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Border City Of Birmingham 13 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

City Of Birmingham 13 Judge


Judge: Mrs E Cuthbertson

BEST OF BREED : 4650 WILSON Mrs S Olderhill Afortunado
Dog CC : 4650 WILSON Mrs S Olderhill Afortunado
Res Dog CC : 4594 MCKENZIE Mrs H & Mr G Merumhor Midwinter JW
Bitch CC : 4519 BAXTER Mrs S J Sulan Look At Me
Res Bitch CC : 4644 STOCKLEY Mr B J & Mrs K D Foxfactor Cue The Music JW
Best Puppy : 4556 GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Benattivo Betfred
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their invitation to judge, my two stewards and the exhibitors for their entries. It was an honour to judge this numerically strong entry 169 with 29 absent, the breed being represented from around the UK made it a very enjoyable day.
Front movement is still a problem in the breed, with heavy upright shoulders in many. Size varied as did coats. There are some long necks creeping into the breed, which look very stylish, the standard does state “Neck of moderate length” and a few long tails again incorrect. Saying that it was a very nice entry to judge and in some classes
I would have liked to have been able to award more placings, and could have awarded more CC’s.

Veteran - Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st - Bolt Tail Jebba ShCM (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

A nice sized 7 year old dog in very good coat with thick pelt. Nice head and body, moved well.

2nd - Master Minstral At Beaconpike (Mr & Mrs Golding)

Another 7 year old, a good dog, plenty to like. In good fit condition. Lovely coat texture, and built on racy lines. Two nice veterans.

Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st - Clipstone Starshine (Miss E & Mrs J Jackson)

Well grown 7 month dark grizzle. Strong muzzle and teeth, with nice dark eye. A good topline with nice sized tail. Strong in quarters. Moved okay.

2nd - Ragatam Rambler (Miss T J Peacock)

Finer made pup throughout. Nice type, good eye and expression. Good texture to coat.

3rd - Foxpaw Pipps Cross (Mr P & Mrs H Fulker)

Puppy - Dog

Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1st - Benattivo Betfred (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling)

Liked this 9 month old dog, he is a nice size, good type and balanced throughout. Lovely type head with strong muzzle and teeth. Moderate length neck into good shoulder and nice length of rib. Level topline with good tail length. Moved and showed well. Very promising. BP.

2nd - Comberdown Cormac (Miss T J Peacock and Miss B J Singh)

10 month old grizzle, nice type head with strong muzzle and good dentition. Good bone and body lines. Shown in good coat. Moved out and well shown.

3rd - Brackenfell Bok To Bach (Mr C Hall & Miss L Ellis)

Res - Comberdown Heatseeker (Mr I & Mrs A Higham)

VHC - Stoneygin Dizzy Rascal (Mr G & Mrs D Rayner)

Junior - Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

1st - Badgerholme Epsom Jet JW (Mr & Mrs B Dickinson & Miss T James)

B/T young dog, pleasing head and expression. Nice size, spannable. Harsh jacket which could be tidier, well shown.

2nd - Bortino Black Jack (Miss N Slade)

Stronger made dog, and bigger on rib than one. Nice type head correct dentition. Good coat and pelt in very good condition.

3rd - Cedarhill Stargazer (Miss A Speake & Mr H S Speake)

Res - Breckgreen Blue Steel Ironfield (Mrs L J Mudd)

Graduate - Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st - Thorneyburn Peace Pipe (Mr M & Mrs A J Carr)

Nice headed light red dog with good expression. He is big enough, moved the best in this class.

2nd - Breckgreen Blue Steel Ironfield (Mrs L J Mudd)

Res in JD. Finer head and muzzle than one, nice coated, good straight front and topline.

3rd - Cobstoneway Ocean Sunrise (Mrs G Stevens)

Res - Kali-Kama Sweeperscreepers (imp DK) (Mr S D Watson & Mrs A S Kenna)

Post Graduate - Dog

Entries: 11 Absentees: 4

1st - Beaconpike Red Saturn (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Very typical throughout. Nice head shape with dark ear and eye. Nice body line, good in rib easily spanned. Rich red coat of good texture.

