, good mouth with lovely big teeth. Beautiful conformation, narrow front, nice length of neck, clean shoulders, narrow ribs of good length giving a lovely outline with very good balance, lovely short tail. Excellent coat & thick pelt, super movement, covering the ground with a long, easy stride & showing her socks off. Really enjoyed herself, will watch her progress with interest. BP;

2 Payler’s Badgerbeck The Vivacious at Jansara, rather leggy bl/t with an attractive body shape, rather long in the tail. Nice head, good topline, harsh coat, moved well. Not the presence of 1;

3 Webb’s Gameway Magic Dragon.

PB (11)

Three nice half-sisters who could change places as they mature.

1 Bean’s Manorcroft Wild Rose, attractive, light grizzle with a lovely head. Good conformation & well balanced, not as good in coat as MPB winner, moved very well;

2 Foster’s Pebbledyke Pierrot, very similar to 1 & many of the same remarks apply. Good coat & pelt, feminine head, well balanced, lovely outline & moved very well;

3 Bean’s Manorcroft Chit Chat.

JB (8)

1 Wildey’s Bramblebrae Violet, lovely bl/t bitch of 12½ months with a very attractive head & expression, super double coat of a very good colour & thick pelt. Nice length of neck leading into well laid shoulders, good length of rib, narrow throughout & easily spanned, narrow front, good legs & feet, lovely size. Moved well with good drive from the hindquarters;

2 Stevens’ Creswickes Pure Diamond, bl/t with a strong head, good coat & pelt, bigger type than 1, nice topline. Moved better behind than in front;

3 Milton’s An Cnoc of Baillieswells.

YB (9)

1 Bladen’s Foxyard Better Behave at Emblehope, beautifully balanced bl/t with a good head & dark eyes. Moderate length of neck into clean narrow shoulders, good coat & pelt. Narrow body with nice length of ribs, strong loin & nice hind angulation. Good in topline & underline, lovely construction throughout, moved well. RCC;

2 Barrett’s Howthwaite In Violet, bl/t, beautiful colour, excellent double coat & thick pelt. Strong head but preferred the 1’s size & slightly more feminine outlook. Well constructed but a bit deep in chest & would like more length in body to balance the height. Excellent movement;

3 Wilson’s Olderhill Oriana.

GB (6)

1 Steven’s Cobstoneway Bayou Sunrise, grizzle with a strong head & an excellent double coat & pelt. Larger type with good conformation but would prefer more length to the body, moved well;

2 Roslin-Williams’ Mansergh Speckles, smaller grizzle with a good head & expression, good coat & pelt. Well constructed throughout & looked well balanced standing but not as co-ordinated on the move;

3 Roberts’ Smalesmouth Maylady.

PGB (10)

1 Barber’s Alcumlow Starry Night, bl/t with a lovely outline. Good head with strong jaw & big teeth, beautiful neck & shoulders, narrow in body with a nice length of ribs. Excellent topline, good legs & feet, super harsh coat & thick pelt, moved really well;

2 Coleman’s Hartswelin Tip Top, smaller grizzle bitch with a good head & dark eyes. Good conformation throughout, moved well & has a good coat & thick pelt;

3 Waller’s Worker’s Playtime.

LB (18) Roslin-Williams Mansergh Singsong, grizzle with an attractive, feminine head & good expression. Very good double coat & thick pelt, lovely conformation & balance, good legs & feet. Moved well with good drive from her hindquarters;

2 Mooney’s Chesterton Honeymoon, scopey light grizzle with a lovely outline. Still a little immature but has a nice head & expression, good neck & shoulders, narrow body with nice length of ribs, good legs & feet. Moved really well especially in profile, covering the ground with a lovely easy stride & a great showgirl;

3 Sharp’s Rhozzum User Friendly.

OB (5)

1 Judge & Thompson’s Plushcourt The Bees Knees In Thoraldby, lovely, well balanced bl/tan in a double coat of excellent harsh texture & with a thick pelt. Lovely otter head with a flat skull & strong jaw with big teeth, nice length of neck into well laid shoulders, narrow front & body with good length of ribs, easily spanned, very good legs & feet. Excellent movement with good reach & drive. CC & BOB;

2 Barber’s Mansergh Maisytoats at Alcumlow, taller grizzle with superb movement, excellent reach & drive. Nice refined flat skull & strong jaw with big teeth, dark eyes, beautifully constructed with very good legs & feet. Excellent double coat & thick pelt;

3 Mooney’s Chesterton Fancy Free.


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