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Border Crufts 13 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Crufts 13 Judge


Border Terrier

Judge(s): MRS J GILLAM



Border Terriers

I was indeed a great pleasure to judge at Crufts, in fact I loved every minute of it, & it really completed the Crufts experience for me having won the DCC & BOB a couple of times, a BCC & BP there as an exhibitor in the past.

I must thank all the exhibitors for their tremendous support with a record entry of 274 dogs making 307 entries, it was truly an international occasion as Crufts seems to be these days, with dogs & handlers representing I think, ten countries giving me a really good sample of winning dogs from around the world. You often read in critiques that judges say they didn’t have enough cards to go round, & with the class sizes I had, this was certainly the case, & the only downside of the day for me was that some very tough decisions had to be made with many, many really good dogs leaving the ring without a card.

Overall it was an interesting entry with a large variety of sizes & types, but then the Standard allows for that as we have quite a wide weight range, no height reference & only the fact that they should be spannable to guide us. I never get too hung up on differing types or kennel types as I can appreciate them all providing they fit the Standard. When judging I am looking for a dog fit for function, well constructed, not exaggerated in any way, fits the Standard, & is capable of doing the job it was originally bred for.

I was very pleased with my winners, my BOB winner had it all, well constructed, in fabulous hard, fit condition, moved as though he could follow a horse all day & had a wonderful attitude in the show ring. I was thrilled to see him put in a faultless performance in the group ring & win G4.

My thanks go to Frank & Roger my very capable stewards who kept everything running smoothly, enabling me to get through the large entry in good time.

VD (13)

1 Gilpin’s Ch/Nord Ch Otterbobs Ninezergh, strong headed grizzle/t, short strong muzzle & big teeth, good neckline into shoulder, super topline & tailset, moved effortlessly around the ring, retaining a very good outline, in good thick tweedy coat & pelt;

2 Ensor & Giese’s Am Ch Mchenry’s Ewok of Endor, grizzle/t with a very pleasing head & expression, nice earset. Easily spanned, good legs & feet, firm pasterns, racy hindquarters, moved well. Unlucky to meet 1 in such good form. Excellent pin wire coat & thick pelt;

3 Harrison’s Ch Iacheslei Torus, another grizzle/t, well turned out, in good coat & condition, good legs & feet. Not quite the topline of my winners on the move.

PD (14)

1 Guvercin’s Glebeheath Jump The Gun, bl/t youngster, nice size, liked his head & expression, neat feet, moved & showed well, lovely thick coat & pelt, lovely rib, stood well on neat feet with firm pasterns. Pleasing outline standing & on the move;

2 Dickinson’s Badgerholme Epsom Jet, similar type to 1, excellent bl/t coat with thick pelt, good in head but just preferred the expression of 1, neat ears, well turned stifle & moved with drive;

3 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Uncle Fester, nice headed grizzle/t, short strong muzzle & big teeth, good feet & legs, really liked the overall type. Front needs to tighten.

JD (14)

1 Bladen’s Daluce Fight Or Fall for Emblehope, really liked this young grizzle/t for overall type, pleasing head with good teeth, lovely size, easily spanned & very good in rib, neat front assembly with super neat feet, firm pasterns & correct bone. Beautifully shown & turned out in super coat & pelt. Moved well fore & aft;

2 Brunner’s Baillieswells Knockando, very eyecatching grizzle/t youngster with very pleasing head & expression, nice earset, lovely front assembly, super straight forelegs, stands well on neat feet, pleasing head with keen expression, good topline with short carroty tail, good coat, moved well;

3 Thomas’ Daluce Soldier Of Fortune, lots to like about this youngster & very similar in overall type & assets to my winner who I see is his littermate, just needs to strengthen in foreface, which I’m sure he will as he matures. Well presented, good coat & pelt, moved well coming & going & good in profile movement.

YD (14)

1 Higham’s Comberdown Finnegan, very typy rich coloured grizzle/t, masculine head with short strong muzzle, neat V shaped ears, dark eye & keen expression, easily spanned rib, good legs & feet, good neck, topline & tailset, good outline on the move, in good fettle with harsh coat & thick pelt. RCC;

2 Duxbury’s Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow, another strong headed grizzle/t, like his expression, nice rib easily spanned, lovely neckline & topline with a really good jacket, moved well;

3 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Prototype, narrow fronted bl/t with good legs & feet, good head proportions but not quite the expression of my winners, spannable rib, strong loin, moved well.

