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Border SKC May 11 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

SKC May 11 Judge


Judge(s) MR D HUNT



Border Terriers

With a large ring & mown grass, I was able to see the dogs move accurately. In general I thought the bitches were stronger than the dogs, but was pleased with all my class winners & thought my CC winners a credit to the breed. Size was generally good with only a couple being difficult to span. As always coats were at various stages but I was surprised to find 2 very undershot bites in mid range classes.

MPD (5)

1 Fryer’s Irton Morse Code, red grizzle, just 6 months. Up to size for age & just hope has stopped growing. Won class with excellent head, short strong muzzle, large teeth & broad skull, fit, strong in bone with short thick tail, good rear assembly used to move well, evidence of coat. BPD;

2 Green’s Breckgreen Royal Mint, 8 months grizzle/t. Different type being size smaller & shorter coupled. Not head of 1. Good bite & dark eyes, narrow throughout, super double coat, moves OK;

3 Dickinson’s Ragatam Newmarket at Badgerholme.

PD (6)

1 Lowry’s Ravenside Workforce, 10 months, grizzle/t, well constructed & balanced, typical head with good width of muzzle, strong bite, dark eye & well placed neat ears, just right for bone & good working size, fit condition, harsh double coat & steady on move;

2 Lowry’s Tythrop Tap On Wood for Ravenside, another 10 months grizzle/t with good head. Fraction longer in muzzle than 1. Straight front with neat, tight feet, well ribbed back, good textured coat with thick tail. Just preferred length of neck of 1;

3 Higham’s Comberdown Curragh.

JD (8)

1 Haughton’s Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin, 12½ months, light grizzle, really caught my eye as moved round the ring, super head with short muzzle & large teeth, good eye shape & well placed small dark ears, correct size all in proportion from good neck length & well laid shoulder through to well angulated rearquarters, in tip-top condition, harsh double coat, thickest of pelts, so confident when moving truly, well handled. RCC;

2 McPherson’s Brumberhill Brigadoon, unlucky to meet 1 in such good form, well constructed front end, lovely flat skull, good bite & expression, straight narrow front & flat ribs. Coat coming through but not pelt of 1. Good in outline, well set tail, moving freely;

3 Docwra’s Bandicoot Double Take.

YD (6)

1 Sneddon’s Chesterton Top Hat And Tails by Kersfell, head of good proportions with strong jaw, scissor bite & wide set eyes, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders, correct amount of bone, straight front, good body length & short tail, best coat in class, moved OK;

2 Archibald’s Lairehope Lord Of The Glen at Tweedburn, on leg lots of furnishings, strong head, good bite & strong underjaw, straight front, neatest of feet. Shorter coupled than some. Flat ribs carried well back, well muscled rear, well set on tail. Coat past its best & not as harsh as some. Moved steadily;

3 Stockley’s Foxfactor Pied Piper.

ND (4)

1 B Brigadoon;

2 Dickinson’s Ragatam Newmarket at Badgerholme, just 6 months, developing nicely, lots to like, nice dark eye & little stop, good strong neck & forechest, straight front, tight feet, long enough in body, thickest of tails, good bend of stifle, coat OK. Front movement needs to tighten. Enjoying day out;

3 Dean’s Cedarhill Beyond The Stars.

PGD (10)

1 Spencer’s Cobstoneway River Magic, won class with ease & pushed hard for higher honours, beautiful well proportioned head, short in muzzle with good skull shape & expression, strong neck flows into well laid shoulder with level topline, nice front with good body length & depth, short strong loin, best of double coats, steady driving movement from well muscled hindquarters;

2 Brewster’s Stowthorney Swinging Sam, decent dog. Not head qualities of 1 being longer in muzzle & narrower in head. Good bite of large teeth, good in shoulder & correct for bone, narrow all through with racy hindquarters, good bend of stifle, harsh double coat;

3 Singh’s Ragatam Lets Go over Borderbridge.

LD (14)

1 Gilpin’s Otterbobs Riggindale, liked for size & conformation, easily spanned, super head with little stop, good width of muzzle, scissor bite & neat ears, long neck, narrow front & tight feet, nice length of body with pleasing underline, covered ground well using well muscled hindquarters. Coat coming through;

2 Hodgson’s Solitary Mist, close up to 1, another with strong head. Slightly longer in muzzle. Skull flat, good bite, keen expression, clean neck with good upper arm construction, racy body & ribs carried well back, in good condition, good coat, moves OK;

3 Docwra’s Bandicoot Double O Seven.

OD (13)

1 Johnson & Williams’ Ch Quarryway Dill, have admired from ringside for some time, in tip-top condition & all I was looking for, light grizzle, ideal size, easily spanned, balanced & looks excellent in profile, head all in correct proportions, strong muzzle, good skull, ears & bite, bodylines flow easily from neck into well angulated front & rear, level topline & tail straight off back, narrow front & neatest of feet, super tight harsh coat, moves well covering ground with ease. CC & BOB;

2 Fryer’s Ch Irton Up Helly Aa, size larger but spannable. Well known red ch, also well put together & balanced, strong otter head has good width across skull, fine reach of neck, body with good length of ribs extend well back, coat growing through, muscular rearend put to good use when covering ground with purpose;

3 Dean’s Ch Cedarhill Authorized.

MPB (4)

All just over 6 months & needing time to mature.

