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Border Scottish BTC Ch 13 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Scottish BTC Judge 13

Scottish BTC Champ Show
Sat 9th Nov 2013

I would like to thank the Scottish Club for the invitation. It was an honor to judge at this friendly and hospitable club’s show. Huge thanks must go to my very capable & experienced Steward Joyce Orr and her excellent helpers, Jim Stewart in the morning and Helen McKenzie in the afternoon. All did a super job.
Thanks too to the kitchen ladies for the amazing lunch.
I was very pleased to have such a super quality entry. I could have easily given out more tickets if they had been available. Some close decision at times, a true reflection on the high quality of the entries. Presentation of the dogs was very good, mouths too on the whole were correct with only the odd exception. Feet, I was pleased to see a vast majority of neat cat like feet on the dogs, no long hare feet. Tails again seem to be improving, not as many of the over long sickle ones that I have noticed in the past. Coats and pelts: while coats are transient and of course some had more than others on the day, texture was very good and the vast majority had good thick and loose pelts. I think the breed overall is in a good place.
Just one point I noticed, some dogs had to take a lot of steps to cover the ground, watching out that our dogs move with drive is very important and I was happy with my winners in that they, in my opinion, covered the ground well.

Veteran Dog/Bitch:

1: Harrison’s - Ch. Iacheslei Torus JW.
Light Red, Super front on this lovely champion. He had a super tight & harsh coat and was in very fit condition. Moved out well. He still has ‘it’ at 8yr old.

2: Sugar’s - Foxcraig Jester
What a super head this dark grizzle dog has, lovely outline and in super coat, very fit and a happy showman .7yr old

3: Higham’s - Ir.Ch. & Int. Ch. Kirkbriar Comberdown Bon
Loved the topline and bend of stifle on this super fit & well muscled B/T 8yr old. Three super dogs.

Res: Johnsons- Karison Kasper

VHC: Houston’s- Earthwise Follow Me

Special Open working: No entries

Minor Puppy Dog:
1: Barrett’s Howthwaite Grainsgill
What a little star, Loved the personality and look of this super dark grizzle puppy. Just 6mth old. He has a super head and expression, good straight front and good rear angulation. Whilst he was exuberant he also moved out well covering the ground with ease. Stood on neat feet for one so young. He is one to watch in the future along with his litter sister.
2: Fletcher’s .Wadesleia Mr. Herriot.
Another lovely puppy, good topline, front and coat. Attractive head and expression.
3: Johnson’s Joncroft Mosstrooper.
Attractive but different type of pup, shorter coupled. He has an attractive head and good coat & pelt. Good set of tail
Puppy Dog:

1: Mathews’s. Tojamatt Warlord.
Another lovely dark grizzle puppy in superb coat, he moved out well, good front and neat feet, a happy show dog with a lovely head and expression.

2: Fulker’s Foxpaw Pipps Cross.
Nicely sized red grizzle with a good level topline and lovely outline, he moved well. I liked his expression.

3: Lothian’s Lairehope Topaz Design
A super masculine head on this red grizzle dog with a keen expression. Very good coat and thick pelt.

Junior Dog:

1: Hall & Ellis’s Brackenfell Bok to Bach
Wow! Say my notes, This eyecatching deep red dog has a wonderful outline and moved with ease covering the ground with drive. he stood on tiptoe on neat catlike feet showing off his lovely bodylines . Lovely typical head and expression. I liked him a lot. Sadly he was short of coat today, which stopped him getting higher honors. A dog I will watch in the future.

2: Gosling’s Akenside Cumin
Super headed red grizzle dog, in excellent coat he moved out well and covered the ground with ease.

3: Johnson’s Joncroft Scaramouche
Smart red dog with good head and expression, coat just out. Sadly he didn’t seem to want to show himself off today

Yearling Dog:

1: Dickinson & James’s Badgerholme Epsom Jet JW
Lovely B/t dog with super bodylines, good front and rear angulation, neat feet and straight front this dog moved out really well. He won this class easily on movement. He has so much breed type. Another one I would have liked more tickets for.

2: Lowry’s Ravenside Going Underground
A smart grizzle & tan of a longer body type, good coat texture & pelt . A very nice dog, though today he didn’t move out as well as maybe he could have.

3: Mathews Tojamatt Warlord
1st in puppy, lost out to the maturity of the others in this class.