GD (12)

1 Rumsam’s Saygo of Hassage, liked the overall type of this richly coloured grizzle/t, lovely head & expression, big teeth, dark eye & neat well placed ears. Super topline, spannable rib & good tail. Loved him standing & in profile movement, needs to be a bit more positive coming & going;

2 Ramus’ Onthill Amaretto, another typy grizzle/t, lots to like about him too, nice sized dog but not just in as good jacket & condition as 1. Nice head & neckline, good topline & tail. Looked balanced in profile movement;

3 James’ Secret Attraction, lovely headed grizzle/t, short strong muzzle, keen expression & super neat ears. Not a great deal of coat in but was spannable & moved well.

PGD (14)

1 Saygo of Hassage;

2 Hall & Ellis’ Bluesboy at Brackenfell, top size grizzle/t, but easy to span, liked him a lot, nice overall type, pleasing head super tweedy, thick coat & pelt, nice profile movement with a level topline retained on the move, good legs & feet;

3 Gordon’s Tarkatale Midnight Memory, dark grizzle/t who disappeared before I could do a critique, fortunately I had photographed him & recall a nice headed dog, in good order, nice legs & feet, nice profile, moved well.

MLD (15)

1 Ramus’ Onthill Fernando, rich coloured grizzle/t, liked his overall type, not exaggerated in any way, good head proportions & expression, good neck into shoulder, spannable rib, strong loin, racy hindquarters which he used well on the move. Very well presented in thick coat & pelt, lovely short carroty tail;

2 North’s Northborders Mr Pickles, another I liked a lot, bl/t with a really harsh wiry coat, could easily swap places on another occasion but here just preferred head & expression of 1. Lovely straight forelegs with firm pasterns down to good neat feet. Well turned stifle, moved well;

3 Woollacott’s Tufterslodge Ososimple, nice sized grizzle/t, lacking in much coat but earned his place with his good movement. Easy to span, pleasing head & expression, good legs & feet.

LD (19)

1 Archibald’s Lairehope Lord Of The Glen at Tweedburn, impressive grizzle/t in wonderful coat & pelt, neat front assembly & well angulated hindquarters, spannable with a strong loin, firm topline & level croup with a really nice tail. Lovely outline on the move, sound coming & going, moving well off short, low set hocks;

2 Wilson’s Olderhill Afortunado, like this grizzle/t a lot too, not just the depth of coat as 1 but beautifully presented, lovely head, keen expression & V shaped ears, nice rib, easily spanned, super topline & tailset, looked great in profile, moved soundly;

3 Haughton’s Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin, his tremendously thick coat & pelt made this grizzle/t look rather compact, but was a nice dog to go over, neat front assembly & well angulated behind, liked his head & expression, earned his place on his really good movement front & rear.

OD (22)

1 Bergstedt’s Nor Ch Toftahill Game On, this dog really stood out, even in this class of quality dogs. Quite a small grizzle/t dog, but masculine & not exaggerated in any way. Beautiful head with correct proportions, big teeth & strong underjaw, nice dark eye with a keen expression. The very best of shoulders & ribbed well back, strong loin & well turned stifles. Lovely narrow front assembly with straight forelegs & small neat feet. Hard & fit & very well presented with a good depth of coat, in excellent condition. He never stopped showing & commanded the ring moving effortlessly with long free strides & looked a picture both standing & in profile movement. CC, BOB & G4;

2 Irving’s Ch Dandyhow Dr Walter, similar in size to 1, I really liked this grizzle/t a lot, lovely head & expression, in the very best of coats & beautifully presented, narrow front assembly with super bone, legs & feet. Easily spanned rib with a strong loin. Level topline & lovely carroty tail. A real contender for the RCC but lacked enthusiasm when I asked him to move again in the challenge;

3 Stockley’s Ch Foxfactor Pied Piper, top sized richly coloured grizzle/t, very typy with a strong head, dark eye & pleasing expression. Lovely neckline & topline, easy to span & in hard fit condition. Well turned stifle which he used to good effect on the move, very well presented in good coat & pelt.