1 Peacock’s Ragatam Nutmeg, red grizzle, feminine head with short muzzle & good eye placement, pleasing outline with well laid shoulder, neat feet & well placed thick tail, best coat of class with lots of undercoat & harsh texture, steady on move;

2 Fryer’s Irton Enigma, litter sister to MPD, well put together with good body shape, all parts in correct proportions, good bite, little stop & nice straight front, at first show & in full coat. Rather nervous & difficult to handle making movement hard to assess;

3 Taylor’s Irton Mata Hari with Foxthorn.

PB (9)

1 Girling’s Benattivo Faberge, 11 months, grizzle/t, ideal handy size for age, very feminine, good head with short muzzle, little stop, correct eye shape & dark ears, straight narrow front, neck flows into good bodylines & rearend with hocks well let down, ideal short carrot tail, harsh & full double coat, moving truly. BP;

2 James’ Golden Rosa at Blackmine, 11 months. Fraction larger but easily spanned. Strong in head with width of skull, large teeth & good expression. Longer cast than 1. Parallel front, neat feet, good length of rib & well angulated rear. Coat not yet at its best but thick loose pelt. Used fit condition to move correctly;

3 Marwood’s Kersfell Sea The Stars at Annesuz.

JB (14)

Strong class, places would change on another day.

1 Armstrong’s Blewecourt Manhattan at Ploughdown, very appealing grizzle/t, beautiful head, short & strong in muzzle, flat skull & well placed ears, clean neck flows into straight front, small tight feet, excellent in profile, deep but not too deep, flat ribs carried well back, topline super, harsh coat & loose pelt, in super condition, used well developed & muscular rearend to power round ring. RCC;

2 Morgan’s Blewecourt Harlem, full sister to 1 & similar comments apply. Head slightly squarer & as such just preferred littermate;

3 Pickering’s Picer Gilliflower.

YB (8)

1 Barrett’s Howthwaite In Violet, deceptive as appears larger than she is when handled. Spans easily & another in excellent condition with toned muscle, head all in proportion with hard expression, good lines & enough length, excellent example of bl/t, coat harsh, double with ideal ticking, moved with purpose, handler gets best out of her, pushed hard for honours;

2 Johnson & Williams’ Biddestone Poppyseed by Quarryway, light grizzle. Size smaller than 1. Maturing nicely, lovely feminine head of good shape with small ears. Good bite but teeth not size of some. Nice front, neat feet, correct shoulder laid well back, good body length, level topline & tailset well on, double coat, moving OK;

3 Johnston’s Joncroft Never Unprepared.

NB (8)

1 Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Mika, handy size, strong head, wide muzzle & dark eyes set wide apart. Not feminine but nice lines. Spannable, well developed muscle, good rear angles, correct set tail, moves well enough;

2 Johnson’s Karison Kokoa, just over 1 year. Completely different type. Very sweet, appealing & feminine, head all in proportion with good bite & surprisingly large teeth, good length of neck, narrow throughout, short tail, harsh coat & loose pelt. Lacked bend of stifle & size too small;

3 Scott’s Kilburnpride Lily.

PGB (13)

1 Johnston’s Joncroft Diawl Beach, on the leg but well put together. Strong muzzle with large nose & keen expression, good front assembly, straight & narrow with good feet, fine lay of shoulder & flat ribs, nice underline & sufficient rear angulation, moved well & coat in evidence;

2 Coleman’s Hartswelin Tip Top, smaller type, shorter in leg & longer cast but all there. Head in proportion & nice flat skull, best of necks & well angulated shoulder, lovely rib shape, correct coat & short tail, moved out well from rear. Not quite topline of 1;

3 Alexander’s Glenbucket Lady Charlotte.

LB (22)

1 Docwra’s Bandicoot Jazz, what a cracker, set out to impress & she did, dark grizzle, built on racy lines, attractive with excellent profiles, moving with such drive, lovely feminine head with short muzzle, well placed ears & good width across skull, super front & shoulder angulation, neat feet & best of rear angles, nice body length with flat ribs carried right back, harshest of tight coats & in super condition, never stopped showing, unlucky to meet dog in top form. CC;

2 Pickering’s Picer Grace Darling, another from top drawer. Fraction larger & in full double coat but still spanned comfortably. Typical head from this kennel, strong with wide muzzle & excellent bite of large teeth, well off for bone, good front & body shape, super well placed tail & thick pelt, strode out well using muscular rearquarters;

3 Sugars’ Foxcraig Magic.

OB (12)

1 Higham’s Ir Ch Comberdown Rosalie, quality bl/t, another strong in head with good teeth, dark eye, flat skull & alert expression, super reach of neck, straight narrow front, on the leg, deep narrow body & flat ribs with short tail spot on, good muscletone used to drive out & cover ground well, harshest of tight coats & pliable pelt;

2 Gregory’s Ch Remony Barley Twist, well known ch, typical head with short muzzle, no stop & correct bite. Shorter coupled than some. Excellent parallel front, good shoulder & rear angulations, looks balanced, good topline moving. Coat past its best & although moving straight not as positive as I have seen from her;

3 Fraser & Butler’s Wagtail Lass via Ycart.


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