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Border Darlington 15 Judge's Critique

Border Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Darlington 15 Judge


Judge: Mrs M Curtis

BEST OF BREED : 819 BLADEN Miss D S Emblehope Dance And Dance JW
Dog CC : 852 HALL & ELLIS Messrs C & L Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW
Res Dog CC : 913 TYUMENTSEVA Ms S Cedarhill No Excuse Needed
Bitch CC : 819 BLADEN Miss D S Emblehope Dance And Dance JW
Res Bitch CC : 833 DEAN Mrs C E Cedarhill Wish Upon A Star JW
Best Puppy : 822 BRANNAN, Mr P M & KELLY Miss M Brankell Double Or Quits
Best Veteran : 831 DEAN Mrs C E Ch Cedarhill Authorized JW Sh.CM


Many thanks go to the exhibitors today for their support as terrier day at Darlington Ch Show is always on a Friday and this can be difficult for some coming on a working day.
Thanks go to my two good friends Alf and Carol Wood who were my stewards today and kept everyone informed class by class, keeping everything running smoothly.

Best Of Breed: Emblehope Dance and Dance JW
For breed type and conformation she fits the standard well, with the correct blue and tan coat and ticking, her jacket is harsh and the pelt is thick, she has a great otter head good dark eye with ears close to her cheek which gives her a true Border expression .With a lovely reach of neck running smoothly into a straight top line and a good tail set. She has the right amount of bone and a good narrow front with an easy span and the best of feet. On the move she covers the ground well. This bitch is very well balanced throughout presented in lovely body condition and certainly – fit for function.

DCC: CH Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW
Presented in first class order with his coat spot on today. He could do with carrying a little less weight which would be to his advantage. This dog has the very best of otter type heads with an excellent expression, this was the deciding factor that give him the Open class and C.C. Overall he is quite a strong dog he has a good top line and a good bend of stifle, showing on a loose lead he stands four square with ease if a little wide in front. Moving around the ring he covers the ground well and is a worthy Champion.

Veteran - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st - CH Cedarhill Authorized JW ShCM (Mrs C Dean)
Age 8yrs. He has a super harsh jacket with a thick pelt, good strong otter head and under jaw, nice length of rib easy span, good top line and tail set, moving soundly and a worthy Champion

2nd - Minx's Diamond (Mrs M Anderson)
Same age as 1st. Strong enough in head nice dark eye, ears well placed giving a good expression, he has a good harsh jacket, his top line was good would prefer a better bend of stifle but he was as easy span he would benefit from a little more weight.

3rd - StBedehounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine)

Minor Puppy - Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 1

1st - Dandyhow Galloping Gourmet (Mrs K Irving)
Promising puppy nice shape and strength to his head, ears sitting close to cheek giving him a good expression. Nice length of body and rib and the right amount of bone, straight top line but a little high over the withers when on the move but has enough bend of stifle when he develops everything should come together. Best Puppy Dog.

2nd - Karison Kosta (Miss K Johnson)
Overall picture not so well developed as 1st very typical otter head, good reach of neck nice rib a little long cast in body good bend of stifle and moved soundly.

3rd - Tyneaster Undercover Agent For Vandamere (Miss J Singh)

Res - Picer Fellemburg (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

VHC - Glenbucket Highland Lad (Mrs M J Alexander)

Puppy - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st - Kirkbyvalley Silent Storm (Mr L & Miss I M Jackson & Dugdale)
Well developed puppy presented in nice condition strong enough in head would like little shorter muzzle nice reach of neck, good rib and top line, good jacket and pelt moved around well.

2nd - Markington Apollo (Mrs M Houseman)
Liked him for his type and size, strong enough in head, good length of rib, right amount of bone.

Res - Grettacs Music Master (Mr G R Flanagan)

Junior - Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1st - Gameway Mcvitie JW (Mrs P Clark)
Very typical and nice overall Border, very sound on the move, stands very naturally on a loose lead which shows a true picture of his attributes. Good jacket and thick pelt, good length of neck and top line, nice bend of stifle and sound on the move.

2nd - Onthill Aramis (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)
Good otter head with a dark eye really nice expression, good blue and tan jacket, very sound on the move, easy span good top line would like to have seen a little more length of back to make a more balanced picture.

3rd - Markington Apollo (Mrs M Houseman)

Res - Irton Mountain Dew (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)

VHC - Hemlockstone Nimrod (Mr R H & Miss J A Bryan & Pounder)

Post Graduate - Dog Entries: 12 Absentees: 0

1st - Flutorum Artful Dodger (Mr E Castel)
Lot to like about this Border real otter head strong under jaw ears close to cheek giving a true expression. Easy span, good topline nice bend of stifle, coat and pelt first class today. Overall picture for me I would like him a little more on the leg.

2nd - Cedarhill Once Upon a Time (Mrs C Dean)
Very typical Border, a blue and tan with a good texture and ticking jacket. Overall picture a smaller dog with everything in the right proportions, good otter head nice length of neck lovely topline and tail moved ok.

3rd - Otterwood Caius JW ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee)

Res - Raleniro Second Time Around (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine & Miss P Thomas)

VHC - Karison Keiser (Miss K Johnson)

Limit - Dog Entries: 12 Absentees: 2

1st - Tythrop Timepiece (Mrs J L Lee)
Very smart dog, his colour is a true blue and tan with the right amount of ticking great harsh jacket and thick pelt, easy span, strong head would like a little shorter muzzle strong neck running into a level topline covers the ground well on the move.

