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Border Crufts 14 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Crufts 14 Judge


Border Terrier Judge(s): MRS M LEWIS




Thank you to the exhibitors for giving me a record entry for the breed of 303 exhibits making 340 entries and indeed the largest entry for a single Judge at this prestigious show, also for the sporting way in which my decisions were accepted. Thank you also to my two Stewards, Roger and Heather Chaston, who worked tirelessly throughout the day, for their assistance in ensuring that I was able to get through this huge entry in plenty of time for my Best of Breed to compete in the Group.

It was an interesting entry with some difficult decisions having to be made such was the high standard of exhibits present. I felt that movement had improved since the last time I judged. Heads and expressions were good, although a few were a shade heavy in ear. Mouths overall were much improved with a marked reduction in the number of dogs presented with overcrowded jaws of small teeth, only the odd few having either a chipped, or in the case of an older exhibit, a missing tooth. The majority of teeth were clean with just a small number needing more attention in this area. All dogs were entire.

I was pleased that so many were presented with the correct double jacket that the standard asks for, unfortunately some exhibits that really appealed for type and size had very little evidence of, or no, jacket and on another day could have done better. Attention to feet was very evident, many of whom I believe may have benefited from plenty of roadwork, resulting in tight thick pads and short claws. Inevitably with any entry of this magnitude I had to let a number of worthy exhibits leave the ring without a prize card, which I really did not enjoy doing.

Veteran Dog 16 (2).

1. Thomas’ Ch. Byrons Greengrass a very fit dog who was set down in immaculate jacket, thick pelt, good bone, tight feet, moved with enthusiasm, his overall condition was a credit to his owner’s.

2. Harrison’s Ch. Iacheslei Torus JW one I have admired and done well in the past, he excels for breed type, has an excellent front, moves extremely well and has well muscled racy hindquarters. Presented and handled well he was close up on my winner,

3. Gilpin’s Ch. & Nord. Ch. Otterbobs Ninezergh, another old favourite that I awarded Best Puppy to some eight years ago. Has such lovely breed points and strides out so confidently, just beginning to show his age but scored for his sound movement and excellent jacket and pelt.

Special Puppy Dog 16 (1)

1. Guvercin’s Glebeheath Name That Tune very well presented and nice for type and size. Pleasing head and expression, super mouth; lovely outline and tailset, excellent double jacket, moved true and showed with enthusiasm whilst retaining his topline. Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Docwra’s Bandicoot Betfair more up on the leg than 1 but is very promising, he has a good head and expression, lovely reach of neck and narrow front, good body proportions and feet, Moved soundly to secure his placing.

3. Barrett’s Howthwaite Grainsgill not quite the strength of head as my winners as yet, but a very promising youngster who is so nice for breed type. Excellent mouth, Narrow front with good length of body, racy hindquarters and stood on the neatest of feet.

Special Junior Dog 15 (1)

1. Hall & Ellis’ Brackenfell Bok to Bach JW What a fine showman this dog is, commanding attention from the time he entered the ring and not putting a foot wrong. He has a very nice head and keen expression, strong teeth in well set jaw, excellent reach of neck, good shoulders and is narrow throughout with good body proportions. He moved around the ring with purpose whilst retaining his lovely topline. Looked good from all angles and I could not deny him the Reserve DCC.

2 .Girling’s Benattivo Betfred another fine youngster who has correct head and body proportions, narrow in front with well laid shoulders and ribs carried well back. Nice topline and tailset. Set down in a good double jacket which covered a thick pliable pelt. Moved well.

3. Eng’s Bombax Baryton presented in a thick double jacket which made him look a lot heavier than he actually was, as underneath it he spanned with ease and had an excellent pelt. Good head and expression with lovely dark points, sufficient bone with neat feet and firm pads, moved soundly.

Yearling Dog 12

1. Dickinson & James’ Badgerholme Epsom Jet JW a blue and tan presented in super condition. He has a good head with nice eye and expression, good front with a super harsh jacket and excellent pelt, handled to advantage showing his true movement, lovely tail carriage and looked good in profile.

2. Gosling’s Akenside Cumin a super head on this dog with keen expression and lovely dark eye, good mouth with strong teeth, nice length of back, he moved with drive and purpose. He was sporting a new jacket with sufficient evidence of harshness, had a good pelt and was easily spanned.

3. Day’s Withershins Frankie has a pleasing head and expression, nicely proportioned, shown in a good jacket and has a thick pelt. Good tailset, spanned with ease and moved steadily.

