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Border Border Union 13 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Border Union 13 Judge





Showers, wind and sunshine made for a tactically difficult day for my solo steward, Elaine Waddington, who managed to keep the paperwork dry and get dogs moving in and out of the ring very smoothly. My grateful thanks to her and to all the exhibitors who stoically remained outside as the rain continued to plague us throughout the judging. Not weather the dogs enjoyed much either while standing about.
The entry was very mixed. The dog classes were marginally better and more consistent than the bitches. Fronts are improving but movement still needs attention, both fore and aft, with some hackney front action creeping in. Most heads were breed typical with one or two exceptions which were rather boxy and out of proportion. I was surprised and dismayed to find a large number of dentition problems in both puppies and adults. There were very small teeth, dirty teeth, teeth misaligned and one undershot mouth. Several lacked any depth of coat and were in their undercoats or single coated, with no undercoat at all. Feet were mostly good, but a couple of exhibits were down on their pasterns; claws were in need of attention on one or two exhibits.

Minor Puppy - Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 3

1st - Tojamatt Warlord (Mr & Mrs D Matthews) Great balance and rear assembly on my winner and little between the first two grizzle pups. Good topline. Very attractive baby.

2nd - Remony Rock Steady (Mrs A E Gregory) Well presented racy youngster, just over 6 mths. Good head which will develop further, dark eye and good body length. Preferred the topline on the winner but could change places anytime.

3rd - Glenbucket Whisky Mac (Mrs M J Alexander)

Res - Lairehope Topaz Design (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

VHC - Jeanies Blue Lad at Todlaws (Miss S Todd)

Puppy - Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st - Otterbobs Wordsworth (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) Stood alone. Very racy mature 11mth puppy. Good broad head and expression. Big teeth in a strong jaw. Excellent jacket with harsh topcoat and ample underwear. Needs to tighten up in front but drove out well from behind on the move. BPD.

Junior - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st - Glenbucket Diamond Geezer (Mrs N Anderson) Lacking any top coat today. Liked his overall balance and outline. Good head. Movement OK and driving out well behind. Good body length.

2nd - Whittonglebe Buster (Mackenzie) Good strong head and expression on this red dog. Preferred the rear angulation of the winner.

3rd - Thorneyburn Peace Pipe (Mr M & Mrs A J Carr)

Res - Cobstoneway Ocean Sunrise (Mrs G Stevens)

Yearling - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st - Badgerholme Epsom Jet (Mr & Mrs B Dickinson & Miss T James) Have watched this b/t youngster with interest and he is maturing well. Good bone, masculine head with a good bite. Dark eye; stop not too pronounced and good fill below the eye. Good reach of neck. One to watch. ResDCC.

2nd - Whittonglebe Buster (Mackenzie)

3rd - Vito Volterra Of Birthwaite (Miss S Clayton & Mr N Lewthwaite)

Graduate - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st - Drigothe Barbarian (Mr S & Mrs C E Griffiths) Two only grizzles in this class. Strong headed handsome male. Good ear placement, dark eye, good bite. Rather deep chested and would have preferred a more level topline with more bend of stifle behind. Movement OK.

2nd - Kalebank Harvester (Mrs S Portsmouth) Another strong headed male. Dark eye with good width between; strong jaw. Topline just falls away at the croup. Well muscled, but again, rather deep chested.

Post Graduate - Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st - StBedehounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro ShCM (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine) Good body length, this b/t was just spannable. Good jacket and decent head with a good expression. Lacked bend of stifle.

2nd - Roxess a Touch of Magic (Mr J & Mrs N Todd) This red male has a good head, dark eye and sufficient bone. He moved out well both coming and going. Would like a little more body length.

3rd - Kalebank Harvester (Mrs S Portsmouth)

Res - Lairehope Viking Spark (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

VHC - Colourbox Gunpowder (Mrs L A Fordham)

Limit - Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st - Lairehope Lord of the Glen At Tweedburn (Mrs C Archibald) Presented in tip top condition, this well known male took the ring and the weather in his stride. Movement OK. Excellent light grizzle double coat texture and thick pelt; good feet & pads. Head with a keen expression, dark eye and perfect ear carriage off a broad skull. Great dentition with good scissor bite. Well set on tail carried to effect. Would have liked a little more length to him, but couldn’t go past him for DCC & BoB.

2nd - Merumhor Midwinter JW (Mr G & Mrs H Mckenzie) Another one to like very much. This b/t moved out well and his movement is almost perfect, parallel both coming & going. He has adequate bone, a good head, maturing well, with a broad skull; slightly longer muzzle than the winner. Great scissor bite and a typical varminty expression. Easily spanned with a good topline and tailset. Well balanced. Could use a bit more depth of jacket.

3rd - Remony Runrig (Mrs A E Gregory)

Res - Grettacs the Wizard ShCM (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness)

VHC - Irton Morse Code JW (Mr & Mrs D Fryer)

Open - Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st - Fehmarn Reap the Harvest (Mrs J Morton Shaw) Grizzle, lacking undercoat, but well presented and movement was good. He has a beautiful headpiece of the correct proportions; almost no stop and a good scissor bite. Good front, enough bone, good feet. Well set on tail from level topline. Just spannable.

2nd - Solitary Mist (Mr D & Mrs C Hodgson) Narrower than one, but straighter behind. Good front assembly and moved positively with good reach across the ground. Another grizzle, a bit short of coat today, but he has a good head and expression. Good front and feet.

