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Border Richmond 2010 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Richmond 10 Judge


Judge: Mrs Michelle Barnett (Brockfox)

BEST OF BREED : 3363 FRAY Mrs A Grindelvald Miss Teak At Eltonfurze
Dog CC : 3350 CULLEY Ms A Earthwise Deuteronomy Sh.CM
Res Dog CC : 3378 JACKSON, Mrs J & JACKSON Mrs E Ch Rossula Magic Borderer Clipstone
Bitch CC : 3363 FRAY Mrs A Grindelvald Miss Teak At Eltonfurze
Res Bitch CC : 3402 PARSONS Mr J Kyscafter Nimue
Best Puppy : 3361 DOCWRA Mrs V L K Bandicoot Double Take
Best Veteran : 3378 JACKSON, Mrs J & JACKSON Mrs E Ch Rossula Magic Borderer Clipstone
Best Breeder :


Border Terrier

My thanks to The Richmond Societies officers and committee for the warm welcome and the super lunch provided. Gratitude also to my stewards who organised the ring most capably. Thanks also to the exhibitors for their entries at a time in history when finances are truly stretched in this difficult and uncertain financial climate. To judge is always a privilege and on this occasion it was particularly appreciated. Overall I was very impressed with the exhibits, and when judging we are required to find the dog that most fulfils the breed standard and with the increasing variety of types present in the breed it made for some thought provoking decisions. Sadly the continuing trend to show all year round with few exhibits remaining at home to grow a decent double jacket proved that once again there were fewer exhibits shown in the requisite depth of jacket. Therefore I had to face the difficult task of placing some exhibits higher than I would as a rule. As justifiably construction and type being the foremost factor in placings, as coats naturally will come and go. But where as in lots of other breeds the coat can be considered a glamorous adornment please remember that in the Border (terriers in general) it is their essential protection whilst carrying out their job of work. On a positive note I was pleased to see today's entry lacking of the dogs presented in the recent improper fashion of clippering, razor and scissoring which as the true diehards of the breed know is totally unacceptable and exhibitors are to be strongly discouraged in this undesirable practice.

The correct and only way to present a Border terrier is by hand stripping thus achieving the beautiful natural tweedy look synonymous with our breed.
And I quote an extract from an old Border terrier yearbook “Exhibitors and judges should be reminded that it is not in keeping with the sporting traditions of the breed to have the coat trimmed. The coat should be of a natural weather resisting character. Old dead coat may be stripped off by hand when necessary. The use of a razor or a strip comb embodying a razor in the preparation of dogs for show is strongly objected to”

Dogs that I had previously admired unfortunately paid the penalty today as on closer inspection they did not come to hand so well .Some due to weight, which can be easily remedied with an alteration of diet, exercise and plenty of regular road work. Others sadly due to wide fronts and heavy shoulders, subsequently when running the rule over them they were too coarse and cloddy. Therefore not displaying the lithe supple bodies required in an earth dog ,this is a breed characteristic which of course has to be bred for. Borders are a breed that enjoys longevity, health and well being and this was particularly evident in my DCC and DRCC winners today being a 7 year old and 9 yr old respectively. Perhaps this being true testimony that these males have been bred for the correct narrow body lines that will inevitably stand the test of time.
Temperaments as to be expected were excellent. Overall a most enjoyable day, I was delighted with both my final line ups and to find admirable representatives of the breed for top honours.

ClassVD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: JACKSON, Mrs J & JACKSON Mrs E Ch Rossula Magic Borderer Clipstone, Very attractive dark grizzle and tan I just love this boy and have previously awarded him the CC & BOB and once again i find myself cheerfully awarding him a top honour He is so correct for breed type he just fills your eye for balance and at rising 10 he was as fit as a flea. As always shown in such super form for muscle tone coat and condition. Moved out with drive .A true ambassador of the breed .His considerable qualities could not be overlooked .RCC and best veteran.

2nd: WRENN, Mr T & LANGDON Miss K Dandyhow Sir Toby, another who has breed type in abundance he has a classic otter head with an expression to die for. Those wanting clarification to the breed requirement “Head like that of an otter” need look no further from studying him for his true and typical head. Lovely for size and still correct for span which proves he was bred right. Not moving with the verve of 1st but still sound at rising 14.

Class MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: DOCWRA Mrs V L K Bandicoot Double Take, Grizzle and Tan who caught my attention as soon as he came into the ring, Good otter head broad with strong muzzle and pleased in expression good length of neck straight front and narrow body, he is well off for bone, neat well padded feet, level topline and tail carried correctly on the move, so well muscled for age he moved straight and true for such a youngster and was handled and moved to advantage. A well presented puppy of immense quality who I was pleased to award BPD and BPIB. Not overly mature for his age and definitely one for the future.