Graduate Dog14 (4)

1. Fielding’s Chatmoss Les Diables Rogues IR. JUN. CH. stood out and presented in very fit condition, has a strong masculine head, good ear set and lovely dark points, nice body proportions and good tailset with nicely shaped tail, he showed with enthusiasm, keeping his topline on the move, to secure his win in this class.

2. Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Cyrus JW another nice dog who was close up on my winner and similar comments apply, presented in good condition with an excellent jacket and pelt and did all that was asked of him. Moved out well and looked good in profile but I just preferred the size of my winner.

3.Taylor’s Dymanti Roman Warrior has a nice head which was moderately broad in skull complemented by nice dark points with good expression and a strong jaw, good bodylines with a harsh jacket covering a thick pelt, moved well.

Post Graduate Dog 15

1. Privezentseva’s Stella Rover Grizili Showman JW a very nice dog who headed a very good class, lovely masculine head with good bite and strong teeth in well set jaw. Has a nice reach of neck with good shoulders and ribs, good topline and tailset. Presented in a harsh jacket, he strode out and handled well to secure his win in this class.

2. Stowthorney Swinging Sam presented in a really hard fit condition, good head, nicely proportioned bodylines and was well muscled, a deceiving dog that looks up to size but spans with ease and has a good pelt. Scores for his tailset complemented with a thick tapering tail which he carried to advantage, has sound racy quarters.

3. Jamespaw Georgie Boy good head proportions with nice dark points, correct mouth with strong teeth, neat front and good length of back. He was in a full double jacket making him look heavier than he was, spanned easily and was sound on the move.

Mid Limit Dog 19

1.Ramus’ Onthill Amaretto a nice sized dog with good head and expression, nicely proportioned and good for bone, in a correct jacket which covered a pliable pelt, carried his topline well on the move and looked good in profile. He has a lovely shaped tail and stood on firmly padded catlike feet.

2. Waller’s Question Master. A super head and lovely expression on this dog who was presented in a good coat. Excellent front and lay of shoulder with ribs carried well back. Good tailset and well angulated quarters moved out well to secure his placing.

3. Barber’s Alcumlow Solitaire has a masculine head with lovely dark points, excellent mouth, good body proportions, nice for size and spans with ease, was well presented and extremely well handled.

Limit Dog 18 (3)

1.Scott’s Oughterside Minty’s Pride masculine head with a varminty expression on this dog, good jaw and dentition, nice for size, spans easily and is nicely proportioned, shown in a harsh jacket covering a thick pelt, good tailset, sound racy hindquarters, moved with purpose keeping his topline to secure his placing.

2.Hunt’s Ottaswell Palamedes a taller dog who was close up on 1 and another who was set down in excellent condition, pleasing head with keen expression, super mouth with strong white teeth, nice reach of neck into well placed shoulders, ribbed well back, narrow front, nicely proportioned overall. Moved well.

3. Larner’s Hawcoat Lord George this good fronted dog has the most lovely head and expression among his many virtues, his harsh dense jacket made him look up to size but he was spannable, sound and moved steadily.

Open Dog 22 (1)

1. Irving’s Ch. Dandyhow Dr. Walter a great showman with such lovely ring presence and sound movement. A masculine dog that is moderately broad in skull with dark v shaped ears falling close to the cheek complemented by a keen varminty expression and good mouth. His harsh double jacket covered a good thick pelt; he has nice body proportions and bone, good topline and tailset, with well muscled racy hindquarters. He spanned with ease and stood on the neatest of firmly padded feet. He is of an ideal size and his overall condition and presentation were a credit to his owner. I was pleased to award him the DCC and BOB and also to see him shortlisted in the Group. I note that he also sired the RDCC; BPIB and BPB winners.

2. Spencer’s Ch. Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM a bigger dog who is fit and very well balanced, strong masculine head, well placed ears, good expression with a correct mouth. Nice topline and very well muscled racy quarters. He was sporting a new jacket covering a thick pliable pelt. Moved well.

3.Stafberg’s Ch. Bombax Qubec what a lovely sound dog this one is, so nice for size and spans with ease. He has a good masculine head, keen expression and good strength of muzzle, lovely reach of neck and good shoulder flowing into a level topline with good tailset. He has good bone, well angulated racy quarters and strode out well on his neat tight feet.

Good Citizen Dog18 (1)

1. Harrison’s Ch. Iacheslei Torus JW placed second in Veteran Dog.

2. Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Cyrus placed second in Graduate Dog.

