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VD (8,3a)

1 Morton-Shaw’s Ch Fehmarn Magic Lantern, nice head with typical expression, good racy outline, correct length of neck, held topline on the move, strode out well;

2 Greenhill’s Irton Starship in Aurdu, masculine dog with strength of head. Good condition, but not the outline or topline of 1;

3 Kivim-Ki-Majanen’s Fin/Se/Lv/Ee Ch Foxforest Prince Charming, close between this & 2, but preferred head of 2 & expression of 3, Correct eye, excellent coat & attractive.

PD (12,3)

1 Singh’s Comberdown Jailbreak to Vandamere, a real quality puppy of correct general type & excellent coat, enough bone without being overdone, lovely size, would prefer a flatter skull. Correct length of neck, lovely long, deep narrow ribs, confident, typical Border temperament;

2 Woollacott’s Tufterslodge Harvest Mouse, nice enough head & outline, excellent hindquarters. Not as good in feet as 1 & weak in pastern. In good coat;

3 Martin’s Bortino High Society, liked this one when he came into the ring, but needs more confidence. Lovely type & moved well, in lovely coat.

JD (15,1)

1 Anscombe’s Orangebox Firecracker, liked the size & type of this one, head OK, eye though full was dark. Excellent racy outline, moved well & better profile action than many, shown in lovely coat & condition;

2 Lowry’s Ravenside Ballymoss, similar look to 1, but not the front action. Head OK & better eye shape & size, good neck & topline, correct coat;

3 Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantus, bigger one, but correct bone for size & a racy Border, general outline good, rather flat footed. Front movement not the best, but attractive with nice head.

YD (18,2)

1 Bailey’s Grindelvald In Full Cry, typy dog with lovely head, looked good standing with lovely outline, including topline & tailset, moved well behind from excellent quarters. Not so good in front movement, but a quality dog in good condition;

2 Hunt’s Ethlencoral Pip of Ottaswell, this dog had more coat & was a nice size, not the head of 1 & a bigger ear. Moved extremely well looking good in profile, correct substance for build;

3 Simunek’s Bubels Fleret Moravia, attractive head with typical expression, excellent coat, good enough outline. Not the best of front movements, but excellent behind.

GD (15,3)

1 I Cantus;

2 Woolrich’s Mansergh Song Thrush, very nice type, racy & elegant, topline let him down, particularly on the move. Good hindquarters, but rather loose in front. In good coat;

3 Cobbledick’s Laurelton Moonlight Cowboy, not such an attractive head as 1 & 2, good outline, correct neck length & level topline, though rather low set tail. Excellent coat, size & condition.

PGD (20,6)

1 Sharp’s Radnorvalley Goshawk of Rhozzum, very attractive type of correct size, nice body with correct ribs, good topline, enough substance & bone, racy sort who moved better than most in the class. Good enough head, but would like a more positive attitude as shown by the eventual winners;

2 Newman’s Nookshot Highland Toffee, a smart, more confident dog of correct outline & attractive head, slightly spoilt by a large ear. Not the movement of 1, but in good coat which was a shade short for my personal preference;

3 Gerrard & Nuttall’s Arkenside Xerox, a plainer one who looked good standing, nice enough head & in good coat. Moved well behind, but front let him down.

MLD (12)

1 Dean’s Cedarhill Authorized, attractive dog of correct outline, good length of neck & topline, good hindquarters which he used well, front not so positive. Ideal size, good head, showed well;

2 Evan’s Alcumlow Shooting Star, nice general type in good coat & condition, masculine head, dark eye. Good behind with incorrect front construction, so not the best in movement;

3 Roderick’s Barterhound Twister, good headed Border in lovely coat & condition, ideal size, much else the same as the previous two.

LD (11,1)

1 Harrison’s Iacheslei Torus, beautifully balanced dog with attractive head, correct length of neck, good topline, by far the soundest mover in the class, excelled behind, in good coat;

2 Morton-Shaw’s Fehmarn Reap The Harvest, not the front of 1, but a very attractive, quality dog. Looked lovely standing with good head & eye, would prefer a smaller ear. Expressive showman;

3 Small’s Tulawyn Oberon at Tilmoray, very nice type of dog with nice head & dark eyes, spoilt by a rather dull expression. In lovely coat & condition, but another who lacked the correct front movement.

OD (17,5)

Such a hot class, loved all four of my top placings.

1 Lee’s Ch Tythrop Tapas, having given this one a previous BOB, all know that I love this dog, such an elegant, quality balanced Border from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, great topline which he holds perfectly on the move, effortless free striding gait, perfect long, deep narrow ribs, great coat & condition. CC, won BOB on maturity over a beautiful bitch;

2 Clark’s Ch Gameway Charles Dickens, although I prefer the strength of head of 1, this is another lovely dog. In great condition, perfect for size & bone, correct in outline, make & shape. RCC;

3 Davis’ Ch Hesslemere Hi Karate, like so many in this class looked spot on, lovely headed dog, typy & balanced all through. Gave a little away, only on front movement.