2nd: TUFFIN Mrs K Withershins Del Boy at Oatberry, A blue & tan shown in short jacket that was of correct texture another who pleased me for type and size he excels in rib. Not as positive in front movement but plenty of time on his side. preferred the head shape and strength of under jaw on 1st

Class PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BREWSTER Mr R & Mrs J Stowthorney Swinging Sam, Very attractive dark grizzle and tan this was a super puppy of excellent type who came to hand beautifully, which he scored over second .Shown in the best jacket of the class He is a very promising puppy who again appealed as he was also not overly mature for his age and who if his handler gains more confidence in the ring is a youngster who should have a bright future.

2nd: STOCKLEY Mr B J & Mrs K D Foxfactor Pied Piper, Red who was lovely for type and head shape good, but slightly heavy in ear. Pleasing neck and lay of shoulder and strong quarters and although not oversized, on the day he couldn't match 1st's balance in the hand.

3rd: GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Benattivo Stitch In Time

Res: WALLACE Mrs A Hobholt Helmsman

Class JD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: MATTHEWS Mr D & Mrs A Rexlands Cock Robin, A Red dog of quality. Typical Ottery head with a wicked expression. Well balanced and sound on the move, Handy size and workmanlike in hard condition he spanned with ease and was put down in fine fettle, presented and shown in a very good coat and pelt. One to watch out for as he matures.

2nd: RAMUS Mrs A M Onthill Fernando, Typy red young male liked his head and expression, correct scissor bite.He has a good outline and racy quarters nice bone, firm pasterns and feet, moved well front and rear. Not the in the excellent harsh topcoat of 1st.

3rd: SPENCER Miss C Cobstoneway River Magic

Class YD (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: RAMUS Mrs A M Onthill Super Trooper, Litter brother to 2nd in junior and very similar remarks apply slightly leggier and in better jacket than his litter mate which was of good texture but would have liked more depth.

2nd: SOUTH Mrs P Borderella Day Tripper JW Grizzle and tan who appeals greatly for breed type. He has the most exquisite otter head and the best of under jaw and scissor bite. He is correct for size and span a very pleasing dog overall but just failed in front movement.

3rd: SINGH Miss B J Ragatam Lets Go

Res: MARTIN Mr D K & Mrs D Bortino High Society

Class PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: FREEMAN Mr F & Mrs H Bolt Tail Jebba Dark Grizzle & Tan This dog appealed for his overall tweedy and moderate outlook good shaped head with broad skull he excels in under jaw in which sits the best of teeth large and strong giving the most superb bite. Has the thickest of pelts which can i'm sure make him appear heavier than what he is, Good for size and span and shown in harsh jacket he moved with drive around the ring.

2nd: SINGH Miss B J Ragatam Lets Go, Light Grizzle & Tan this young lad is truly not the best of showmen but has a typical ottery head correct scissor bite and when co-operating a pleasing expression. Good for bone and narrow straight front, he does not help himself standing but looked better in profile on the move.

3rd: WARNEFORD Mr R J & Mrs D M Take It From Here

Res: PATEMAN Miss S J Lessien Dinx Boy Oberon

Class LD (10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: GILPIN Mr & Mrs J Otterbobs Riggindale JW, Grizzle & Tan .Greatly admired this dog for his beautiful breed type Correctly proportioned otter head with keen expression, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, straight narrow front, ribbed back body into well muscled racy rear quarters which he used to move out so soundly around the ring. Excellent thick pliable pelt and in full deep double jacket that was parting and open, moreover was sadly passed its best. A dog of considerable merit and one I would love to judge in a quality jacket.

2nd: DEAN Mrs K Digmoor Captain Rook by Tyrian, Good honest sort, pleasing head and dark eye and keen expression. Narrow and racy throughout and was good in shoulder and front, good length of back and racy hindquarters, shown in harsh coat but not the pelt of 1st he moved steadily fore and aft with good drive from the rear.

