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Border Richmond 12 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Richmond 12 Judge


Judge: Miss Diane Swales (Grabbist)

BEST OF BREED : 3139 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Dr Walter
Dog CC : 3139 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Dr Walter
Res Dog CC : 3137 HUNT Mr D & Mrs G Ottaswell Palamedes
Bitch CC : 3195 WILDEY Mr G Ch Bramblebrae Violet At Shiftyfox JW
Res Bitch CC : 3120 DEAN Mrs K Digmoor Kindred Spirit for Tyrian
Best Puppy : 3140 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Sonata
Best Veteran : 3116 DAY Mr M J Gameway Cappuccino of Withershins Sh.CM
Best Breeder :


Border Terriers

In general mouths were good & there was only one kinked tail. I was disappointed to find how many Borders have been bred with thin, tight pelts & there were too many upright shoulders resulting in stilted movement. I was really pleased to find that more dogs were shown free standing & on a loose lead.

VD (1) A.

MPD (4)

1 Norris' Brookbank Beauly, pleasing pup of good build, well placed shoulders, good coat & pelt, excellent teeth & bite in good head, moved well;

2 Roslin-Williams' Mansergh Burne Jones, very young looking pup, well put together, narrow deep chest, moved correctly, good bite & teeth;

3 Singh's Ragatam Poco for Borderbridge.

PD (5)

1 Thomas' Daluce Soldier Of Fortune, balanced pup of workmanlike, racy appearance, good loose pelt, moved strongly;

2 Bladen's Daluce Fight Or Fall for Emblehope, very like 1 who I find is a litter mate. Just not quite so strong in movement;

3 Hollingsbee's Otterwood Cyrus.

JD (6)

1 RCC, Hunt's Ottaswell Palamedes, clear winner of this class. Looks fit for purpose, excellent Border head, good teeth & correct bite, nice loose pelt & good coat, moved well & true, meets the Standard in all respects & I will follow his career with interest;

2 Rumsan's Saygo of Hassage, good coat & pelt, moved well & positively;

3 Waller's Question Master.

YD (7)

1 O Palamedes;

2 Tuffin's Othamcourt Woodchat at Oatberry, very pleasing youngster, good head, correct dentition, moved well;

3 Johnson's Kosmic Sun over Karison.

PGD (5)

1 Ramus' Onthill Fernando, well made, in good outline, good loose pelt, moved with drive;

2 Yates' Okarito Omar, very like 1 who just had the edge in movement;

3 Fulker's Foxpaw Brilliant Disguise.

LD (9)

1 Cobstoneway Lazy River, otter head with good teeth & bite, correct loose pelt, racy outline, good length of neck, flexible, well presented & moved well;

2 Dean's Digmoor Captain Rook by Tyrian, very similar to 1 & pressed hard for first place;

3 Bishop's Withershine Victor.

OD (6)

1 CC, BOB & G2, Irving's Dandyhow Dr Walter, meets Standard, lovely outline, everything in place with good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, super pelt & coat, good big teeth, moved strongly holding his topline, very well presented & shown freely;

2 Jackson's Clipstone Tailor, very well constructed dog, well presented & moved strongly; 3 Wilson's Olderhill Afortunado.

VB (3)

1 Day's Gameway Cappucino of Withershine, smart bitch who carried her 7 years well, good Border head, correct mouth, pelt & coat good, moved briskly;

2 Prevost & Hopkins' Argentail Bucks Fizz, pleasing head, in good jacket, movement lacked drive.

MPB (10)

1 Roslin-Williams' Mansergh Lizzie Siddal, small beautifully made bitch, pleasing outline, moved well, well presented;

2 Norris' Brookbank Brora, nice pup of good shape, moved well, good pelt & coat;

3 Channer's Rubyfin Kara Emerald.

PB (8)

1 BP, Irving's Dandyhow Sonata, quality pup, liked her typical head & expression, essential Border appearance, moved well & showed freely, already showing ring presence, one to watch;

2 Girling's Benattivo Double Flame, pleasing youngster, correct in all respects;

3 Nitarska Cedarhill Madame Butterfly.

JB (5)

1 Stockley's Foxfactor Cue The Music, neat little bitch, good pelt, moved & showed well;

2 Godbold's Foxfactor Goody Blue Shoes, b/t, similar to 1, her litter sister. Not quite the same confidence;

3 Small's Tilmoray Turtle Dove.

YB (7)

1 Clark's Gameway Dragonfly, nice head & expression, very good pelt, well presented, moved well;

2 D'Arcy-Donnelly's Mattedonn Elizabeth Taylah, nicely made bitch, correct outline, good coat & pelt, moved well when settled. Understand was unused to handler;

3 Baxter's Sulan Look At Me.

PGB (11)

Pleasing class.

1 Dean's Tyrian Amulet, handy size, good structure, excellent loose pelt, nice head, correct bite, good teeth, well presented, good true movement;

2 Wingfield's Eneonith Dazzling Diamond, pleasing bitch, nice reach of neck, well presented, moved well;

3 Johnson & Williams' Quarryway Tansy.

LB (12)

Some lovely bitches in this class & several placed exhibits could change places on another day.

1 RCC, Dean's Digmoor Kindred Spirit for Tyrian, really eyecatching as she flowed around the ring, very good otter head, teeth & bite, lovely thick pelt, correct in all respects, well shown;

2 Day's Withershins Daddies Girl, very neat bitch, met the Standard for me. Showed & moved well.

OB (10)

1 CC, Widey's Ch Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox, new one to me who caught my eye when she entered the ring & didn't disappoint on a closer check. B/t, fits the Standard in all respects, super hard jacket, moved purposefully, beautifully shown & presented, understand this was her 10th CC;

2 Jackson's Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone, very good bitch, lovely thick loose pelt. Unfortunately coat just past its best which spoilt her outline a little but easy to span & structure feels correct;

3 Girling's Benattivo Rosina.


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