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Border Paignton 18 Judge's Critique

Border Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Paignton 18 Judge



Judge: Prof A S Milton

BEST OF BREED : 1275 WILSON Mrs S Olderhill Malvena
Dog CC : 1236 IRVING Mrs K M Dandyhow Captain Morgan
Res Dog CC : 1225 GUVERCIN Mrs J Glebeheath Just A Gigolo
Bitch CC : 1275 WILSON Mrs S Olderhill Malvena
Res Bitch CC : 1208 BAIRD Mr W & Mrs T Tojamatt Debutante For Dowgri Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 1225 GUVERCIN Mrs J Glebeheath Just A Gigolo
Best Veteran : 1238 JACKSON Mrs & Miss J & E Ch Cobstoneway Moon River At Clipstone
Best Special Beginner : 1201 ALDOUS Mrs L Twigglestone Steps To Hevn


I suspect I shall retire from judging now. I certainly have no intention, when it comes into effect, of paying the Kennel Club to get on their judging lists. I have always assumed, though I may be wrong, that I have been invited to judge because people wanted me to. I have no intention of 'prostituting' my art by paying money for the privilege. If I may reminisce, I have never sought a judging appointment, indeed in the beginning I had never even thought about judging. Then one day a letter arrived from the Secretary of a large open show in Scotland. Would I judge the terrier breeds and the terrier group at their next open show? I have, to this day, no idea who suggested my name. I had never judged before, not even a match or a limited show, I was on no judging list, they didn't exist in those days, I had never stewarded, and have never done, so to this day, I have never attended any hands on or assessment seminar. After my first appointment invitations came at fairly frequent intervals, including two breed clubs, and eventually I received an invitation to judge at a Championship Show. However, when I replied, with my judging cv, the Committee told me that they couldn't continue with my appointment, as the Kennel Club would not accept the nomination owing to the 'parochial' range of my judging, which had, with one exception, all been in Scotland. Notwithstanding that for example two of the shows had been over 200 miles apart, and from my home to the breed club show in England over 500 miles. Peter Thompson (Thoraldby) and Sybil Churchill came to my rescue and I found myself judging at LKA. A few thoughts on Border Terriers: Size has always been a problem, right from the beginning of the breed, with there being far too many large dogs, outside the weight standard, and the numbers seem to be getting larger (forgive the pun). I blame the breeders for this. In one class at Paignton, there was only one dog, which I could span. Movement is another problem; the trend at the moment seems to be very narrow hindquarters, with the feet nearly touching. In 1991, I made a video of Crufts with the late R. A. Williams judging. Almost without exception all the dogs are in full coat. (A few years ago there was a pirated video made of this tape). In the book 'About the Border Terrier', Walter Gardner says 'It is difficult to judge Border coats today because so often the dogs are stripped, well nigh skinned'. Two personal gripes, Borders should be walked on a loose lead, not strung up, and should stand naturally, I do particularly dislike those exhibitors who are continually fussing with their dogs, moving a foot a cm here, a cm there and the like. I should like to thank the Committee of the Paignton Show for inviting me to judge. They were all very helpful, and also the vets at the show who kindly looked after my young puppy which I had, perforce, to bring with me, whilst I was judging.

MPD (4, 2)

1 Guvercin's Glebeheath Just A Gigolo. What a superb young puppy. An excellent unexaggerated otter head with good reach of neck leading into a level topline and tail set. Straight front and nicely angulated hind quarters. Just right in the ribs and easily spannable. Tough top coat and plenty of under coat. Loose thick pelt. In the final line up, good on the move with plenty of drive, both front and rear. Looking along my final dog line-up, I had no hesitation in awarding this young dog the RCC.

2 Girling's Benattivo Exchequer. Eight month old red grizzle, who needs time to mature. Good coat and pelt, slightly uneven topline. Moved round the ring well.

PD (4)

1 Mathews' Tojamatt Taboo. Blue and tan. Good strong head with good length of topline. Thick coat with plenty of under coat. Moved well.

2 Aldous' Twigglestone Steps To Hevn. Attractive young dog with good otter shaped head. Straight topline and tail set. Good coat and pelt. Good on the move.

3 Hyslop's Rocksam At Raisbeck.

JD (6)

1 Irving's Dandyhow Captain Morgan. The correct size for a dog, easily spannable. Otter shaped head with keen expression, aided by the sparkle in the eyes. Nicely placed ears. Correctly placed shoulder blades resulting in good front movement. Good reach of neck leading to level topline and tail set. Well angulated hind quarters. Tough coat will plenty of undercoat. Covered the ground well when moving round the ring. If it has a fault, is inclined to play up with its handler. Looking at my final line-up, together with the minor puppy, was the only one that stood out. Had no hesitation in awarding it the Dog CC.

2 Pollit's Brockenfell Rock The Boat For Vandamere. Red grizzle with good head. well set ears. Nice reach of neck, with good top line and tail set. Moved well. Slightly larger than first.

PGD (4)

1 Ruth's Bowencloud Busy Bee. Good sturdy dog and well boned, up to size. Good front, and well angulated hind quarters. In good coat. Moved well.