3rd: ROBBINS Miss L S Kyscafter Emrys AW

Res: WRENN, Mr T & LANGDON Miss K Hoary Morning

VHC: FREEMAN Mr F & Mrs H Bolt Tail Jebba

Class OD (8 Entries) Abs: 2

Super class of top drawer quality dogs

1st: CULLEY Ms A Earthwise Deuteronomy Sh.CM, 7 year old Rich red who today put many of the younger dogs in the shade for fitness. Excels in muscle tone and i truly loved his breed type A moderate dog and all male, very much a true border dog. Good otter head, breadth to skull and strength to muzzle. Super under jaw that fills your hand. And correct scissor bite. So pleasing in front neck and shoulder placement and the best of ribs Narrow throughout with racy well angulated quarters and good second thigh.He stands on the neatest of feet small and well padded. Lovely scope. A picture of balance standing,covers the ground well and was stylish on the move. Size and span good and came to hand with ease. Shown in a crisp new jacket that was tight and of good harsh texture with correct pelt, but lost out for BOB to the bitch for her super depth of jacket. A dog I would be proud to campaign myself.Was thrilled to award him the DCC not his 1st im sure.

2nd: GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Ch Benattivo Rock Robin, Another who appealed for breed type, size and fit condition, Good broad skull and short strong muzzle and correct bite. Sound and posative on the move.Preferred the length of rib on 1st. A dog of significant worth who was hotly considered for the RCC

3rd: IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Beeline

Res: WALLACE Mrs A Hobholt Harrier JW

VHC: REGAN Mr M P & Mrs S V Digmoor Ace's High JW

VB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: SOUTH Mrs P Borderella Emma, The first 3 placings were particularly smart on the move but liked this grizzle and tan lady for her balance and lovely jacket. She has a nice feminine ottery head and good scissor bite. Good for bone size and span. BVB

2nd: FREER Miss F Chesterton Tabasco, a really lovely bitch who really appealed for breed type loved her racy lines but sadly lost out as she shown in her undercoat today.Very well handled by her young charge.

3rd: FREEMAN Mr F & Mrs H Borderella Elsa

Res: D'ARCY-DONNELLY Mr E Allstead Tazmin

VHC: PREVOST, Mrs W A & HOPKINS Mrs A J & Miss C J Mulysa Miss Muffet

Completed a lovely class of seniors who were all well muscled and in lovely condition and enjoying their time in the ring

Class MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: DICKINSON, Mr B & Mrs B & JAMES Miss T Badgerholme Ascot Opel, Beautiful grizzle and tan bitch who has the loveliest otter head dark eye, good expression and good scissor bite. Really liked her for type, size and she came to hand so well. Sound coming and going away but at just 6mths old as to be expected very raw at present. Will look forward to seeing her as she matures

2nd: DAY Mr M J Withershins Daddies Girl, another who was good for type,size and span she and also held great appeal. Had the edge over 1st for coat texture but couldn’t match her for her beautiful otter head.

3rd: MORGAN Mrs T & Mr M Blewecourt Harlem

Res: HAMILTON Mr J Gameway Take A Bow

VHC: MILTON Prof A S An Cnoc Of Baillieswells

Class PB (9 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BLADEN Miss D S Foxyard Better Behave At Emblehope A beautiful 10 mth old Blue and tan bitch shown in tip top condition. A very feminine outlook her outline is just gorgeous A bitch who stood away in this class as she was spot on. Pleased in head and excellent varminty expression. She is so balanced from all angles and scores in neck and shoulders. Correct for size weight and span she couldn’t fail to come to hand well. Positive and sound on the move with good reach and drive. Holds great promise BPB and pressed hard for BPIB.

2nd: ALDIS Miss J Torryburn Tickled Pink, Another nice pup who also had much breed quality to commend her. Attractive feminine head, with good reach of neck. Good topline, rear and steady on the move. But couldn’t match 1st exceptional outline.

3rd: HAMILTON Mr J Gameway Take A Bow

Res: REYNOLDS Mrs L & Mr L J Enchanted Evening at Etterbern

VHC:KNIGHT Mr & Mrs T Southash Party Knight

Class JB (10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: ROBBINS Miss L S Kyscafter Kestrel,. Headed a strong class for quality A Showy and very pretty looking red bitch with Good head, scissor bite and neat dark ears. Shown in good jacket. Overall well constructed she came to hand well for size and span with correct bone straight front with good angulation and muscle on the quarters which she used to move out soundly around the ring. Handled to advantage. A bitch of promise maturing along the right lines.

2nd: DOCWRA Mrs V L K Bandicoot Jazz, just loved this bitch for breed type A bitch of considerable breed merit and many of the comments above apply but she couldn't match 1st today as she wasn’t as I have previously seen her in her best bib and tucker and sadly her coat was very much passed its best. Very promising youngster who was unlucky to meet the winner on such form on the day. Handled to perfection another one I would a certainly like to see in top form.