3rd - CH Rexlands Cock Robin (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)

Res - Foxcraig Jester (Mr G R Sugars)

VHC - Iacheslei Cantus JW (Miss A Harrison)

Minor Puppy - Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1st - Abisu Solataire At Tojamatt (Mr D & Mrs A Matthews) Grizzle coat of correct depth & texture; excellent pelt, lovely front, good positive movement. Drove away well from behind. Good head for such a baby and it will develop further. Preferred the ear placement on this puppy in the challenge for BP. Good dark eye and correct scissor bite. BPB and BP

2nd - Achnagairn Red Card (Mrs A Fraser) Smaller version of the winner and nicely put together. Lost to one on head. Coat texture good and she moved out well.

3rd - Twigglestone Elfenor (Mrs L I Aldous)

Res - Foxcraig Touch Of Magic (Mr B & Mrs L P Inness)

VHC - Foxcraig Magic Bubbles (Mr G R Sugars)

Puppy - Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st - Shiftyfox Mystical Dream (Mr G Wildey) Stood alone. Just 6 mths b/t – and very much a baby. Wonderful ticking in the coat for one so young. Head needs to come, good body shape. She has a good topline and tailset, but a thin tail. Good angulation behind.

Junior - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

1st - Cedarhill Rising Star At Brankell (Mr P & Miss K Brannan) I first saw this young bitch at the BTC Ch Show in March this year at Low Hesket and was struck by her outline, overall type and femininity. I was delighted to get my hands on her today and she didn’t disappoint. Beautiful outline and the sweetest of heads, dark eye, well set ears, very little stop, broad skull on good reach of neck. She balances well, has everything in proportion and moves out steadily – easily spanned. Sadly, her coat is on the way out, spoiling the overall picture but it is of good texture and depth. ResBCC.

2nd - Remony Winter's Diamond JW (Mrs A E Gregory) Well coated red bitch with a sweet head. Dark eye, broad skull and good ear placement. Correct bite. Coat texture was excellent and of correct depth. Overall balance was good, moved out soundly, driving well from rear assembly.

3rd - Ruby of Raughton Head At Loiriston (Dr & Mrs Wheatley)

Res - Ravenside Time Passes (Mr M Lowry)

VHC - Drigothe Broddi (Mr S & Mrs C E Griffiths)

Yearling - Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1st - Remony Winter's Diamond JW (Mrs A E Gregory)

2nd - Aus CH Bohunt the Cats Whiskers (Imp) (Mr I & Mrs J Broomhead) Good body length with just enough bone; Just spannable. Good tight tweedy jacket. Correct dentition in a typical head. Preferred the movement of the class winner, but she moved out positively.

3rd - Iacheslei Corus (Miss A Harrison)

Res - Glenbucket Oo'r Mags (Mrs M J Alexander)

VHC - Raleniro Lady Esquire (Thomas)

Graduate - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1st - Cedarhill Rising Star At Brankell (Mr P & Miss K Brannan)

2nd - Remony Winter's Diamond JW (Mrs A E Gregory)

3rd - Baillieswells Lochindaal JW (Prof A Milton)

Res - Raleniro Lady Esquire (Thomas)

VHC - Wadesleia Mountain Ringlet (Mrs H A & Mr A Fletcher)

Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 0

1st - Seymours Bubble And Squeak For Raleniro (Mr D J & Mrs D A Lorraine) Good balance, though a little heavy right through, this bitch sadly lacked animation in the ring today. Coat texture correct. Good head, dark eye. Enough bone and tight feet.

2nd - Achnagairn Smart Card (Mrs A Fraser) Loved the head on this bitch; good ear set, big leather; dentition good. But – another which clearly didn’t want to be here today! Good body lines but a little heavy throughout. Good topline and moved out OK. Coat texture correct.

3rd - Kalebank Royal Attraction (Mrs S Portsmouth)

Res - Roxess As If By Magic (Mr J & Mrs N Todd)

VHC - Lairehope Blueberry Bling (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

Limit - Bitch Entries: 11 Absentees: 2

1st - Irton Enigma (Mr & Mrs D Fryer) A bitch which although she appeared oversize in full coat, was spannable, moved out well, driving from behind and parallel. She has a great broad head – too much stop – but a good scissor bite and generous double coat just about to blow. A good dark eye, good ear placement and enough bone throughout. Good reach of neck into level topline with good tailset and although I would like to shrink her down a bit, she answered the requirements of the standard. BCC.

2nd - Ravenside Zenyatta (Mr M Lowry) Probably the best jacket of the day on this red grizzle bitch, which handled and balanced well. Everything in proportion – good bone, neat feet, good topline and perfect tailset. Typical head and great scissor bite. Lost to one on movement.

3rd - Tojamatt Morgana (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)

Res - Merumhor Solstice Belle JW ShCM (Mr C J & Mrs J H Martin)

VHC - Othamcourt Snow Bunting At Twigglestone (Mrs L I Aldous)

Open - Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st - Stineval Celeste At Merumhor (Mr & Mrs C Martin) Good tweedy grizzle coat and spannable. Typical dour Border with a good topline, good bone and neat feet. Moved out well. She has a sweet head, dark eye and good ear placement.

2nd - Fehmarn Fine Romance (Mrs J Morton Shaw) Coat just coming in. Spannable bitch. Carries a level topline but then it falls away slightly at the croup. A good head, plenty of width between the eyes, and very little stop. Broad skull and good reach of neck. Movement OK.

3rd - An Cnoc of Baillieswells (Professor A S Milton)


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