2 Single's Brockenfell Born To Be Alive. This dog had been Reserve in previous class. 3 Dennis' Moleschamber Finlaggan.

LD (10, 1)

1 Fleming's Cedarhill Ghost Writer. Good strong head, level topline with well set tail, which was rather long and bushy. Narrow front, well angulated hind quarters. Good coat.

2 Hughes & Kendrick's Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony. Similar to first, but not such a good coat. Again, a rather long tail.

3 Hollingsbee's Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood.

OD (11, 2)

1 Dean's Tyrian Outlaw. An excellent all round Border Terrier, in good coat, and thick pelt. with lovely head. Correct front and rear. Level topline with correct tail set. Moved round the ring with purpose.

2 Tyumentseva's It Rus Fin Us Ch Cedar Hill No Excuse Needed. This multi champion did not live up to expectations. Head ok, though ear set was too far back. Quite long in back with correct tail set. Not in full coat. Strode round the ring.

3 Jackson's Clipstone Starshine.

VD (4, 1)

1 Hunt's Ch Ottaswell Palamedes. Well presented seven year old. Typical otter head. Good front and rear, and moved well. 2 Waller's Question Master. Another seven year old, in not such good coat, otherwise a very presentable Border Terrier.

3 Hill's Ragatam Legend.

Sp Beginners D (2, 1)

1 Aldous' Twigglestone Steps To Hevn.

Sp Beginners B (1)

1 Sutton's Lady Fiona Mctarry At Thistlewhiss. Blue and tan, four year old bitch. Good coat and pelt. Rather short in back. Moved ok.

MPB (3,1)

1 Hollingsbee's Otterwood Diodem. Just a baby but looks to have potential. Attractive head with well set ears. Good neck leading to level topline and good tail set. Good front and rear. Coat needed to improve.

2 Taylor & Taylor's Clydebeck Garnet. Another baby, head needs to mature. Rather long back. Good front and rear. Moved well.

PB (5)

1 Pateman's Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessian. Super little bitch with lots of promise. Attractive feminine head, well constructed, with excellent top line and good tail set. Excellent front and well angulated hind quarters. Coat needs to improve. Excellent mover.

2 Guvercin's Glebeheath Fingers on Lips. Another very good puppy, very little to choose between first and second. Lovely feminine otter head. Well placed shoulder blades giving good front, nicely angled rear quarters. Strode round the ring.

3 Cullifords Laurelton Suste's Surprise.

JB (4, 1)

1 Haydon & Gibbings' Earthtow Jessica Rabbit. Strongly constructed young bitch with good head. Excellent top line and tail set. Good front and rear. In excellent coat, and good pelt. Moved well.

2 Anscombe's Gameway French Fancy Avec Orangebox. This bitch needs to mature. Head ok. Topline dipped at tail. Coat and pelt ok. Good mover.

3 Atkinson's EysyntonaCodeword Vandamere.

PGB (3)

1 Greenway's Amber Spirit Gambler (Should this not be Foxcourt Amber Spirit Gambler?). Well proportioned bitch with attractive head. Good topline though slight dip at tail. Extremely tough coat, and good loose pelt. Oved well.

2 Ruth's Bowencloud The Bee Charmer. Up to size bitch, with strong head. Straight front and well angulated rear. Good coat. Happy on the move.

3 Payne's Alcumlow Heather At Sense Valley.

LB (4, 1)

1 Baird's Tojamatt Debutante For Dowgri. I liked this five year old bitch. Tough looking madam. Good otter head, strong front, correctly angulated rear. Tough coat, good pelt, Good mover. Was pleased to award her the RBCC.

2 Dean's Mattedonn Farthing For Tyrian. Nice looking bitch with good otter head. Slightly deep in chest. Good top line and tail set. Strong front and rear. In good coat with nice loose pelt. Good mover.

3 Winsley's Davmar Move Over.

OB (13, 2)

1 Wilson's Olderhill Malvena. At last a bitch to enthuse over. The correct size abd easily spannable. Lovely otter head, with well placed shoulder blades leading to a good front. Good length of neck, level topline with correctly set carrot shaped tail. In full coat with thick pelt. Moved around the ring with purpose. Had no hesitation in awarding her the BCC, and ultimately BOB.

2 Taylor's Clydebeck Solitaire. Another nice bitch, feminine head, could be stronger. Excellent construction all round. A very good mover, one of the best of the day.

3 Girling's Ch Benattivo Fire Flower JW.

VB (4)

1 Ch 1 Cobstoneway Moon River At Clipstone. Nine year old in superb condition. A worthy champion, with lovely otter head, excellent reach of neck, and excellent top line and tail set. Good front and rear. In good coat, with thick pelt. Strode round the ring with purpose.

2 Hyslop's Baywillow Brown Braid. Another worthy veteran. Not quite the panache of first. Attractive otter head, nice shoulder placement and topline. Good front and rear. Excellent mover.

3 Small's Badgerbeck Tree Pipit At Tilmoray.

Judge Professor Anthony Milton

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