GC (11)

1 Davis’ Ch Hesslemere Hi Karate, handy sized bl/t, pleasing head, narrow throughout, well angulated front & rear, moved & showed well. Good depth of coat with harsh texture, easy to span, stood well on neat feet. Lots to like about him;

2 Woolrich’s Mansergh Song Thrush, another nice sized dog, unlucky to meet 1 in such good form, not exaggerated in any way, well presented in fine fettle. Easily spanned, nicely angulated fore & aft, moved well;

3 Hollingsbee’s Ch Otterwood Amex, very typy grizzle/t, not quite in the same coat & condition as my winners but nice dog to go over, easily spanned with nice rib & strong loin. Neat feet.

VB (16)

1 Williams’ Ch Hollowmoor Coremy, lovely headed grizzle/t, very well constructed. Lacking depth of coat but could not deny her first place, she might be a veteran but she moved well & still has bags of quality;

2 Roberts’ Badgerbeck Fantacy, bigger grizzle/t than 1, but narrow throughout & easy to span. In good order, moved well;

3 Stockley’s Ch Manx Margaid, lovely 11 years grizzle/t in amazingly good shape for her age, retains a good topline & moved & showed well.

PB (12)

1 Armstrong’s Ploughdown Portia, super bl/t youngster, nice size & good to go over, nice head with a narrow front with good legs & feet, lovely rib, so easily spanned, racy hindquarters, short strong hocks which she used well on the move. Lovely profile with a level topline which she kept on the move. In super coat & condition, loved her, no hesitation in awarding her BP;

2 Bate’s Kgills Tick Tock, good coated grizzle/t, pleasing head with a short strong muzzle, looked balanced on the move, driving off good hindquarters. Needs to tighten a tad in front but well deserved place, showed well;

3 Higham’s Comberdown Thistle, bl/t of really good colour, lovely sized youngster & very similar in type to 1, moved & showed well, in good coat but would have liked a bit more condition on her.

JB (27)

1 Palmer’s Manorcroft Rock On Ruby, this light grizzle/t caught my eye as she went round the ring, just my sort & a pleasure to go over. Beautiful feminine head with a lovely expression, elegant neck into fabulous shoulders, neat narrow front standing on the best of feet & legs. Ribbed well back into a strong loin, so easy to span she could get anywhere. Well angulated hindquarters which she used well, driving off her low set hocks. Lovely flow from her neck into her level topline & tailset. Well presented in excellent pelt & pin wire coat of good depth. Looked a picture standing & on the move. I absoluteley loved her. CC;

2 McPherson’s Brumberhill Bejewelled, another lovely grizzle/t of very similar size, type & construction to 1 & the same comments apply, super front & rear assembly & in excellent coat & condition, moved well in her classes & I thought she would be my RCC winner but the little madam just would not put all in, when it came to the challenge;

3 Girling’s Benattivo Double Flame, handy sized red, pleasing head with a lovely expression. Shorter in rib than my winners but moved & showed well.

YB (14)

1 Reeves’ Baywillow Blue Design, nice sized bitch, narrow throughout, lovely rib easily spanned, ribbed well back & strong loin. Liked her head & expression not overdone in any way. Good neck into shoulders, good topline, lovely tail. Stood well on small neat feet, super coat & pelt, liked her profile standing & on the move;

2 Broomhead’s Aus Ch Bohunt The Cats Whiskers, eyecatching rich grizzle/t, short strong muzzle & good teeth, well placed ears, shorter & deeper in the rib than 1 but easy to span, looked good in profile with a lovely topline & moved well, had a super thick tweedy coat;

3 Berlitz’s Feldmaus Von Der Borderranch, nicely constructed grizzle/t, although not the depth of coat of my winners she was lovely to go over, neat front with straight forelegs & good feet. Liked her neckline & good topline, expertly handled & moved well.

GB (15)

1 B Bejewelled;

2 Dean & Whyte’s Cedarhill Irresistabelle, very smart bl/t, liked her a lot, pleasing head, neat front, nice legs & feet, nicely angulated fore & aft, looked great in profile & kept her good topline on the move, lovely carroty shaped tail, well presented & handled, in good coat & condition, moved soundly;

3 Baxter’s Sulan Look At Me, not quite the topline of my winners, but this grizzle/t was a nice size, had a pleasing head & expression & was in good jacket. Easy to span, she had a nice length of rib & moved well.

