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Border Bournemouth 12 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bournemouth 12 Judge


Judge: Mr W Browne-Cole

BEST OF BREED : 4486 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Dr Walter
Dog CC : 4486 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Dr Walter
Res Dog CC : 4473 GUVERCIN Mrs J Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath JW
Bitch CC : 4497 MAY, Miss J & WHISKER Mr S Thistlestone Jenny Wren Sh.CM
Res Bitch CC : 4533 WILDEY Mr G Ch Bramblebrae Violet At Shiftyfox JW
Best Puppy : 4487 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Sonata
Best Veteran : 4484 HYSLOP Mrs G Rubicon Raincloud Sh.CM
Best Breeder :


Border Terriers

VD (0).

MPD (4)

1 Singh’s Ragatem Poco for Borderbridge, lovely sound moving puppy, good feet, moved well;

2 Wilson’s Olderhill Cadfael, pleasing head & eye, good bone, legs & feet. Needs to settle a little in front;

3 Guvercin’s Glebeheath Jump The Gun.

PD (4)

1 Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Cyrus, pleasing youngster, ample neck, good bone, moved steadily;

2 Holmes’ Bimandi’s Bombastic, very promising puppy, correct bite. Just needs to settle but that should come;

3 Gregory’s Visrie Rango Raptor.

JD (4)

1 Haydon & Gibbings’ Earthtaw Dexter, promising youngster, typical head & eye, good jacket, very good angulation, excellent in movement. Should have a bright future;

2 Ramus’ Onthill Amaretto, very good make & shape, excellent pelt. Just needs to settle a little in front;

3 Waller’s Question Master.


1 Rumsam’s Saygo of Hassage, balanced young dog, very good head & bite, good bone, legs & feet. One for the notebook;

2 O Cyrus;

3 E Dexter.

GD (4)

1 Gordon’s Tarkatale Midnight Memory, good head, strong muzzle, good bite, dark expressive eyes, workmanlike, moved well;

2 Nitarska’s Oatberry Snow Storm, pleasing head, strong loin, moved steadily;

3 Taylor’s Foxthorn Mcvicar.

PGD (6)

1 Rose’s Kersfell Conquistador, good head & ears, easily spanned, correct topline, good angulation, moved with reach & drive;

2 Tuffin’s Othamcourt Woodchat at Oatberry, pleasing forehand, very good lay of shoulder, good angulation;

3 Ramus’ Oathill Fernando.

LD (10)

1 Guvercin’s Dandyhow Jumping Jack at Glebeheath, quality male, loved his head shape & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, correct topline of good length, couldn’t stand wrong, excellent mover. Can see this one gaining his title. RCC;

2 Dickinson’s Ragatam Newmarket at Badgerholme, pleasing head & eye, good front & rear, excellent shoulders, covered the ground well;

3 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Pablo.

OD (7) 1 Irving’s Dandyhow Dr Walter, stunning male who I have had the pleasure of judging before. He has really matured & has all the credentials to gain his title & go to the top. Superb head & eye, correct bite, in good muscletone. What impressed me the most was his reach & drive which many lacked. One to use. CC, BOB & G1

2 Spencer’s Cobstoneway River Magic, classy, sound moving, good topline, easily spanned, covered the ground well;

3 Stockley’s Ch Foxfactor Pied Piper.

VB (2)

1 Hyslop’s Rubicon Raincloud, lovely dark eye, ample neck, very good coat, correct angulation, moved steadily.

MPB (5)

1 Peacock’s Ragatam Puzzle, promising youngster, lovely head & eye, excellent front, covered the ground well;

2 Wilson’s Olderhill Claudette, promising youngster with all the credentials to do well. Just needs to settle but that should come;

3 Channer’s Rubyfin Kara Emerald.

PB (8)

1 Irving’s Dandyhow Sonata, loved her head shape & eye, excellent lay of shoulder, promising body shape, very good hindquarters, good pelt, moved very well. One for the notebook;

2 Harrison’s Iacheslei Corus, pleasing make & shape. Just needs to settle in movement;

3 Girling’s Benattivo Double Flame.

JB (7)

1 Harris’ Nickeltweed Maggie May, pleasing head, strong muzzle, neat ears, lovely neck & shoulder, covered the ground well;

2 Stockley’s Foxfactor Cue The Music, dark expressive eyes, good bone, legs & feet, moved out well;

3 Godbold’s Foxfactor Goody Blue Shoes.

NB (7)

1 R Puzzle;

2 I Corus;

3 Reeves’ Baywillow Blue Design.

GB (7)

1 Hyslop’s Baywillow Brown Braid, very sound moving, strong muzzle, correct bite, excellent front, pleasing body shape;

2 Sansom’s Tufterslodge Tiz Only Me, lovely dark eye. Would prefer slightly stronger muzzle. Easily spanned, moved steadily;

3 Cole’s Towden Jessica Jay.

PGB (7)

1 Roberts’ Smalesmouth Maylady, heavier type of bitch. Good bone, legs & feet. A pleasure to see her movement;

2 T Jessica Jay, typy, good pelt, moved well going. Would prefer slightly better front movement;

3 Moore’s Bramblequest Brocade.

LB (11)

1 May & Whisker’s Thistlestone Jenny Wren, caught my eye as soon as she walked in the ring. Oozes quality, gorgeous head & eye, ample bone, lovely body shape & what a mover. Should make up. CC;

2 Martin’s Bortino Smiling Queen, excellent type, lovely make & shape. Would prefer more animation but feel sure her day will come;

3 Robbins’ Kyscafter Kestrel.

OB (7)

1 Wildey’s Ch Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox, quality bitch, very worthy ch. Pushed hard for the CC. RCC;

2 Girling’s Benattivo Rosina, classy bitch, beautiful head & eye. Not such a good lay of shoulder as 1. Loved her make & shape, should do well;

3 Fray’s Grindelvald Miss Teak at Eltonfurze.


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