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Border Midland Counties 14 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Midland Counties 14 Judge




Best Breeder C Dean Breed: Border Terrier


Border Terriers

My sincere thanks are extended to each exhibitor for providing me with such a wonderful entry, on this, my 1st CC appointment. At 160 dogs I had the highest entry in the group. I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation & the hospitality that I received. Thank you to my two very competent stewards Alex & Barry Cole.

Mouths were good, a couple were unspannable & coats varied. Some exhibits were untidy in undercarriage, legs & feet & would benefit from a little grooming a few days prior to show day. More importantly, a number of exhibits were overweight & lacked muscle tone. That said, there was a depth of quality to each class & a number of nice dogs had to go unplaced on this occasion. I was extremely pleased with both the dog & bitch line-ups.

MPD (8,3a)

1 Keeffe’s Keebank Charlie’s Diamond, 8 months light gr/t, good head proportions, flat skull, strong jaw, well placed ear. Straight front, good length of body, nice tail. Lovely harsh jacket & loose pelt. Well angulated quarters & moved well for his age;

2 Haughton’s Marton Magic Mit Chorbeck, promising 7 months gr/t, good for size & balance, nice head, straight front, level topline, carroty tail, harsh double jacket, moved well;

3 Dean’s Cedarhill Once Upon A Time.

PD (10,2)

1 Horner’s Stineval Napoleon, very smart 10 months r/gr, presented in excellent condition, good otter like head, strong jaw with large teeth, nice reach of neck into well laid shoulder, straight front, decent length of body, good tail & set on. Well angulated rearquarters, he moved with drive round ring. Tight harsh jacket. BP;

2 Duxbury’s Ridgebow Rifleman. 9 months gr/t, nice head proportions, dark eye & well placed ear. Straight front, ribs carried well back, good rear assembly, moved well on tight feet, nice carroty tail. Coat of good texture;

3 Southam’s Badgerbeck Morgan At Southash.

JD (5,1)

1 Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Caius, a nice balanced bl/t of 14 months, masculine head with a strong jaw, well placed ear, keen expression. Good shoulder placement, nice length of body & rib shape. Nice carroty tail & well set. Good rear angulation, sound movement. Coat of good texture on loose pelt;

2 Barrett’s Howthwaite Grainsgill, gr/t, is a rangier type to winner, he has a nice head & keen expression, nice reach of neck into well placed shoulder, straight front, well muscled quarters. New coat of good texture. Moved well;

3 Price’s Oxcroft Freelander.

YD (7,2)

1 Matthew’s Tojamatt Warlord, lovely for type, flat skull & strong jaw, well placed eye, nice expression. Straight front, well placed shoulder, good in rib & easily spanned. Super harsh jacket & loose pelt. Short carroty tail. Moved soundly round ring;

2 Fletcher’s Wadesleia Mr Herriot, light gr/t, has an excellent head & expression, strong jaw, well placed ear. Built on narrow lines, straight front, good angulations. Carroty tail. Good coat & pelt. Moved well both ways;

3 Jackson’s Clipstone Starshine.

PGD (14,7)

1 Gosling’s Akenside Cumin, pleasing gr/t. Very nice in head, keen expression, well placed ear. Good straight front, well placed shoulder. Good for size & balance. Dense harsh jacket & loose pelt. Well muscled & moved steadily on a loose lead;

2 Carr’s Thorneyburn Peace Pipe at Wreighaugh, gr/t. Masculine in head, nice expression, strong jaw. Straight front, well placed rib & nice length of body. Good rear angulation, moved OK. Lost on coat to winner today;

3 Fraser & Butler’s Ycart Earth Stopper.

LD (11,3)

1 Guvercin’s Glebeheath Name That Tune, well presented grizzle in excellent condition. Typical head & expression, strong jaw, well placed eye & ear. Nice reach of neck into well placed shoulder. Straight front, nice length of body with well placed rib. Racy quarters. Short carroty tail. Excellent harsh double jacket on good pelt. Moved soundly with drive & purpose. RCC;

2 Dickinson & James’ Badgerholme Epsom Jet, bl/t, nice otter like head, well placed ear, straight front, level topline. Good construction & narrow throughout, good muscle tone & moved well with drive. Nice tight harsh double jacket;

3 Ramus’ Onthill Amaretto.

OD (15,5)

This was the class of the day, a privilege to go over the 5 placed Champions, all a credit to their owners & the breed.