3rd: JACKSON, Mrs J & JACKSON Mrs E Cobstoneway Moon River At Clipstone

Res: PARSONS Mr J Kyscafter Kite

VHC: JOYCE Mrs A Bandicoot Busy Lizzie

Class YB (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: MARTIN Mr D K & Mrs D Bortino Smiling Queen Feminine grizzle and tan bitch who appealed for her good otter shaped head and lovely expression. Beautiful shoulder placement correct tail set and balanced in outline. She was in a good jacket .And although she moved out soundly she unfortunately lacked enthusiasm.

2nd: JOYCE Mrs A Bandicoot Busy Lizzie, another one who also appealed for type with much the same comments and like 1st she was of good size and span but lacked the quality jacket of 1st.

Class PGB (16 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: SMALL Mrs M Badgerbeck Tree Pipit At Tilmoray JW Sh.CM A lovely Blue and Tan who was of good size and presents a very balanced outline and spanned well. Good otter head and well shaped dark eye, good neck and shoulders best of fronts, super tight padded feet, Thick pelt, pleasing topline and tailset, well muscled hindquarters. Moving out very sound behind with drive.

2nd: ALDIS Miss J Torryburn Sequoia, Well made and of pleasing conformation. With typical head eye and expression. She presents a good outline both stood and on the move.Scored over 1st in front movement but couldn’t match 1st super rib an area in which she excels.

3rd: DAY Mr M J Sextonmagic Betula of Withershins

Res: WALLER Miss S Worker's Playtime

VHC: STOCKLEY Mr B J & Mrs K D Jenabeck Rose Over Foxfactor

Class LB (9 Entries) Abs: 2

Nice quality class

1st: FRAY Mrs A Grindelvald Miss Teak At Eltonfurze, My star of the day. I thought this bitch just gorgeous.Fills your eye for type and balance. Loved her beautiful ottery head, dark eye and the keenest of expression. Correct scissor bite and the desired strength to under jaw. Pleasing neckline into well laid back shoulder, Narrow straight front good bone legs and small neat feet Correct topline and tailset and carriage good. Lovely thick carroty tail. Well muscled racy hindquarters.She spanned with ease was ribbed well back and came to hand beautifully. Her overall profile appealed very much when standing, a beautiful balanced image which she also retained on the move. Correct double jacket with the desired depth and harshness And the thickest of pelts was delighted to award her the BCC and BOB. And like the DCC surely not her last.

2nd: PARSONS Mr J Kyscafter Nimue, so pleased to see this girl in such good form just loved her for type, workmanlike with a typical feminine ottery head, keen expression and small dark v shaped ears. Narrow throughout, straight forelegs and small neat feet, racy hindquarters, coming to hand so well she was very well muscled and shown in a tight jacket with a harsh topcoat and loose pliable pelt. She has matured so well and im sure will continue to do so. Her handler really got the best out of her today and she moved out accurately and with style to take the RCC

3rd: GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Benattivo Rosina

Res: GUVERCIN Mrs J Achnagairn Code Name Glebeheath JW

VHC: DAY Mr M J Gameway Cappuccino of Withershins Sh.CM

Class OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

A trio of quality bitches all deserved of their titles and who doubtless will change places on numerous occasions

1st: DEAN Mrs K Yeomeadow Heather for Tyrian Lovely headed and handy sized Blue and tan bitch, spanned with ease and shown in the best of condition. Narrow straight front and good layback of shoulder. Pleased in topline and tailset, racy hindquarters. Standing on the neatest of feet. Finished off with a lovely carroty tail Very typy all through and sound when she deigned to cooperate, sadly in the challenge her exuberance just got the better of her and her handler try as he might just couldn’t get her to settle. My notes read “what a live wire” .A bitch of considerable quality and one destined for the upper house.

2nd: JENKINS Miss L M Badgerbeck Fantacy JW Another destined for the upper house. I really like this bitch for her overall type and balance but just wish her owner could have got her more animated as she just didn't want to be there. Attractive ottery head and good bite nicely arched neck that flows into a firm backline, she has good bone and rib, ideal angulations front and back and sound and steady mover she is one who I have admired previously but today, she was sadly just lacking the sparkle and enthusiasm. I later learnt that she recently finished her season which no doubt contributed to her lack lustre.

3rd: MORGAN Mrs T & Mr M Glebeheath Minnie The Motor At Blewecourt JW

Judge: Mrs Michelle Barnett (Brockfox )

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