PGB (15)

1 Archibald’s Plushcourt Retraced, beautifully presented bl/t in wonderful coat & super condition, lovely feminine head with neat ears, a tad steep in croup but still lots to like, narrow front & small neat feet, nice rib so easy to span, strong loin, a really nice size & not exaggerated in any way, moved well;

2 Hall & Ellis’ Beaconpike Nightsky at Brackenfell, very eyecatching rich red with a strong head & muzzle, neat ears & dark eye but a little full in the eye, not the narrowness of 1 but easy to span & looked lovely in the stack & on the move, moving well of well turned hindquarters & low set hocks;

3 D’arcy-Donnelly’s Mattedonn Bonnie Beatrix, lovely sized grizzle/t who could get anywhere, not quite the angulation at either end of my winners, but liked her rib, strong loin, pleasing head & expression & was well presented & in good coat & fit condition.

MLB (23)

1 Martin’s Merumhor Solstice Belle, lovely bl/t bitch to go over, liked her neat front, good angulations front & rear, small neat feet. Liked her head & expression, nothing overdone, easy to span & strong loin. Lovely depth of coat in good order, kept a lovely profile on the move, moved well coming & going;

2 Barrett’s Howthwaite Amber Grain, very eyecatching grizzle/t, bigger throughout than 1 but really loved her super neckline, topline & tailset, straight forelegs & good feet. Looked a bit deep in profile but was spannable & ribbed well back. Not the texture of coat of 1 but still a good coat. Moved well front & rear & kept her super topline in profile movement;

3 Gregory’s Manx Ballavale, nice sized grizzle/t, not quite the topline of my winners, but attractive head & expression, nice bone & feet, moved well.

LB (9)

1 Mooney’s Chesterton Honeymoon, light coloured grizzle/t who was lovely to go over & very well constructed. Not the strongest of heads but adequate with correct proportions, dark eye & keen expression, well angulated front & rear with good shoulders, narrow throughout & so easy to span with a good rib. Moved well & looked lovely in profile movement. In very good coat, thick pelt & condition;

2 Clark’s Gameway Dragonfly, nice headed red with a lovely expression & neat well placed ears, not quite the narrowness or as well ribbed back as 1 but lots to like about her, moved well coming & going, in good order;

3 Sharp’s Rhozzum User Friendly, lots to like about this grizzle/t, neat front & straight forelegs with firm pasterns & neat feet. Moved OK but not as enthusiastically as my winners & not just in as good coat & condition.

OB (20)

1 Clark’s Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway, beautifully presented bl/t with a fantastic harsh coat & thick pelt, loved her head & expression, lovely ear placement, easy to span rib & ribbed well back, strong loin, lovely bone, legs & neat feet, nice angulations both ends which contributes to her really good movement which ultimately secured her the RCC;

2 Bladen’s Ch Foxyard Better Behave at Emblehope, another bl/t with lots to like, narrow throughout standing well on good legs & feet, very eyecatching in profile movement with a superb neckline, topline, lovely tail & tailset. Well angulated hindquarters & low set hocks, coat texture good but not the depth of coat & thick pelt of 1;

3 Barrett’s Ch Howthwaite In Violet, bl/t in sparkling form, no disgrace to be stood third to my winners here as this was a very good class, similar in type to my winners, narrow throughout & super profile standing & on the move, well presented & moved well.

GCB (9)

1 Johnson’s Karison Koffee, was VHC in LB. This grizzle/t was in full thick tweedy coat & pelt, lovely head & expression, neat ears. Nice to go over with nice rib easily spanned, good legs & small neat feet. Enthusiastic mover, showed well & had the loveliest short carroty tail;

2 Davis’ Hesslemere Miss Lemon, this grizzle/t was a bit plainer in the head than 1 & didn’t have the depth of coat but was good to handle, nicely angulated front & rear, easy to span, moved very well;

3 Clements’ Bramblebee Squiglet, handy sized grizzle/t in really good order & coat, moved well. Just seemed a bit steeper in the croup than my winners which detracted from her otherwise good profile.


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