GCD (10)

1 H Hi Karate;

2 Hollingsbee’s Ch Otterwood Amex, quality dog placed 4th in OD, so close between Amex & Karate. Attractive, masculine & in excellent condition, showed well;

3 Freeman’s Bolt Tail Jebba, nice type Border with nice head & eye, smartly put down. Just not the movement of 2.

VB (13,4)

1 Morton-Shaw’s Quatford Kiss N Tell at Fehmarn, could you want any dog to look better at 12 years, came into the ring with a spring in her step, a happy girl who knew she was the winner, in good coat, still a full mouth as far as I could see, so fit & moved better than most younger bitches, hope I’m as good at her age;

2 Stockley’s Ch Manx Margaid, attractive, nearly 8 years, still good in outline & very fit, moved well, obviously enjoying her day, in lovely coat;

3 Prevost & Hopkins’ Mulysa Miss Muffet, 11 years, my word Borders do hold their looks into old age, another fit & sprightly one in lovely coat.

PB (19,7)

1 Docwra’s Bandicoot Jazz, very pretty, quality puppy in great coat, correct outline with length of neck & good tailset, level backline held on the move, excels behind. Would just prefer a more positive front action, but pressed hard for RCC. Lost out not surprisingly on lack of maturity;

2 Godefroid’s Hartswelin Tip Top, feminine puppy built much on the same lines as 1, excels in neck & topline, typical in head, good body & ribs. Needs to reach more from the shoulder, rather than just the pastern. Lovely coat & temperament;

3 Martin’s Bortino Smiling Queen, bigger, but still attractive. Good in head & expression, correct bone for size. Not the strength in topline of first two.

JB (11,2)

1 Clark’s Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway, for me she walked in & conquered all other bitches, with just a touch more maturity, would have beaten the male as well. A beautiful true blue, full of style & presence, wonderful Border type, most attractive head, elegant well made body, correct for ribs, topline & tailset when she looked at you, had such perfect Border expression, in fantastic order, beat the winner of an excellent open class for CC. Will be even better by next Crufts;

2 Watson & Kenna’s Mascani Daisy at Cynetkoy, a pretty youngster of correct type all through, liked her head & correctly made body, showed well. Not quite the movement of 1;

3 Baker’s Jaslou Juneau, rather too black for me, but excellent coat & condition. Nice head & general outline, correct tailset. Not the best of feet, but went well behind.

YB (23,3)

1 Fray’s Grindelvald Miss Teak at Eltonfurze, lovely head with better sized ears than many, really moved well, liked her for this & her overall balance, in good coat & condition. Not as showy as some, but other points more than made up for it;

2 Johnson & Pearson’s Rexlands Golden Plover by Karison, outgoing bitch of a lovely type, correct bone for size, nice head & eye. Not in the coat of 1 & not the movement, but attractive overall;

3 Thomas’ Benattivo Gem Stone for Daluce, lovely type, good head & expression, but ear on the large side, not as outgoing as 2, but in better coat. These two could change places any time.

GB (24,5)

1 Small’s Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at Tilmoray, attractive, quality bitch, good in head, appealing expression, nice length of neck, correct topline & tailset, correct blue jacket, showed well;

2 Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantilena, if only this one had more confidence. Lovely head & general type lending a quality look to her, moved quite well & in good coat;

3 Norris’ Cast A Spell over Brookbank, a neat & tidy one, correct for outline, coat & head. A little dull in expression, but in good condition.

PGB (19,2)

1 B Tree Pipit at T;

2 Larner’s Hawcoat Sweet Fairy, similar type to 1, very nice head, balanced elegant appearance, nice outline standing, in lovely coat;

3 Tutin’s Riseburn Roulette, pretty headed bitch, liked her for outline & balance. Not the movement of the other two. In good, correct coat.

MLB (19,8)

1 Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Ilex, a pity she had no coat, but such a nice type & so full of quality that I forgave it. Topline & front could be better on the move, but stylish & attractive;

2 Hand’s Lutrabeck Liberty, in slightly better coat, but not moving well either ways. A nice attractive type though;

3 Davis’ Hesslemere Miss Lemon, a nice balanced bitch of quality, nice head, but the large ear spoilt expression for me. Another whose movement was all over the place.

LB (15,4)

1 Yates’ Pherjan Phoebe, really nice general type, attractive head with correct eye & expression, though a rather big ear. Nice elegant bitch with good ribs & in good coat, on the whole moved well, lovely condition;

2 Garcia-Sierra’s Ottaswell Obsession, preferred the head of 1, but a lovely balanced bitch in good coat. Well made quarters which she used well, showy girl;

3 Johnson’s Karison Kamellia, very nice type with lovely head, good general outline, moved OK, but rather flat feet. Coat just coming in.

OB (16,2)

Really hot class.

1 Pickering’s Ch Picer Bright Idea, really liked this red from the moment she entered the ring, oozes quality & type with the most attractive head, nothing plain about her, very balanced & moved well, pushed the blue bitch hard for CC, but I had already fallen in love. RCC;

2 Alpe’s Kelgram Kaya Kalpis at Pipruda, looked so good standing, but lost her topline on the move. A stylish bitch with a great expression who moved well. In good coat, but personally preferred the quantity & depth of coat of 1;

3 Clark’s Swe Ch Rockamore Limelight, the third of four really nice bitches whom I’m sure will & have changed places at other times. For me not the head & expression of 1 & 2 & ears rather big. Has an excellent body, good topline & tailset, correct ribs & length of neck, not the front movement of winners.

GCB (10,2)

1 O Ilex;

2 K Kamellia;

3 HMiss Lemon.


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