2nd - Stineval Napoleon JW (Mr & Mrs A G Horner)
Smaller in everyway to 1st but a very typical Border he has everything the standard asks for strong otter head with a good expression, easy span, nice length of neck and firm topline stands and shows very naturally, sound mover.

3rd - Howthwaite Grainsgill (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)

Res - Daluce King Of Emotion (Mr J & Mrs H M Thomas)

VHC - Onthill Amaretto (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)

Open - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st - CH Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW (Mr C Hall & Miss L Ellis)

2nd - Cedarhill No Excuse Needed (S A Tyumentseva)
Loved this Border for type, he has a good otter head, dark eye, ears well placed which gives him the right expression, nice reach of neck and topline, ribs well laid back right amount of bone and nice bend of stifle, well balanced dog. Res C.C.

3rd - CH Badgerholme Epsom Jet JW ShCM (Mr B Dickinson & Miss T James & Miss T James)

Res - Wadesleia Mr Herriot (Mrs H A & Mr A Fletcher)

Veteran - Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st - Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That (Mrs S J Baxter)
81/2yrs nice type of bitch, overall picture she has nice body lines great reach of neck good topline and she was very positive on the move

2nd - Diamond Skys (Mrs Anderson)
Good honest Border 10yrs old, very typical in head, nice expression, harsh jacket and thick pelt nice condition not as sound as 1st.

3rd - Achnagairn Plum Duff (Mrs A Fraser)

Minor Puppy - Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st - Brankell Double Or Quits (Mr P Brannan & Miss M Kelly)
Lot to like about this puppy for quality and type nice, size for age, right amount of bone, nice head and expression, ribs well back racy without been overdone, overall picture nice balanced puppy and moved ok. Best Puppy.

2nd - Picer Flora Mcivor (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)
Another very nice puppy, good otter head lovely expression, not the length of neck as winner and a bit long cast, first class jacket and pelt, very sound on the move.

3rd - Brankell Double Bubble (Ms C Tyumentseva)

Res - Karison Kappuccino (Miss K Johnson)

VHC - Brankell Double Denim (Mr P Brannan & Miss M Kelly)

Puppy - Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1st - Bardenfox Pussy Galore (Mr K H & Mrs D Moore)
A very sound puppy, real otter head with a strong under jaw ears close to cheek giving a lovely expression, right amount of bone with a good topline and tail set, harsh jacket with thick pelt.

2nd - Howthwaite Gold Dust (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)
Overall picture well balanced blue and tan puppy a little longer in the muzzel than 1st, nice length neck with rib well laid back good bend of stifle, racy outline and a sound mover.

3rd - Cobstoneway Love Song (Mrs G Stevens)

Res - Achnagairn Prim N'proper (Mrs A Fraser)

VHC - Dexlin Salix (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness)

Junior - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1st - Argentail Titania by Onthill (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)
Lot to like about this bitch not overdone in any way, good head and ears well placed which gives the right expression, good topline an easy span good carrot tail would have like a better bend of stifle good coat and pelt. Very sound mover

2nd - Hemlockstone Diana at Bowencloud (Mrs S J Ruth)
Blue and tan with good ticking very racy in outline, good otter head, lovely clean neck and top line just a little long cast. Sound mover.

3rd - Irton Scotch Mist (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)

Res - Lynsett Bold Spirit (Mrs L McFarlane)

VHC - Ellhex Dizzie Miss Lizzie (Render & Bean)

Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 16 Absentees: 1

1st - Picer Angelica to Nottorg ShCM (Mr P & Mrs A Taylor)
Very typical bitch with a good otter head and expression and a good strong jaw. Well balanced overall, nice length of neck and right amount of bone, good jacket and pelt and a very sound mover.

2nd - Tojamatt Integrity (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)
Really good head strong but feminine giving the right expression this bitch felt really fit and good condition, topline and bend of stifle were good she has a thick pelt and very good tail moved ok.

3rd - Staynorwood Affinity (Mr G & Mrs C Richardson)

Res - Borderxpress Miss Potter (Mr R Wright)

VHC - Wings of Speed at Otterpaws (Miss Dixon)

Limit - Bitch Entries: 13 Absentees: 0

1st - Emblehope Dance and Dance JW (Miss D Bladen) C.C. and Best of Breed

2nd - Picer Aimee Vilbert JW (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)
Very nice type of bitch real otter head great expression not so racy in outline as winner but good reach of neck, good topline ribs well back easy span in the overall balance a little long cast, sound mover.

3rd - Tythrop Turn Back Time (Mrs J L Lee)

Res - Tarkaswell Double Agent JW ShCM (Mrs C E Samsom)

VHC - Mansergh Plusfours (Miss A Roslin-Williams)

Open - Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st - Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star JW (Mrs C Dean)
Quality bitch, true otter head and lovely expression, good reach of neck well placed shoulders straight topline and good carrot tail, harsh jacket thick pelt and easy span, presented in first class order. Res C.C.

2nd - Benattivo Best Bet Karison (Miss K Johnson)
In a true full coat which was very presentable very harsh and good undercoat really thick pelt, good top line nice rib easy span and good bend of stifle, good carrot tail, very a well balanced bitch.

3rd - Carrickfarm Mika ShCM (Mrs V M Armstrong)

Judge: Mrs M Curtis

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