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Border Driffield 18 Judge's Critique

Border Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Driffield 18 Judge



Judge: Mr Paul Wilkinson

BEST OF BREED : 3340 DUXBURY Mr & Mrs N Ridgebow Pendle Witch
Dog CC : 3319 ATKINSON Mrs V L & Mr M Tojamatt Rhythm N' Blues At Raedwulf
Res Dog CC : 3346 GUVERCIN Mrs J Ch Baillieswells Glengyle At Glebeheath JW
Bitch CC : 3340 DUXBURY Mr & Mrs N Ridgebow Pendle Witch
Res Bitch CC : 3328 BLADEN Miss D S Ch Emblehope Dance And Dance JW
Best Puppy : 3380 PALMER Mrs C Dallas Dhu
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner : 3403 WARD Mr & Mrs S & D Borderstream Zodiak


Minor Puppy Dog

1st Brewster & Green's Stowthorney Wicker Man
Nice for size, good head, very nice eye, strong muzzle, nice neck and top line, coat of good texture, very nice pelt, moved soundly.

2nd Dean's Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth
Lovely head shape, great expression, excellent neck, top line and under line, good legs and feet, super coat, preferred the front movement of 1 today.

3rd Armstrong's Otterwood Titan.

Puppy Dog

1st Palmer's Dallas Dhu
Quality grizzle youngster, lovely head, super expression, excellent muzzle and under jaw, nice neck very good shoulders, narrow through the front, very good top line and tail set, racy quarters, lovely coat and skin, moved well, very good profile, good extension, BEST PUPPY IN BREED

2nd Pearce's Onthill Nighthawk
B/T lovely type with a quality head, excellent narrow front, stood on good legs and feet nice top line and body weight, carrying a good coat, moved OK in rear preferred the front movement of 1.

3rd Lothian's Lairehope Bear Bejewelled

Junior Dog

1st Irving's Dandyhow Captain Morgan
Very nice size well balanced dog, masculine head, super muzzle, lovely bite, big strong teeth, well set ears giving a super expression, narrow front, good body lines, lovely legs and feet, another with racy quarters, moved well.

2nd Pollit Brackenfell Rock The Boat For Vandamere JW
close up to 1, nice head shape, good body weight, good coat and pelt, well presented, preferred the rear movement & profile of 1.

3rd Palmer's Onthill Solomans Seal.

Post Graduate Dog

1st Armstrong's Lynsett Lewis
B/T well balanced dog nice size, very keen expression, in good body, very good coat and skin, moved soundly/

2nd Lothian's Lairehope Duke Diamante
Nice type, good condition, a little heavier all through, moved soundly, preferred the shoulders of first.

3rd Haughton Chorbeck Space Cowboy JW

Limit Dog

1st Atkinson's Tojamatt Rhythe N' Blues At Raedwulf
quality dog, well balanced, cracking head, strong muzzle and under jaw, excellent mouth, well set ear, lovely eye, giving great expression, excellent body condition, good top line and under line, good set on and tail carriage nice hind quarters, well muscled up, moved well, carrying an excellent jacket in tip top condition Dog CC.

2nd Price's Oxcroft Jethro
Cracking headed male, narrow front excellent body lines in very nice weight, racy quarters, super tail and set moved soundly

3rd Hollingsbee Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood

Open Dog

1st Guvercin Ch Baillieswells Glengyle At Glebeheath JW
Quality young dog well balanced, in tip top coat and condition, a super outline, very good legs and feet, narrow front, moved well, presented very well, just preferred the head of Limit Dog todayl RCC

2nd Fryer's Irton Morse Code JW
A dog of nearly 8 years super head, a little heavier all through than first, many breed virtues, moving very well, a credit to his owner/breeder in tip top condition. super pelt and coat

3rd Holmes.s Ir Ch Barnby Caramel Wafer At Bimandi JW Sh CM.

Special Beginners Dog

1st Ward's Borderstream Zodiak
Ok for size, Ok in head, good ear set, good eye and expression, nice body lines, good bone, good texture of coat, would like him more positive in front movement OK in rear.

