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Border South Wales 16 Judge's Critique

Border Terrier

KC Breed Standard

South Wales 16 Judge






Border Terriers

Thank you to the exhibitors who took the trouble to present their dogs at a difficult time of year in good condition with reasonable coats appropriately trimmed, as they know my wants. The top five winners were outstanding for being ‘normal’ representatives of the breed with none of the current trend for exaggeration, in front & rear assemblies, all had correct length of body, narrow front, deep ribs carried well back that provides the necessary heart & lung room for a Border to be active all day & go to ground when needed.

MPD (5,1a)

1 Poole’s Wilderbrook Sirocco, two real babies, would not want this red to grow any more, pleasing head, neck & shoulder, on the leg, moved well for age;

2 Ryan’s Kentixen Cloud Cuckoo, bl/t who needs time, generally well made with correct length of body, just preferred front of 1 at this stage;

3 Tucker & Bryant’s Dowgri Diplomat of Friarsoak.

PD (2,1)

1 Read’s Roxambor Space Invader, bl/t who is up to size, acceptable head, narrow front but would prefer better angulation in shoulder, OK in body & moved quite well.

JD (10,3)

1 McPherson’s Brumberhill Back T’Future, bl/t who can tend to over show himself but when relaxed shows his correct conformation that he uses well on the move, in full coat that made him look heavy in wither but he was fine here & no doubt this coat will come off for other judges;

2 Larner’s Hawcoat Mr Fixit, another nice bl/t, up to size but well made throughout & moved well, just preferred head of 1;

3 Sharp’s Cymro Jack of Rhozzum.

PGD (8)

1 B Back T’Future;

2 Hyslop & Reeves’ Baywillow Blueprint, this dog presented a good overall picture although also up to size but in harsh bl/t coat & moving out well, again preferred head of 1;

3 Greenhill & Thomas’ Orangebox Stewards Enquiry.

LD (9)

1 Dean’s Manorborders Maverick by Tyrian, liked this bl/t as a puppy when I last judged & he has matured into a typical Border, super skull, eye set giving desired expression, big teeth with strong jaw although lacks some furnishings, best ribbed back of the day which gives him the capacity, together with correct angulation, to stride out with reach & drive which gave him the CC & BOB;

2 Irving’s Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet, a pleasing grizzle, well made throughout, typical head & expression, well presented in harsh coat, can tend to layback into his shoulder, but is fine when relaxed, just lacked the maturity of 1;

3 Waller’s Question Master.

OD (9,3)

1 Clark’s Gameway McVitie, another typical dog who presents so well, no exaggeration here, just correct type & conformation, good head & expression, in double coat & moving with ground covering action but just out performed by the CC winner. RCC;

2 Larner’s Hawcoat Lord George, always liked this light red grizzle for type & conformation but longer in loin than 1 & coat OK & strides out so well;

3 Hillman’s Badgerbeck Prototype.

VD (3,1)

1 South’s Borderella Day Tripper, overall a nice type standing showing typical breed requirements but not so positive on the move;

2 Griffiths’ Foxthorn Democrat, good head & generally made OK but carrying too much weight.

GCD (1)

1 Stevens’ Cobstoneway Ocean Sunrise, bl/t who is well made but also too much of him throughout, moves well.

MPB (3)

1 Cobby’s Litelheych Secret Potion, three promising babies who show correct conformation, just preferred body & ribbing of 1;

2 Baird’s Dowgri Demelza, well presented in good tight coat;

3 Haydon & Gibbings’ Earthtaw Infinity.

PB (4)

1 Fulker’s Foxpaw Revelation, this red grizzle is a ‘revelation’, stood away, just right for age showing good conformation throughout & moved with confidence with correct reach & drive, in the best coat of the day, very promising. BP & pleased to see her go PG1;

2 Baird’s Dowgri Demelza, close up but not the confidence of 1 but in good coat & moved out well;

3 E Infinity.

JB (9,3)

1 Girling’s Benattivo Fire Flower, pleasing exhibit with good head & feminine expression, correct length neck, slightly turns feet out but has straight front, ribbed back & nicely angulated rearquarters which she used to move well, in good coat & condition;

2 Larner’s Hawcoat Ugogirl, nice bl/t, similarly well made & moved well, preferred head & underline of 1;

3 Alpe’s Cedarhill Shooting Star.

PGB (17,2)

1 Brannan & Kelly’s Brankell Double Or Quits, light red, ideal size, good head, ideal length of body, strong loin & quarters with short hocks which she used to move well, in good coat & condition, close up for top honours;

2 Morgan’s Blewecourt Carpe Horam, another well made grizzle, shown in good coat & condition, preferred length of loin of 1 but is pleasing to the eye on the move;

3 Stevens’ Cobstoneway Love Song.

LB (14,4)

1 Hillman’s Badgerbeck Fair Trade, strong class with depth of quality. Really fell in love with this bl/t, otter head with keen expression, ears OK, correct length neck, good body with ribs carried back into strong loin & well muscled quarters & short hocks, easily covered the ground, presented in good coat & condition just outshone today by CC winner. RCC;

2 Roberts’ Smalesmouth Skylark, pleasing light red, well made, excellent coat & moves well, preferred length of loin of 1 but close up;

3 Hyslop’s Baywillow Brown Braid.

OB (12,2)

1 Roslin-Williams’ Mansergh Plusfours, red grizzle with super otter head, so well proportioned throughout, such a classic outline, good front assembly, ideal body length, ribbed back into strong loin & quarters with good second thigh & super hocks, in full double coat but of good harsh texture, best carrot tail, moved & showed with verve, really enjoying her day. CC;

2 B Fair Trade;

3 Gilpin’s Ch Otterbobs Xolana.

VB (5,2)

1 Jackson’s Ch Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone, quality red grizzle a worthy ch, well made & shown in good coat & condition, just out shown today by the younger winners in the challenge;

2 Shephard’s Didillybods Forest Sprite, good head on a well made body, a likeable type, was out moved by 1;

3 Small’s Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at Tilmoray.

GCB (3)

1 Aldous’ Twigglestone Elfenor, nice red grizzle, generally well made & in good condition but would prefer tighter front;

2 South’s Imperterrito Agenda by Borderella, this grizzle was in harsh coat, with good head & shows good conformation standing but was poor in front movement;

3 Pearce’s Bimandi’s Bellissima.


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