2nd - Onthill Amaretto (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)

Another nice typical dog, close to one for size and type. Good head and body with good span. A nice border throughout, could show with more enthusiasm.

3rd - Saygo Of Hassage (Ms E D Rumsam)

Res - Tyrian Outlaw (Mrs K Dean)

VHC - Redfox Watchman (Mr & Mrs D B Marr)

Limit - Dog

Entries: 15 Absentees: 3

1st - Merumhor Midwinter JW (Mr G & Mrs H Mckenzie)

Lovely B/T liked him very much. Attractive typical head with strong muzzle, teeth and otter like head. Liked his overall size and body lines. Good shoulder and ribs, nice length with strong quarters. Good coated and moved out on a good stride. Close decision for the top spot but just thought the Open dog winner had a little more animation today. RCC.

2nd - Oughterside Minty's Pride (Robert Scott)

Awarded this dog 1st in Sp.JD when I judged Crufts 2011, and pleased to see he has matured on into a very nice dog. Masculine head with correct dentition. Good shoulder and length of rib. He is in very good fit condition, well muscled and in good coat. Moved and well shown by his young handler.

3rd - Cobstoneway Lazy River (Mesdames R & J Squibbs & Barker)

Res - Grettacs the Wizard ShCM (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness)

VHC - Mingrovia Flintstone Chief At Rubyfin (Mrs S J Channer)

Open - Dog

Entries: 11 Absentees: 2

1st - Olderhill Afortunado (Mrs S Wilson)

This dog was on top form today, very animated, free standing he looked and showed very well. Typical attractive head, nice expression. Correct moderate length neck into good lay of shoulder. Good size of rib easily spanned with strong quarters, he moved out well. Pleased to award him the CC, which I learnt afterwards was his third. Congratulations. BOB.

2nd - Ir CH Comberdown Finnegan (Mr I & Mrs A Higham)

Attractive rich red dog. Nice size, typical throughout. Good lay of shoulder, good in rib easily spanned. Well shown, moves well.

3rd - CH Foxfactor Pied Piper JW ShCM (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley)

Res - Onthill Super Trouper (Mr R & Mrs A M Ramus)

VHC - Remony Runrig (Mrs A E Gregory)

Good Citizen - Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st - Cedarhill Stargazer (Miss A Speake & Mr H S Speake)

3rd in J. Good coated young dog, nice headed with strong muzzle. Enough bone, good in rib and span.

2nd - Foxpaw Brilliant Disguise (Mr P & Mrs H Fulker)

Unplaced in strong limit class. Smaller type throughout, nice eye and expression. Good coat and well shown.

3rd - Bolt Tail Jebba ShCM (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

Res - Okarito Rafael (Carr)

Veteran - Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

1st - Rubicon Raincloud ShCM (Mrs G Hyslop)

This bitch has aged well, nearly ten years old does not look it. Nice size, good coat, very fit and in good condition. A credit to her owner.

2nd - Aurora's Popcorn (Mr E Tart & Miss A E Speake)

Very feminine 7 year old bitch, nice size in good coat and moved well.

3rd - Borderella Elsa (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

Res - Baywillow Canape At Smalesmouth (Mrs J Roberts)

Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st - Ragatam Razzle Dazzle (Miss T J Peacock)

A nice sized 7 month B/T puppy, she has a lovely type head and good in rib with nice length of body. Thick harsh coat and well presented. Moves and shows well for her age.

2nd - Baillieswells Stronachie (Professor A S Milton)

lots to like about this pup, she has a good body shape and shown in very good coat and condition, not the strength of head as one as yet. Moved well.

3rd - Perfect Pandora For Cynetkoy (Mr A Watson & Mrs A Kenna)

Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 15 Absentees: 1

A good class of puppy bitches, would have liked more place cards.

1st - Twigglestone Elfenor (Mrs L I Aldous)

Liked this bitch, she has a nice quality about her. Lovely type, otter like head. Good in shoulder and rib shape and size. Very good condition and moved soundly.

2nd - Orangecastle Zaurak at Foxfactor (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley)

Another nice bitch with attractive head. Small dark eye giving keen expression. Liked her size and body lines, good shoulder placement. Harsh texture to coat with thick pelt, well presented.