Special Beginners Dog:

1: mackenzie’s Whittonglebe Buster
Good headed, well muscled grizzle & tan dog .in good coat

2: Joy’s Carrickfarm Micky
Sadly not much coat today on this smart looking dog. He might benefit with a little ringcraft training .he didn’t show himself

3: Clayton & Lewthwaite’s Vito Volterra of Birthwaite
Tidy, quite short coupled grizzle & tan dog

Novice Dog:

1: Foxpaw Pipps Cross

2:Shorthose’s Iacheslei Cantare to Cundytyke
Lovely head & expression on this attractive, if leggy grizzle & tan. Quite rangy but spannable dog with a good coat & pelt.

3: Joncroft Scaramouche

Graduate Dog

1: Lothians’ Lairehope Black Mac
B/t with masculine attractive head, exceptionally good coat & pelt. I like his size and he moved out well.

2: Wilson’s Braemen's Lucas
A more compact type red dog with a superb head, he could do with carrying a little less weight.

3: Portsmouths’ Kalebank Harvester
Great topline on this dark red grizzle dog, in good coat and he has a thick pelt.

Post Graduate Dog:

1: Johnson’s Joncroft Templar Knight
Super free moving red grizzle dog, he stepped out and moved with drive. Very fit condition and lovely feel to the rib, good outline and rear angulation.

2: Burke’s Ravenside Rumours about Caldewgate
Dark red grizzle with a super masculine without being at all coarse head and lovely expression. Shown in good coat

3:Wildey’s Brumborder River Skipper at Shiftyfox
Attractive red grizzle, little short of coat on the day but what was there had texture.

Mid Limit Dog:

1: Houghton’s Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin JW ShCM
What a super balanced dog this light red grizzle is, loved his body lines, he has an excellent coat, pelt and tail. He has matured so well. He showed his sock off and another day or with more cards to give out!!!

2: Scott’s Fehmarn Highland Encounter
Racy red grizzle, lovely reach of neck going into good shoulders. An excellent mover and pleasing bodylines, he has good angulation & a level topline

3: Golding’s Beaconpike Red Saturn
Another very attractive red grizzle in great coat, very close between 2/3 ,the topline just tipped it for 2

Limit Dog: strong class.

1: Duxbury’s Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow JW
Wow! He is all dog, I loved his head and expression, big teeth. He is masculine without a hint of coarseness, he was in hard fit muscular condition ,carrying a full coat and with a thick loose pelt that may have made him appear heavier than he is .Getting hold of him he was a pleasure to go over. Loved his bodylines and he moved out with such drive maintaining his topline on the move He covers the ground with ease. Lovely front ending on small feet he didn’t disappoint me in anyway. Dog CC & BIS

2: Archibalds’ Lairehope Lord of the Glen at Tweedburn
Unlucky to meet 1 in such super form today, I liked this grizzle & tan very much .He isn’t over done in anyway and he moves so well.

3: McKenzie’s Merumhor Midwinter JW
A lovely racy B/t in good tight harsh coat, lovely bodylines, a very attractive smart dog.

Open Dog:
A class of many lovely dogs.

1: Privezentseva’s Rus./Slo./Rom. Ch. Stella Rover Akko
Stunningly attractive B/t dog and such a confident and happy show dog. I loved this boys attitude, super head, coat,pelt and outline he moved out so well .straight front, neat feet, good rear angulation and presented in tip top condition. Res CC & Res BIS

2: Fryer’s Irton Morse Code JW
Another one that another day, could have done so much more. Red grizzle dog in good coat with thick pelt. He has an outstanding masculine attractive head. Shown in super condition, fit, muscular, with a good bend of stifle .A dog I admired a lot.

3:Stockley’s Ch. Foxfactor Pied Piper JW ShCM
This lovely worthy champion was shown in super condition he has lovely body lines and good angulation, neat size and an attractive head & expression.

Minor Puppy Bitch:

1: Barrett’s Howthwaite Amethyste
Litter sister to the minor dog winner and very similar comments. Another happy puppy loving her day and showing her socks off. Loved the personality and look of this super dark grizzle puppy. Just 6mth old. She has a beautiful head and expression, strong but feminine .Good straight front and good rear angulation. She moved out well covering the ground with ease. Super coat & pelt. I predict great things for these two babies!

2: Coop’s Darkarmar Heartbreaker
Another beautiful puppy, red grizzle. A close decision between her and 1. Loved her head and expression, a very attractive, all round lovely puppy.

3: Houghton’s Chorbeck Snow Angel
Lovely attractive puppy in full coat, I liked her expression and she moved well, good bend of stifle and level topline completed the picture. A very nice puppy.

