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Border Border Union 15 Judge's Critique

Border Terrier

KC Breed Standard

Border Union 15 Judge





Border Terriers

I thoroughly enjoyed my days judging at Border Union showground. Such a pleasant show. Many thanks go to my two very able stewards. They had the ring (& me) running like clockwork. Thanks also to the exhibitors who entered under me. Had some lovely dogs to go over & some hard decisions to make. Coats were probably the best I have seen for some time. Thick pelts, too, were much in evidence. Mouths were good. Fronts continue to be a problem & movement letting some otherwise promising dogs down.

MPD (3)

1 Barrett’s Howthwaite Dreams, lovely pup with a promising head. Large teeth, good bite. Spans well. Narrow all through. Strode out well with drive from behind;

2 Flanagan’s Grettacs Music Master, good sized pup. Spans easily. Just preferred head of 1.Harsh coat, thick pelt. Moved steadily;

3 Fraser’s Achnagairn Special Edition.

PD (7)

1 Fryer’s Irton Mountain Dew, excels in head. Short, strong muzzle, large teeth. Narrow all through. Well set on carrot tail. Sound mover. Very nice pup;

2 Houseman’s Markington Apollo, smaller than 1. Liked his head, expression & dark eye. Spans easily. Another with harsh jacket & thick pelt;

3 Brewster & Green’s Stowthorney Mr Tickle.

JD (4)

1 Armstrong’s Ploughdown Plato, quality b/t with lots to like. Very good shoulders. Narrow all through. Spans well. Pleasing head & expression. Moved out well with drive from behind;

2 Lowry’s Raise Your Glass, just preferred head of 1. Slightly longer in muzzle. A fit, well muscled dog with well laid shoulders. Spans well. Harsh jacket;

3 M Apollo.

YD (4)

1 Johnson’s Karison Keiser, typy dog of correct size. Liked his head. Good shoulders. Spans well. Good rear angulation. Just short of coat;

2 Lorraine & Thomas’ Ralinero Second Time Around, taller dog than 1. Rangy. Spans well. Not quite the head of 1. Large teeth. Just enough coat. Preferred his topline to 3rd. Sound mover;

3 Castel’s Flutorum Artful Dodger.

GD (7,1a)

1 Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Caius, typy b/t. Pleasing head. Good layback of shoulders. Good rear angulation. Short, carrot tail. Moved steadily & well;

2 Golding’s Earthdog Lanyard by Beaconpike, smart dog in good condition. Well muscled. Liked his dark eye. Pleasing head but would like ears a touch smaller. A narrow, racy dog who spans well. Good coat & pelt. Moved with drive from behind;

3 Brewster & Green’s Breckgreen Soldier Blue.

PGD (10,2)

1 Stewart’s Remony Blueberry Blitz, smart b/t of good size. Liked his harsh jacket. Ribbed well back. Short, carrot tail. His muzzle could have been a shade shorter. Moved soundly;

2 Chandler’s Ralinero Brand New Age at Alderseadale, smaller than 1. Pleasing in head with neat ears. Straight front. Good layback of shoulder. Good, workmanlike double coat;

3 Speake’s Cedarhill Stargazer.

LD (8,1)

A nice class!

1 Girling’s Benattivo Betfred, what I look for in a dog. Very typy. Good size. Strong head & short, strong muzzle. Narrow with a beautiful, straight front. Excels in shoulder & in rear angulation. Harsh coat, thick pelt. Short, well set on carrot tail completes the picture. Moved effortlessly round the ring. RCC;

2 Barrett’s Howthwaite Grainsgill, lots to like. Pleasing head & expression. Narrow all through. Very good coat & pelt. Straight front. Good rear angulation. He moved well & with drive from behind;

3 Thomas’ Daluce King Of Emotion.

OD (8)

1 Hall & Ellis’ Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach, so typy. Just right for size & shape. Wonderfully balanced. A pleasure to go over. Best of heads, strong muzzle, lovely expression. Scores in shoulder & rear angulation. Spans well. Catlike feet. Enough coat with thick pelt. Good topline & tailset completed a lovely picture. CC & BOB. Went on to G1 & RBIS;

2 Archibald’s Ch Lairhope Lord Of The Glen at Tweedburn, a worthy champion. Looked so well today. Strong head. Good expression. Well laid shoulders, narrow all through. Harsh coat, thick pelt. Another with catlike feet which some were lacking. Moved soundly;

3 Privezentseva’s Ch/Rus/Slov/Rom Ch Stella Rover Akko.

VD (4)

1 Dean’s Ch Cedarhill Authorised, 8 years young. Still looks so well. Very typy. Strong head. Correct expression. Just right for size. Excellent coat & pelt. Moved well;