3rd - Benattivo Bookmaker (Mr & Mrs R W Kellaway)

Res - Littlelane Lulubelle (Mrs Lancashire)

VHC - Gameway Fortune Cookie (Mrs T Clark)

Junior - Bitch

Entries: 18 Absentees: 1

Excellent class of very promising bitches. Splitting hairs between them on the day.

1st - Ploughdown Portia (Mr & Mrs E Armstrong)

Very good coated B/T. in excellent condition. Nice size with typical head, dark eye with good expression. Very fit with good muscle tone. Moves out on a good stride.

2nd - Comberdown Thistle (Mr I & Mrs A Higham)

Another very typical bitch, in good coat and condition. Nice size easily spanned. Unlucky to meet one today.

3rd - Badgerbeck Backchat at Olderhill (Mrs S Wilson)

Res - Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star (Mrs C Dean)

VHC - Borderella Sweet Pea (Mrs P South)

Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 17 Absentees: 4

Another very good class.

1st - Twigglestone Elfenor (Mrs L I Aldous)

2nd - Ploughdown Placida (Mr & Mrs E Armstrong)

Litter sister to 1st in JB, she is also in good coat and condition both a credit to their owner. Nice head shape and keen expression. Good size with enough bone. Moves well.

3rd - Orangecastle Zaurak at Foxfactor (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley)

Res - Rubyfin Kara Emerald (Mrs S J Channer)

VHC - Borderella Sweet Pea (Mrs P South)

Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1st - Oughterside Magic Sky (Mr R W Scott)

A very feminine bitch, in good harsh coat, good pelt. Otter like head, with good dentition, dark eye and ear, very typical. Easily spanned with good rib shape, well muscled with good angulation.

2nd - Nantcoch Ffion JW ShCM (Mrs J M Phillips)

Well presented in good condition, nice type head, with good expression. She is larger framed and on the rib than one, moved and showed well.

3rd - Badgerbeck Primrose at Junctionnine (Mr G & Mrs L Cadman)

Res - Baywillow Brown Braid JW (Mrs G Hyslop)

VHC - Pipruda My Mystique about Lassemista (Mr D & Mrs A Wright)

Limit - Bitch

Entries: 17 Absentees: 4

1st - Sulan Look at Me (Mrs S J Baxter)

Good bitch typical throughout. Femine head, good eye and ears. Nice moderate length neck into good lay of shoulder. Very good rib shape, size and length carried well back, easily spanned. She moved out on a good free stride. Pleased to award her the CC.

2nd - Foxfactor Cue The Music JW (Mr B J & Mrs K D Stockley)

Another good typical bitch, liked her head type, with nice expression. Medium neck, good shoulder. Shown in good coat very good condition. Showed confidently worthy RCC.

3rd - Merumhor Solstice Belle JW ShCM (Mr C J & Mrs J H Martin)

Res - Beaconpike In A Storm (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

VHC - Beaconpike Night Sky At Brackenfell (Mr C & Miss L Hall & Ellis)

Open - Bitch

Entries: 12 Absentees: 2

1st - Cedarhill Rising Star At Brankell (Mr P & Miss K Brannan)

This bitch is very typical, lovely head set off with dark ears, strong muzzle. Good bone and body shape, with good quarters. I just preferred the racier lines of the Limit bitches.

2nd - Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That (Mrs S J Baxter)

Nice headed bitch with keen expression. Good neck length and good shoulder placement. Good rib shape, nice length with good set on and tail. Well presented, and shown, not the movement of one.

3rd - Am CH Sulan Easy Does It (Mrs S J Baxter)

Res - Gameway Dragonfly JW (Mrs P Clark)

VHC - Bortino Smiling Queen (Mr D K & Mrs D Martin)

Good Citizen - Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st - Othamcourt Snow Bunting At Twigglestone (Mrs L I Aldous)

A nice headed bitch in good condition with a very good coat and thick pelt. Nice shape of body, but slightly heavier build. It was nice to see she is the dam of the 1st in PB.

2nd - Borderella Snap Dragon (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

A nice sized dark grizzle bitch, in very good condition. Nice neck and length of body just preferred the more typical head of one.

3rd - Borderella Elsa (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

Judge: Mrs E Cuthbertson

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