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Border SKC May 15 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

SKC May 15 Judge


Judge: Mr P Wilkinson

BEST OF BREED : 3239 HALL & ELLIS Messrs C & L Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW
Dog CC : 3239 HALL & ELLIS Messrs C & L Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW
Res Dog CC : 3285 PRIVEZENTSEVA Ms M A Multi Ch Stella Rover Akko
Bitch CC : 3284 PICKERING Mr G & Mrs S Picer Aimee Vilbert
Res Bitch CC : 3287 ROSLIN-WILLIAMS Miss A Mansergh Plusfours
Best Puppy : 3281 MOORE Mr K H & Mrs D Bardenfox Pussy Galore
Best Veteran :


Border Terriers

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Fryer's Irton Mountain Dew Strong headed dog, good outline, nice legs and feet, racy lines, moved well.

2nd Houseman Markington Apollo nice head and eye, good muzzle and bite, would like a smaller ear, nice front, in good body moved well.

3rd Lockley Chatmoss Porthos

Puppy Dog

1st Lowry Ravenside Raise You Glass nice pup, good head muzzle, nice ears and eye, correct mouth, good body lines, nice pelt and coat, moved ok

2nd Houseman Markington Apollo

3rd Bryan & Pounder Hemslockstone Nimrod

Junior Dog

1st Horner Stineval Napleon well balanced dog, nice size, lovely type and outline, good head shape, nice expression, super legs and feet, very good coat thick pelt, very showy and moved well pushed hard for the RCC

2nd Holmes Barnby Caramel Wafer At Bimandi Very nice head good eye, well set ears, super mouth, narrow front, in good body weight, nice coat, good tail carriage, moved well.

3rd Lockley Crazy Train Pilgram To Chatmoss JW Sh CM (Swed Imp)

Yearling Dog

1st Higham Comberdown Reiver Top size dog, good outline, well balanced, strong head and muzzle, good bite, good neck and shoulder, racy hind quarters, very good coat and pelt, moved soundly, nice profile.

2nd Golding Earthdog Lanyard By Beaconpike JW another typy dog with a good head shape, very nice eye, strong underjaw, good bite, in very nice order, moved well when settled.

3rd Hollingsbee Otterwood Caius JW Sh CM

Novice Dog

1st Houseman Markington Apollo 2nd in puppy dog class

2nd Sneddon Kersfell Cool River Good head muzzle and mouth, nice neck, topline & tailset, super coat and pelt, moved well in rear, needs to settle in front.

3rd Houston Earthwise One to Beat

Post Graduate Dog

1st Carr Thorneyburn Peace Pipe At Wreighaugh Another good headed dog, good muzzle, correct mouth, nice expression, nice bone, good feet, in very good coat, moved ok

2nd Lothian Lairehope Topaz Design Strong head, very good bite, powerful muzzle, narrow front, good bone, nice tailset, would like him move positive on the move.

Limit Dog

1st Hollingsbee Otterwood Cyrus JW Sh CM Very well balanced dog, nice for size, nice head and front, in excellent coat condition, good pelt, well muscled quarters, moved well

2nd Roslin-Williams Mansergh Burne Jones different type to 1st smaller dog, well balanced nice head shape, narrow front, lovely feet, easy to span, carrying a good coat, moved soundly.

3rd Innes Grettacs The Wizard Sh CM

Open Dog

1st Hall & Ellis Ch Brackenfell Bok to Bach JW Very well balanced smart dog, in super coat and condition, very good head and muzzle, narrow front, stood on good legs and feet, excellent body, well muscled hind quarters, moved well, lovely profile, top quality dog CC & BOB.

2nd Privezentseva Multi Ch Stella Rover Akko Blue/tan dog, quality dog, lovely head, super outline, excellent mover, pushed CC winner hard RCC

3rd Fryer Irton Morse Code JW

Veteran Dog

1st Hunt Ch Ethlencoral Pip Of Ottaswell JW Lovely dog in beautiful condition, super outline, great coat and pelt, moved well.