2 Sugar’s Foxgraig Jester, 9 years old. Good head. Short, strong muzzle. Liked his expression. Narrow throughout. Good harsh coat, thick pelt. Steady on the move;

3 Lorraine’s St Bedehounds Frank In Sense of Raleniro.

MPB (12,3)

1 Barrett’s Howthwaite Gold Dust, quality b/t pup. Good coat with correct ticking. Feminine head, strong in muzzle. Straight front. Good bend of stifle. Narrow all through. Moved well both ways;

2 Fraser’s Achnagairn Prim N’ Proper, very much a baby but a lot to like. Scored in head over 3rd. Very feminine with sweet expression. Narrow throughout. Ample double coat. Short, carrot tail;

3 Irving’s Dandyhow Mazurka.

PB (8,2)

1 Ritchie’s Integ Red Rubi, stunning pup. Just right for size. Feminine head, good expression. Nice dark eye. Well laid shoulders, narrow throughout. Excellent coat and pelt. Neat feet. Sound on the move. A lovely, balanced pup. BP & PG2;

2 Fryer’s Irton Scotch Mist, more mature than 1. Pleasing head with short, strong muzzle. Good feet. Narrow. Short of coat but thick pelt. Moved well;

3 Hamilton’s Bruadar Girl at Cromlechs.

JB (11)

1 Mooney’s Brumberhill Bollinger for Chesterton, rangier bitch. Lovely straight front. Dark eye. Feminine. Good lay back of shoulder & length of neck. Ribbed well back. Narrow all through;

2 Ellis’ Brumberhill Miss Dior, litter sister to 1 but different type. Smaller. Liked her head, expression & neat ears. Good coat & pelt. Easily spanned;

3 Gregory’s Remony Frosted Ivy.

YB (9,4)

1 Bladen’s Emblehope Dance And Dance, very smart b/t bitch. Lovely size. Short, strong muzzle. Large teeth. Straight front. Good bend of stifle. Lovely topline & tailset. Very good coat with ample ticking. Moved well when settled. One to watch with interest;

2 Sansom’s Tarkaswell Doctors Orders, close decision with 1. Very feminine. Good head with dark eye & pleasing expression. Another who excels in topline & tailset. Straight, narrow front. Narrow all through. Spans well. Moved soundly;

3 Roberts’ Smalemouth Skylark.

GB (8,2)

1 Golding’s Beakonpike Venus, handy size. Striking red. Very feminine with nice dark eye. Narrow throughout. Good double coat;

2 Mackenzie’s Whittonglebe Bracken, good for size. Very feminine. Not quite the strength of muzzle of 1. Straight front. Moved out well;

3 Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Mara.

PGB (11,2)

1 Wright’s Pipruda My Mystique about Lassemista, nice type. Handy size. Feminine bitch with pleasing head. Good topline & tailset. In harsh jacket;

2 Roberts’ Smalemouth Skype, rangier bitch. Up to size but easily spanned. Narrow all through. Excels in shoulder. In good condition. Longer in muzzle than 1;

3 Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Mika.

LB (12,3)

1 Sansom’s Tarkaswell Double Agent, took my eye straight away. Very feminine. Straight front. Good length of neck. Well angulated hindquarters. Lovely topline & tailset. Balanced. Moved so well;

2 Mann’s McBrock Miss Amelia, showy bitch. Narrow all through. Well laid shoulders. Good topline & tailset. Excellent coat & pelt. Just lacked strength of muzzle;

3 Johnson’s Karison Koffee.

OB (10,1)

A quality class. Not enough cards to give out.

1 Guvercin’s Glebheath Tea N’ Tiffers, lovely, upstanding bitch. From her head to the tip of her tail. So typical. Feminine with short, strong muzzle. Scores in shoulder & ribs. Harsh coat, thick pelt. Catlike feet. Short, carrot tail. Held topline so well on the move. Moved with drive from behind. CC;

2 Dean’s Cedarhill Wish Upon A Star, another quality bitch. Beautiful head. Short, strong muzzle. Shown in tip top coat & condition. Well laid shoulders & good turn of stifle. Catlike feet. Good tailset & topline which she held on the move. RCC;

3 Higham’s Comberdown Thistle.

VB (3)

1 Fraser’s Achnagairn Smartcard, 8½ years. Nice size. Very feminine with pleasing head & dark ears. In good coat & condition. Moved out well;

2 Speake’s Aurora’s Popcorn, 9 year old & enjoying her day out. Feminine with good dark eye. Narrow all through. Strode round the ring like a youngster;

3 Portsmouth’s Kalebank Royal Attraction.


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