Good Citizens Dog

1st Atkinson's Tyneaster Special Agent At Raedwulf
Ok in head, good eye and muzzle, narrow front, level top line easy to span, good coat, moved OK

2nd Birrell's Otterpaws Muninn
A little heavier than first all thru good coat and skin, OK for bone, preferred the ear set & movement of first.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Roslin-Williams's Mansergh Elevenplus
Quality youngster, sweet head and expression, narrow front, easily spanned, very good coat and pelt, racy hind quarters, moved well for one so young, just needs to mature on, very showy.

2nd Hollingsbee's Otterwood Diodem
nice head, keen expression, a shade long in loin, good quarters, moved well in rear just needs to settle in front.

3rd Richardson's Karison Koprosma At Staynorwood

Puppy Bitch

1st Palmer's Onthill Daydreamer
Quality pup very smart well balanced, narrow all thru, easily spanned lovely coat and condition, super expression, very good legs and feet, when settled down she moved well, nice profile.

2nd Fryer's Irton Sovay
Red beautiful head, really good expression, excellent neck, topline, tail carriage and set on good coated, just carrying a little too much puppy fat today, must have a bright future, moved well.

3rd Anderson's Glenbucket Highland Queen

Junior Bitch

1st Palmer's Onthill Crystal Rock
Lovely bitch well balanced, lovely head, muzzle, underjaw, nice big strong teeth, narrow front, very good body lines, easy to span, great coat and skin, moved very soundly

2nd Guvercin Glebeheath Fingers On Lips
A red bitch of good quality, nice head shape, very good expression, nice nicek good shoulder, good quarters, well set tail and carriage, moved well, short of coat today, must have a good future when in coat.

3rd Atkinson's Esyntona Codeword Vandamere

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Pickering's Picer Beth Chatto JW
Quality head and muzzle excellent expression, nice neck and topline, narrow in front, good quarters, moved well, another nice bitch short of coat, very good pelt.

2nd Lothian's Glenbucket Sandys Glinty At Lairehope NAF
Nice type and size, similar lines to 1 moved soundly, but yet another one short of coat today.

3rd Coleman's Hartswelin She's The One

Limit Bitch

1st Duxbury's Ridgebow Pendle Witch
A quality B/T bitch, so well balanced, in tip top condition, without any exaggeration, nice head shape, good expression, narrow front, well ribbed back, excellent tail set and carriage, racy hind quarters, in the very best of coats, moved soundly great profile, held her shape on the move credit to her handler shown very well CC & BOB

2nd Parry's Oakyard On Song JW
Good head shape, keen expression, narrow front, nice legs and feet, easily spanned nice quarters, moved OK fore and aft preferred top line and front extension of 1,

3rd Roslin-Williams Mansergh Paint By Numbers

Open Bitch

1st Bladen's Ch Emblehope Dance And Dance JW
B/T top draw bitch, lovely head shape, excellent ear set, well balanced out line, stood on good legs and feet, in excellent coat and condition very good pelt, moved well. RCC

2nd James & Render Ch Chorbeck Gossip Girl At Blackmine JW
Grizzle full of quality, super head, excellent top line and under line, excellent tail set and carriage, well conditioned, moved soundly pushed winner very close

3rd Lowry's Ravenside Calima

Special Beginners Bitch

1st Taylor's Nottorg Nostalgia JW Sh CM
Nice head, good shape, excellent eye, good neck and top line, very good coat, a little wide in front, moved OK in rear would like more positive movement in front

2nd Parker's Darkarmar Echo Of Love For Bordaletti
Head OK good eye, very good mouth, OK in shoulder, a little heavy in body, in good coat, nice quarters preferred movement of 1 in rear

3rd Ward's Bordestream Maisie

Good Citizens Bitch

1st Taylor's Picer Angelica To Nottorg Sh CM
Nice head shape keen expression, would like a better lay of shoulder, OK in body length O
in body weight, good quarters, moved OK in rear, would like more extension in front movement

2nd Pearce's Bimandi's Bellissima
would like a better head, and muzzle, nice body lines, good coat and skin, moved OK in front very close in the rear, preferred overall balance of 1.


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