3. Freeman’s Bolt Tail Jebba ShCM this 8 year old moves out with such enthusiasm. Nice head and expression, good shoulder placement and has a lovely harsh coat and good thick pelt, he has a lovely outgoing temperament with good ring presence.

Veteran Bitch 20 (5)

1. Williams’ Ch. Hollowmoor Coremy at 11 years she certainly belies her age and is extremely fit. Lovely for type and size, presented in a good jacket she is still narrow throughout. Attractive feminine head with keen expression, good reach of neck, super topline, good quarters and lovely shaped tail. A worthy champion.

2. Day’s Gameway Cappucino of Withershins ShCM 8 years old and another who is extremely fit. Well presented in a good jacket she has good body proportions. She moved with drive and enthusiasm to secure her place in this lovely class of Veterans.

3. D’arcy Donnelly’s Mattedonn Bonnie Beatrix 7 ½ years old this bitch was set down in fine fettle, pleasing head and expression, good rib, excellent jacket and thick pelt, nicely shaped tail, firmly padded tight feet, moved well.

Special Puppy Bitch 18 (4)

1. Parry’s Glebeheath Maiden Name at Oakyard a litter sister to my Special Puppy Dog class winner, nicely balanced feminine bitch who is pleasing in head with good expression and lovely dark points. Good reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders, narrow front with good body proportions, nicely shaped tail and well angulated quarters. Shown in a good textured double jacket, she moved well in her class to secure her placing but when it came to the challenge for Best Puppy she decided it was far more fun to play with her litter brother, making it difficult for her handler to get the best out of her. BPB

2. Wilson’s Olderhill Malvena another puppy who is nice for type and narrow throughout, she has a good reach of neck, good length of back and good angulation behind. She stands on the neatest of tight feet, I just preferred the lay of rib and depth of jacket of my winner. Moved well.

3. Milton’s Ballieswells Stronachie a slightly taller, rangier but narrow bitch with a feminine head and expression, good jaw with strong teeth, nice bodylines, good jacket with thick pelt and spans easily. Once she settled she moved well.

Special Junior Bitch 18 (3)

1. Clark’s Gameway Fortune Cookie nice for type and size, has a feminine head and expression with lovely dark points. Nice length of neck, well placed shoulders and good topline which she held on the move, stood on very neat tight feet. Good tail and tailset.

2. Samson’s Tarkaswell Double Agent JW another nice youngster and similar comments apply, good ribs carried well back, nicely angulated and well muscled racy quarters. Good Jacket and pelt, spanned with ease. I just preferred the topline of my winner on the move.

3. Baird’s Tojamatt Debutante for Dowgri, well presented in a good jacket and pelt, extremely fit and well muscled, shorter in body than my winner but everything is in proportion. She has a very pleasing head, keen eye and expression and good mouth Moved well.

Yearling Bitch 18 (0)

1. Roslin-Williams’ Mansergh Plusfours well constructed bitch, correct for size and bone. Good head and expression complemented with small v-shaped ears falling close to the cheek. Straight front and clean shoulders, she is nicely ribbed back and moved with enthusiasm to secure her placing. Shown in a double jacket covering a good thick pelt she spanned with ease,

2. Armstrong’s Ploughdown Placida is nice for make and shape and has well proportioned bodylines, good front and rib, nice reach of neck and good topline, well angulated quarters and very neat feet. Moved well.

3. Harvie’s Nettlesnape Calypso blue and tan and of a nice type, good head with keen expression, nice for bone, has a good jacket and pelt, held her topline on the move, well angulated quarters and has well padded feet.

Graduate Bitch 18 (2)

1. Dean’s Cedarhill Wish Upon A Star JW a very smart bitch who was well presented and handled, lovely shaped head with nice dark points, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, ribs carried well back, good topline and tailset. She has well muscled racy quarters and small tight feet. Shown in a correct jacket she was easily spanned and moved so soundly.

2. Roslin-Williams’ Mansergh Plusfours winner of Yearling Bitch

3. Wilson’s Badgerbeck Backchat at Olderhill completed the line up of three very nice bitches. Nice head with a keen but feminine expression, good reach of neck, good topline and lay of rib, nice tailset and carriage. Good coat, sound racy hindquarters, moved well

Post Graduate Bitch 15 (3)

1.Baird’s Cornish Maid by Dowgri shown in a dense full jacket, she is nice for size and breed type. Feminine head and expression with nice dark points, good neck and topline and is nicely ribbed back. Lovely thick tail and tailset, well angulated quarters, she moved out well.

