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Border South Wales 15 Judge's Critique

Border Terrier

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South Wales 15 Judge





Border Terriers

I would like to thank the committee of SWKA for their invitation to judge & their hospitality on the day, my stewards for all their hard work, & the exhibitors for their support making Border Terriers the highest entry in the group.

I was recently reminded just how long I have been involved with the breed when a photograph was circulated of the exhibitors at the very first open show of the Southern Border Terrier Club, held in a field close to the rectory at Hawkesbury. I guess this must have been in the early 1970s. It also prompted me to think that I must have judged for the first time some 40 years ago & I have seen a lot of Borders over the years since then. Each time I have judged I have been fortunate to find a few outstanding dogs, some very good ones, mostly good ones & very few poor ones. This was the case once again at this show.

Dentition was good, there were no kinked tails & movement & coats were variable as normal. A couple of the dogs were spooked by the loudspeaker announcements, which was a great shame for the owners. I believe that everyone knows the faults of their own dogs, so it is the plus points that I have noted down for the most part.

For one reason or another, I have not got to a show for a year or thereabouts, so seeing most of these dogs for the first time was a real pleasure.

MPD (3,1a)

Both puppies were at their first show & both were lively & rather unsettled.

1 Anscombe’s Orangebox Dark Energy, moved the better of the two. Up to size for his age. Good straight front, head OK;

2 Cobby’s Litelheych Teddy Boy, another b/t, rather plainer in head, but a good size. Good outline standing, but this disappeared on the move.

PD (2)

1 Irving’s Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet, lovely head & expression, ears set on well, good dark eye. Thick skinned & a tip-top coat at present. Really good hindquarters which led to plenty of drive on the move. Tail set on well. Shall follow his progress with interest. BP by a margin;

2 Read’s Roxambor Magical Timepiece, longer in back than winner & rather larger throughout. Pleasing head, good straight front.

JD (1)

1 Fryer’s Irton Mountain Dew, on his own but would have done well against competition. Pleasing head with nice small ears set close to the cheeks. Really fit condition & moved soundly. Thick pelt, tail set on well. Shows much promise.

PGD (5)

Not the easiest of classes.

1 Haydon & Gibbings’ Earthtaw Dexter, good looking dog, nice small ears, set well. Stood a little wide in front today but moved OK. Excellent coat;

2 Kelland’s Kyscafter Frosty Jack, good sized dog with a coat in top condition. Very pleasing head, nice teeth. Handler had a problem on the move today, but this dog is of such a good type that he could not be denied a place;

3 Chandler’s Windleaves Black Magic over Alderseadale.

LD (7,4)

Three very good dogs here.

1 Waller’s Question Master, one I have judged & very much liked before, & I still do! Won for having the best head, topline & movement of the three. Good thick loose pelt. Tried hard to go further in the challenge;

2 Chandler’s Raleniro Brand New Age at Alderseadale, not quite as good in skull. Nice eyes & ears. Moved well but not so much on his toes as class winner;

3 Yeates’ Bristoc Rock The Boat at Bluebabel.

OD (11,1)

1 Hall & Ellis’ Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach, well known dog who richly deserved another CC to add to the total already achieved. Good otter head, beautiful rich red coat, thick pelt. Covered the ground well on the move, but when he came across the bitch later for BOB, he just lacked the sparkle today;

2 Girling’s Benattivo Bedfred, slightly smaller throughout than 1. In very good condition throughout. Good, well proportioned head & skull. Showed himself well on the table & moved very soundly. RCC;

3 Fryer’s Irton Morse Code.

VD (4,2)

1 Lorraine’s Stbedehounds Frank In Sense of Raleniro, better topline & better on the move than 2, but little to separate them. Good straight front & nice coat & pelt;

2 Freeman’s Bolt Tail Jebba, had a better head, but did not move as well. Good coat.

GCD (5)

1 K Frosty Jack;

2 Bolt Tail Jebba;

3 Speake’s Cedarhill Stargazer.

MPB (4,1)

1 Pickering’s Picer Flora McIvor, pleasing 8 month old. Head still needs to develop, but her mouth is good & her ears are well set & a nice size. Lovely outline & kept her shape on the move;

2 Brannan & Kelly’s Brankell Double Or Quits, another 8 month old & almost as good. Rather plainer in head & less steady on the move than the class winner. Really good front;

3 May & Whisker’s Thistlestone Rhyme ‘n’ Reason.

PB (5,1)

1 Moore’s Bardenfox Pussy Galore, had slightly the better head & expression & was also sounder on the move than 2. Good pelt & topline. Kept her shape moving. Very nice tail, something that was not always evident today. BPB;

2 Stevens’ Cobstoneway Love Song, another promising puppy. Slightly shorter in the back than class winner. In lovely condition. The two of them looked really good;

3 De Boorder’s Mulberry Blossom.

JB (9,1)

1 Ritchie’s Ianteg Red Rubi, seriously considered in the challenge, good size, deep red colour & in lovely condition. Good bone, straight front. Good otter head at the front & a well set carroty tail behind. Moved really well;

2 Morgan’s Blewecourt Carpe Horam, smaller in size & broader in skull. Another one slightly spooked by the speakers, which upset her movement, but she has quality that shows through;

3 Yeates’ Heatherdrift Harmony at Bluebabel.

PGB (13,4)

A lot of different types in the class.

1 May & Whisker’s Thistlestone Ms Money Penny, was nevertheless a clear winner. Beautifully balanced on the move, good straight front & nicely angulated hindquarters. Good head. Very pleasing throughout;

2 Baxter’s Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin’, b/t, got second place on movement, covering the ground effortlessly. Good enough head, well constructed throughout, especially good hindquarters;

3 Sansom’s Tarkaswell Doctor’s Orders.

LB (10)

1 Sansom’s Tarkaswell Double Agent, my notes start off with the words ‘very feminine’ & this is evident in all her many virtues. She kept showing from start to finish both in this class & when she came up against the dog. In great condition & in first class coat. Really good hindquarters helped her cover the ground with ease. Beautiful head in all aspects. I gather this is her fourth CC this year, so well done to her & her owner! CC & BOB;

2 Spencer’s Ploughdown Persephone, another very good Border. Very sound on the move. Slightly larger throughout, but nicely balanced. Another one in good coat;

3 Pearce’s Bimandi’s Bellissima.

OB (19,3)

A huge class, which took some sorting as there were a number of very nice bitches.

1 Roslin-Williams’ Mansergh Plusfours, very nice head, nice dark ears. Good coat & pelt. Good hindquarters, straight front & covered the ground well when moving & kept her topline. Happy disposition. RCC;

2 Higham’s Comberdown Thistle, another one in good condition. Good tail, nice straight front. Did not keep her topline as well on the move. Much to like;

3 Fryer’s Irton Enigma.

VB (4)

1 Taylor’s Lutrabeck Layla, a youthful looking veteran! In great condition & with a good coat & pelt. Moved very well;

2 Baxter’s Int/Am Gr Ch/Can Ch Sulan Fancy That, also looked well, covering the ground with ease. Preferred the head of the winner;

3 Bromley’s Barterhound Thyme at Bordaholic.

GCB (1)

1 Freeman’s Borderella Snap Dragon, on her own. In good coat, as were so many today. Nice straight front, moved OK.


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