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Border Driffield 2010 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Driffield 10 Judge


Judge: Mr Philip James Greenway

BEST OF BREED : 4525 DEAN Mrs C Cedarhill Authorized JW
Dog CC : 4525 DEAN Mrs C Cedarhill Authorized JW
Res Dog CC : 4585 LOWRY Mr M Ravenside Ballymoss
Bitch CC : 4522 CLARK Mrs P Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway JW
Res Bitch CC : 4622 SUGARS Mr G R Foxcraig Magic
Best Puppy : 4520 BLADEN Miss D S Foxyard Better Behave At Emblehope
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :



MPD (1)

1 Fraser &Butler’s Ycart Beretta Twelve Gee. Typical well balanced grizzle in good coat, reasonable angulation, good topline, tailset, moved soundly, very much a baby.


1 Wallace’s Hobholt Helmsman. A very promising pup. Best PD. Grizzle, well balanced with good angulation , topline, set on, neck, head, comprehensively proportionate throughout, moved well.

2 Horner’s Stineval Marashino. Close up, a very nice puppy, grizzle with good head, neck, topline, set on, moved well.

3 Flowers &Buckle’s Bingobongo Hollywood Blues.

JD(7, 3)

1 Matthews’ Rexlands Cock Robin. 13 month grizzle who won because he is a more complete whole, pleased in head, neck, topline, set on, angulation, moved well, in good coat.

2 Sneddon’s Chesterton Top Hat And Tails By Kersfell. Grizzle, somewhat on the leg, pleased in head, neck, topline, angulation and moved well.

3 Cridland’s Beenaben Bonsella.


1 Higham’s Comberdown Jailbreak To Vandameres JW. Grizzle whose very pleasing head and outlook gave him the edge, nice neck, topline, set on, coat, moved true both ends.

2 Fawcett’s Carrock Clayton. Nice sound, typical grizzle who is balanced and in good order.

3 Ramus’ Onthill Fernando.

PGD(12, 1)

1 Hodgson’s Solitary Mist. A really honest typey dog, the more you looked the more he pleased, very good head, neck, topline, set on, angulation, moved well, in good coat, scored close decision on head.

2 Swindle’s Buck Swifter. Quality grizzle dog of balance, type and soundness, good coat, also good in head, marginal decision.

3 Houston’s Earthwise Wolfbane JW.

LD(15, 3)

1 Lowry’s Ravenside Ballymoss. Res CC. Won a tough class. Top quality grizzle with harsh coat, pleased in profile, good angulation, hard condition, moved well all round, very good head, won a close encounter, preferred eye and expression.

2 Houston’s Earthwise Follow Me. Clearly a dog of considerable merit to have been so close to the winner, he pleased virtually as much and was just shaded.

3 Tinsdale &Mitchell’s Leppington Leonardo.

OD(14, 2)

1 Dean’s Cedarhill Authorized JW. CC and BOB. This was no mean feat, in such a classic entry. I thought he excelled throughout. Grizzle with excellent head, angulation, muscular neck, topline, set on, coat, all harmoniously assembled and moving with such extension.

2 Dean’s Ch Stineval Acerola With Tyrian JW. Well balanced, firmly articulated grizzle in good coat, pleasing angulation and movement, good topline and set on, good head and ears.

3 Thomas’ Ch Byrons Greengrass.

Good Citizen D (1) 1 Johnson’s Karison Kasper.

MPB(8, 2)

1 Dickinson &James’ Badgerholme Ascot Opel. Pleasing baby showing lots of promise, well balanced outline, nice neck, topline, set on, angulation, moved well, liked her head and expression, rear was more in tune with whole.

2 Milton’s An Cnoc Of Baillieswells. Well balanced puppy with nice shoulder, neck, topline, set on, moved soundly, good head.

3 Fletcher’s Picer Beersheba.

PB(10, 1)

1 Bladen’s Foxyard Better Behave At Emblehope. BP. This blue had the most appealing profile, everything in proportion, good neck, topline, set on, angulation from which she showed reach, this with her very good head took the day.

2 Fawcett’s Carrock Cupcake. Good headed grizzle with nice angulation, neat and tidy on the move, in good coat, nice neck, topline, fair set on.

3 Flowers &Buckle’s Bingobongo Rock Countess.

JB(10, 2)

1 Southam’s Southash Seabreeze. Grizzle whose overall balance made the difference, liked her head, neck, topline, angulation, set on, moved soundly.

2 Barrett’s Howthwaite In Violet. Blue/tan, nicely put together, broadly matched the winner, except looked light in body depth.

3 Pickering’s Picer Grace Darling.

YB(8, 3)

1 Fletcher’s Ravenside Rockfel. Won on flatter head and ear set. Good balance, angulation, topline, coat, overall nice profile, moved well.

2 Duxbury’s Ravenside Ma Biche At Ridgebow. Ran the winner close, was similar in most respects.

3 Marr’s Ragatam Kingsai At Redfox.

PGB(10, 1)

1 Lee’s Bromscars Wasted Time By Tythrop. Grizzle who was quality all round, balanced workmanlike construction, which translated into sound well balanced movement, added to her very good head, gave clear advantage.

2 Johnson &Pearson’s Rexlands Golden Plover By Karison. This was another pleasing well balanced firmly articulated bitch of good shape who moved well, typical head and outlook.

3 Small’s Badgerbeck Tree Pipit At Tilmoray JW ShCM.

LB(14, 3)

1 Sugar’s Foxcraig Magic. Res CC. Took my eye for her composure and balance, construction, coat and movement, quality headpiece which was a major factor. I thought her quite outstanding.

2 Guvercin’s Achnagairn Code Name Glebeheath JW. This was a quality grizzle whose shape, construction and general appearance attracted immediate attention, moved well, nice head, ears and expression.

3 Tutin’s Riseburn Roulette.

OB(13, 3)

1 Clark’s Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway JW. This is a class act. Enamoured by her lovely head, eyes, expression, backed up by firmly articulated, balanced well angulated body, in good coat, moves true with reach and purpose retaining her profile. Won the CC against stern competition.

2 Rayner’s Stoneygin Mo Cuishle. Grizzle of considerable quality, was well worthy of consideration for Res CC. Good head, neck, topline, angulation, coat.

3 Fraser &Butler’s Wagtail Lass Via Ycart.

Good Citizen B (1)

1 Singh’s Rhozzum Viola.

Philip James Greenway

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