Puppy Bitch:

1:Johnson’s Benattivo Best Bet Karison
Stunning! I really loved this dark red grizzle puppy, I liked everything about her. To me, she was hard to fault and was presented to perfection. I strongly considered her for the Res CC. I am sure she will have a very promising future. Best puppy in Show.

2: Pickering’s .Picer Ethelburga
Lovely racy grizzle & tan, she has a lovely feminine and attractive head and expression.

3: Darkarmar Heartbreaker

Junior Bitch:

1: Higham’s Comberdown Shoot to Thrill
Another one I could take home, a super red grizzle, fit, muscular whilst remaining feminine, she shows herself off beautifully, I found her outline extremely pleasing and she moved out so well. A not over done but eyecatching bitch with lots of style. Res CC

2: Gosling’s Akenside Calypso
This lovely B/t bitch moves so well ,so effortlessly and covers the ground so well. I liked her head and expression ,she has a good coat and pelt.

3: Sugars Foxcraig Touch of Magic
An attractive smaller more compact type of Terrier, she has a lovely varmity expression and a very attractive strong but feminine head.

Yearling Bitch:

1: Higham’s Comberdown Thistle
I liked this bitch,like all from this kennel she was put down to perfection. Fit and in excellent condition. She has a lovely front and bodylines, racy and moved well.

2: Akenside Calypso

3: Mathews Abisu Solitaire at Tojamatt
Smart attractive bitch with good coat and pelt. Racy outlines.

Special Beginners Bitch

1: Lister’s Brackenfell I Go To Pieces
Racy red grizzle of a slightly longer type she moved out well.

2: Puncherton & Mackenzie’s Whittonglebe Bracken
sorry I cannot decipher my notes.

3: Dixon’s Wings of Speed
Lovely headed B/t she moved well, good bend of stifle.

Novice Bitch:

1: Chorbeck Snow Angel

2: Stockley’s Orangecastle Zaurak at Foxfactor
An attractive and smart looking red grizzle with a nice head and level topline, she was a picture stood but on the day didn’t move as good as 1st

3: Fraser’s Kalebank Harvest Festival
A smaller type, neat and attractive dark red grizzle with a true varmity expression.

Graduate Bitch:

1: Harrison’s Iacheslei Corus
One I admired as a puppy and she didn’t disappoint me now she has matured. She was in super fit condition, a bitch with a lovely head and expression, racy, lovely front and movement, neat feet, shown in the harshest of jackets. She showed her socks off.

2: Wheatley’s Ruby of Raughton Head at Loiriston
This was very close, A lovely fit and typical bitch. Many of the comments for 1st apply. 1st pipped her on just the overall feel and muscle condition but it was a hard choice between these two.

3: Orangecastle Zaurak at Foxfactor

Post Graduate Bitch:

1: Iacheslei Corus

2: Hayes’s Merumhor Suzy Snowflake at Lexmar
A very pleasing B/t with a super harsh coat and good pelt, she is racy and appealing, she moved well and I really liked her head and expression.

3: Gregory’s Remony Winter's Diamond JW
Made up a quartet of lovely bitches ,neat, smart and attractive outlines, lovely head a feminine bitch that is a lovely size, she moves very well.

Mid Limit Bitch:

1: Clement’s Bramblebee Squiglet
Racy B/t A bitch shown in full coat, thick loose pelt and good attractive head & expression.

2: Fletcher’s Wadesleia Mountain Ringlet
Neat looking grizzle & tan bitch of good proportions, she moved out well.

Limit Bitch:

1: Lowry’s Ravenside Zenyatta
A super headed bitch dark grizzle with lovely typical expression shown in full double coat with loose thick pelt. A pleasure to handle, she was fit , muscular, balanced and all Border Terrier. Good shoulders and rib with a good tail set. Lovely bitch. Res CC & BOS in show

2: Gregory’s Manx Ballavale
I really liked this bitch ,such a sweet expression and lovely bodylines, shorter coupled than one and lighter boned but a very attractive bitch who is just the right size and beautifully balanced.

3: Johnson’s Karison Koffee
Super headed bitch shown in full coat, a neat compact bitch with good angulation and tail set.

Open Bitch:

1: Martin’s Ch. Merumhor Solstice Belle JW ShCM
B/t a lovely and worthy champion, she was easily the best mover in this class. Straight and true. She is feminine and has a lovely head and tight harsh coat.

2: Brannan’s Cedarhill Rising Star at Brankell JW
Another super headed bitch ,very typical expression and a well balanced bitch

3: Pickering’s Picer Gilliflower
Very workman like slightly stronger type bitch, very harsh B/t coat and pleasing outline.

Judge: Su Williams Hollybridge

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