1 Hall & Ellis’ Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach, beautifully presented 2 year old red dog, he has the best of heads, strong jaw, well placed eye & ear & keen expression. Good reach of neck that flows into a well placed shoulder, straight front, good length of body, level topline. Easily spanned. Coat of good harsh texture & loose pelt. Fit & sound, well angulated hindquarters that he used to move with drive & purpose. A pleasure to award him the CC & ultimately the BOB today;

2 Irving’s Ch Dandyhow Dr Walter, I have long admired this 4 year old from the ring side & it was great to have the opportunity to go over him today. Typical in head & expression, soundly built, excellent jacket. Moved freely round ring. Appreciated the many virtues of this true showman which he has passed onto the next generation;

3 Bailey’s Ch Grindelvald In Full Cry.

MPB (10,4)

1 Pickering’s Picer Aimee Vilbert, attractive feminine head, nice expression. Good reach of neck, well placed shoulder, straight front. Short of coat but is of good texture, nice carroty tail. Well muscled & moved well;

2 Matthew’s Tojamatt Integrity, rangier type bitch, light grizzle, good head & expression, nice ear placement. Well presented coat of good texture, pliable pelt. Moved with confidence around ring;

3 Ramus’ Argentail Titania by Onthill.

PB (6,1)

1 Hopper’s Esyntona Honeysuckle, excellent feminine head, strong jaw, Nice reach of neck, good shoulder, nice topline. Super harsh jacket. Won here on size & overall balance;

2 Spencer’s Ploughdown Persephone, promising light grizzle, nice in head, good front construction, harsh coat & pliable pelt. Good carroty tail. Moved with style round ring;

3 Baxter’s Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin’.

JB (14,4)

1 Bladen’s Emblehope Dance & Dance, attractive bl/t of 14 months in good condition. Nice head qualities, short strong muzzle, good ear & eye placement. Straight front, good length of body, flat rib. Narrow throughout, good rear angulation, moved steadily. Short carroty tail. Harsh coat with excellent silver ticking, thick pliable pelt;

2 Sansom’s Tarkaswell Doctor’s Orders, well presented gr/t, nice type, feminine head & expression, nice body lines, good rear angulation. Sound movement. Harsh jacket & loose pelt;

3 Hale’s Ottaswell Aida at Hoathwood.

YB (13,5)

1 Baird’s Tojamatt Debutante for Dowgri, pleasing gr/t of 22 months, good for size & balance, nice in head & expression. Well placed shoulder, flat rib, good rear angulation, free & sound movement. Short carroty tail. Good harsh jacket & loose pelt;

2 Duxbury’s Keycharm Deep Secret by Ridgebow, another lovely bitch, balanced throughout, good otter like head & nice expression. Tight harsh jacket. Moved well;

3 Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Mara.

PGB (23,7)

1 Gosling’s Akenside Calypso, bl/t, typical in head & expression, strong jaw. Well placed eye & ear. Nice size & balance. Presented in a lovely harsh dense coat. Short carroty tail. Well muscled quarters, she moved freely around ring;

2 Wright’s Totherend Blue Loulou, bl/t. Nice in head & expression, straight front, good length of body, easily spanned. Well muscled quarters & moved soundly. Coat of good texture & thick pliable loose pelt;

3 Stockley’s Orangecastle Zaurak at Foxfactor.

LB (17,5)

1 Dean’s Cedarhill Wish Upon A Star, light red grizzle, excellent in head, short strong muzzle, good dark eye & nice ear placement, keen expression. Lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulder, straight front & narrow throughout. Tight harsh jacket & pliable pelt. Nice carroty tail & set on. Well angulated quarters & moved with drive;

2 Phillips’ Nantcoch Ffion, gr/t, unlucky to meet 1 in such good form. Typical in head & expression. Nice reach of neck into well laid shoulder, good straight front, nice length of body, well angulated rearquarters, moved soundly. Harsh coat & thick pliable pelt;

3 Sansom’s Tarkaswell Double Agent.

OB (16,5)

1 Armstrong’s Ch/Ir Ch Ploughdown Portia, bl/t in excellent condition. Good otter like head & feminine expression, built on narrow bodylines she has a good reach of neck that flows into a well laid shoulder, straight front, level topline, ribs carried well back. Well angulated rearquarters. Sound free movement. Good harsh coat with a loose pelt. CC;

2 Brannan & Kelly’s Ch Cedarhill Rising Star at Brankell, light r/gr, good feminine head, short strong muzzle, broad in skull. Nice reach of neck into clean shoulders, good bodylines. Harsh coat & loose pelt. Short carroty tail. Nice well angulated rearquarters she moved effortlessly round ring. Close decision with 1, I was pleased to award her the RCC;

3 Stockley’s Foxfactor Cue The Music. Best Breeder (1) 1 Mrs C Dean, 3 beautifully presented exhibits from this kennel, sound & typical.


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