2nd Sugars Foxcraig Jester Another nice dog, with a good head, in good body weight, very good coat and pelt, nice profile, moved soundly.

3rd Lorraine Stbedehounds Frank In Sense of Raleniro Sh CM

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Moore Bardenfox Pussy Galore very pretty youngster, lovely head shape, nice eye, good neck and shoulder narrow front, nice topline and tailset, in lovely coat and condition, moved well BP

2nd Webb & Webb Earthdog Native very nice outline, good coat and pelt, moving well, preferred the head of 1st

3rd Fryer Irton Scotch Mist

Puppy bitch
1st Ruth Hemlockstone Diana At Bowencloud Blue/Tan quality puppy with a beautiful outline, narrow front, good shoulder, nice hind quarters, in super coat, thick pelt, moved well.

2nd McFarlane Lynsett Bold Spirit A very nice pup, moving well, narrow front, not the coat of 1st.

3rd Dobson Calnestone Alice At Coolins

Junior Bitch
1st Pickering Picer Aimee Vilbert quality bitch, lovely head, strong muzzle, excellent neck and topline, good seton, very good coat and thick pelt, good tail carriage, well muscled hind quarters, very well presented, moved well super profile Bitch CC

2nd Ellis Brumberhill Miss Dior Very nice type, good outline, good head, well made quarters, nice coat, preferred the front of 1st

3rd Lothian Lairehope D'or

Yearling Bitch

1st Pickerings Picer Aimee Vilbert REPEAT

2nd Higham Comberdowm Stitch Very nice type, strong head and muzzle, good mouth, nice expression, good legs and feet, moved well good profile, held her shape on the move, just preferred the coat of 1st on the day.

3rd Gilpin Otterbobs Xolana

Novice Bitch

1st Hayes Lexmar Mercury Midas Touch, Very nice type, good legs and feet, nice head, would like a little stronger muzzle, narrow front, in beautiful order, moved well.

2nd Lorraine Raleniro New Rose, Blue/Tan, 4th in Junior Bitch, nice type, good outline, nice head and expression, good coat, moved well behind, preferred the front of 1st.

3rd Inness Dexlin Salix

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Roslin-Williams Mansergh Plusfours, Very nice type, nice for size, very nice head shape, good muzzle, lovely expression, narrow front, good neck and topline, well muscled quarters, thick pelt good coat, moved well, looked really good in profile, held her shape well RCC

2nd Armstrong Carrickfarm Mara, Ok in head, good eye, ok for size, well presented coat, moved soundly, very good profile.

3rd Lorrane Seymours Bubble And Squeak For Raleniro Sh CM

Limit Bitch

1st Hyslop Baywillow Brown Braid JW Very smart lovely outline, very nice for size, super outline, narrow front, good legs and feet, nice head and expression, thick pelt very well presented coat moved well

2nd Sansom Tarkaswell Double Agent JW, another lovely well balanced bitch with a good outline, very good coat, moved well, pushed 1st very close.

3d Bryan & Pounder Grindelvald Over The Moon At Hemlockstone Sh CM

Open Bitch

1st Barrett Howthwaite In Vogue Very nice balanced bitch, nice head shape, good neck and shoulders, narrow front, in beautiful coat an condition, lovely outline, well muscled hind quarters moved well.

2nd Lockley Int Ch NL Ch Chatmoss Rebel Rebel Cw14 AW very nice type, good size, good head, muzzle, well set ears, good expression, nice neck topline and tailset, in beautiful condition, moved soundly, just preferred the front of 1st

3rd Gregory Remony Winter's Diamond JW Sh CM

Veteran Bitch

1st Fraser Achnagairn Smart Card Good head, very nice size, in good coat and condition, moved soundly.

JUDGE Mr Paul Wilkinson

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