2. Morgan’s Blewecourt Indiana has a very nice head and expression, good front, nicely proportioned bodylines with good rear angulation. Shown in a good jacket, she spanned with ease and has a good thick pelt. Sound mover.

3.Wright’s Oxcroft Route to Borderxpress an eye catching bitch who has a nicely shaped head with good strength of muzzle, dark eye with varminty expression, good mouth, nicely proportioned bodylines, a tad heavy on the day but was spannable. Very well presented and moved with purpose.

Mid Limit Bitch 12 (1)

1.Phillips’ Nantcoch Ffion JW ShCM was well presented and handled, she has a nice head and expression with lovely dark points and correct mouth. Good reach of neck, narrow front and good topline and tailset. Presented in excellent coat and condition she moved soundly and with purpose to secure her placing.

2. Gregory’s Remony Winter’s Diamond a slightly smaller compact bitch that was so well presented in a good double jacket. Lovely head with a good flat skull, strong muzzle with a good jaw and correct bite, narrow front with good shaped ribs that were carried well back, spanned with ease and has a lovely thick pelt. Good tail and tailset. Moved well retaining her topline, A close decision between these two but I just preferred the more outgoing showmanship of my winner.

3. Hyslop’s Baywillow Brown Braid JW a lovely headed bitch with neat ears and keen expression, good shoulder placement with nicely proportioned bodylines. Set down in a good jacket she is nice for size, spanned with ease and moved with confidence.

Limit Bitch 18 (8)

1. Armstrong’s Ploughdown Portia a really nice bitch and such a lovely show girl. She was well balanced and immaculately presented in a correct double jacket. She has a lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders with ribs carried well back. Good topline and tailset, racy hindquarters and is good for bone. Moved well to win this class and was one I seriously considered later for top honours but in the final challenge she just lacked that little bit of vibrancy.

2. Malicka’s Gryzelda Dziekanowska Polona good head and expression on this blue and tan bitch, keen eye, narrow front, deep in chest but is flat in rib and was spannable. Shown in a lovely harsh coat which covered a good thick skin, she has a good length of back and nice tailset, well muscled quarters and neat feet with thick pads. A sound mover.

3. Golding’s Beaconpike In A Storm another nice bitch who is a very rich red and is very eye catching. Ottery head with varminty expression, good strength of muzzle, well balanced with good body proportions, good shoulder and narrow front, stood on the neatest of small feet with firm pads, lovely shaped tail, spanned with ease but I would have liked to have seen more depth of coat on her.

Open Bitch 27 (9)

1. Baxter’s Am. Ch. Sulan Easy Does It - a sound and unexaggerated bitch which is so nice for size and bone. Good head and breadth of skull with dark eye and keen expression, good mouth with correct bite, narrow throughout with a good front and shoulder placement with ribs carried well back. She has racy hindquarters with a good bend of stifle complemented by the neatest of small feet with thick pads. Well presented and handled she moved effortlessly around the ring retaining her topline and tail carriage and looked good both in profile and when standing BCC.

2. Brannan & Kelly’s Ch. Cedarhill Rising Star at Brankell JW this bitch is very well balanced, spans easily and of lovely breed type. Super head with feminine expression, nice reach of neck into well placed shoulders and well ribbed back. She has a lovely topline and tailset, good racy quarters and stands well on tight firmly padded feet. Presented and handled well, she moved with enthusiasm to secure her placing in this class and to be awarded the RBCC.

3. Martin’s Ch. Merumhor Solstice Belle JW ShCM one I have admired previously, she has a nice head, good expression and mouth complemented by lovely body proportions. Well boned, she is easily spanned, has a narrow front with good ribs and is correct for size. She had a good harsh jacket covering a thick pelt. She moved well at first but after I had shortlisted and moved her again she wasn’t showing quite as much verve.

Good Citizen Bitch 11 (1)

1. Robbins’ Kyscafter Kestrel ShCM lovely otter like head with feminine expression, good neck and shoulders, correct size and spans well, narrow front with good rib shape, pleasing in outline and strode out well.

2. Aldous’ Twigglestone Elfenor a nicely balanced bitch with a strong head and nice breed points. Good length of back and well angulated quarters, has a lovely shaped tail and good small feet. Moved steadily.

3. Matthews’ Intack Lady Eleanor shown in a full double jacket. She has a pleasing head and expression, good topline and body proportions with ribs carried well back and nicely angulated quarters. Nice for size she moved out well and looked good in profile.

Melanie Lewis (Judge)


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