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Border Blackpool 11 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Blackpool 11 Judge





Border Terriers

My sincere thanks to Blackpool & DCS for inviting me to judge at this level for the first time. Even the weather was kind to us!

It was a fabulous entry, numerically & depth of quality. On the downside I found one cryptorchid, one suspect tail & a lot of dirty teeth, although mouths were generally good. Coats were at various stages & in some cases they were the deciding factor. Movement not too bad, the odd one pinning in.

There were some attractive exhibits of both genders that went cardless, for me, there was just too much of them.

V (2)

1 Hardman’s Bonosue Queen Of The Nile, 11 years grizzle bitch with decent head, neat ears, great pelt & jacket, moving out well & happy to do so.

MPD (11)

Nice to see puppies with bit of substance.

1 McKenzie’s Merumhor Midwinter, just 6 months, b/t with strong head, little stop, big white teeth, excellent bone & angulation, fabulous thick loose pelt & great jacket, ticking just coming through, moved out well;

2 Fryer’s Irton Morse Code, grizzle with super head & expression, similar in size to 1. Slightly heavier, jacket not as good. Free mover;

3 Irving’s Dandyhow Dr Walter.

PD (2)

1 Lowry’s Ravenside Workforce, handy sized grizzle in good jacket, easily spanned, good breadth of skull, strong muzzle, neat dark ears, just right amount of bone, set well on hocks, straight front, level topline finished off with carrot tail, moved true. BPD;

2 Higham’s Comberdown Curragh, smart red, beautifully presented & in good condition, strong head, neat ears, keen expression. Not so easy to span, heavier than 1. Moved out steadily.

JD (6)

1 Duxbury’s Ravenside Hurricane Run at Ridgerow, grizzle in good order, lovely thick jacket & pelt, typical head with good breadth of skull, strong muzzle, big white teeth, neat dark ears, well balanced, moved out with purpose; 2 Bate’s Sweeping Foxtrot for Kgills, close decision between these

2, b/t with super head. Slightly shorter in body, less coat but still wiry. Liked his balance too, straight front. Tad wider in front than 1;

3 Haughton’s Chorbeck Charlie Chaplin.

GD (7)

1 Mathews’ Rexlands Cock Robin, grizzle/t, what fine fettle this chap was in, well constructed, of correct size, spanned easily, masculine head with excellent jaw & muzzle, neat ears, lovely dark eyes with keen expression, good neck length, well laid shoulders, well ribbed body covered in thick pliable pelt & excellent jacket, well muscled in hard condition, level topline, well set on carrot tail, looked like could go non-stop for a week & some more, moved with drive & enthusiasm. CC;

2 Wallace’s Hobholt Helmsman, light grizzle. Different type, longer in muzzle to 1. Good bone, in full coat, moved out well. Tad heavier;

3 Fraser’s Ycart Best Shot Remmington.

PGD (6)

1 Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantus, well shaped grizzle/t with straight front, broad skull, typical expression, good bone, level topline held well, excellent mover which won him class;

2 South’s Borderella Day Tripper, close decision between these 2, attractive grizzle with excellent jacket & pelt, good body length, level topline to well shaped tail. Front movement not as good as 1;

3 Lorraine’s Stbedehounds Frank In Sense of Raleniro.

LD (15) One of the closest decisions of the day between these 2 dogs.

1 Mitchell’s Ragatam Joker at Paleside, grizzle with lovely shaped skull, dark eye with keen expression, well shaped body, spannable, super pelt & tight wiry jacket, moved very well, tight feet, great balance;

2 Gilpin’s Otterbobs Riggindale, another lovely grizzle with similar attributes as 1, well muscled, excellent bone, spannable. Jacket wasn’t as hard in texture as 1. Moved well; 3 Sugar’s Foxcraig Jester.

OD (13)

1 Thomas’s Ch Byrons Greengrass, lovely example of the breed & great to go over, grizzle, masculine head with keen expression, good body length, easily spanned, narrow front, well angulated, in super jacket, moved steadily & with purpose, worthy of being ch. RCC;

2 Johnson & Williams’ Ch Quarryway Dill, lighter grizzle, attractive head with lovely dark points, straight front, just spannable, good body length, in fit condition. Tail little longer than 1. Moved out well;

3 Dean’s Ch Cedarhill Authorized.

MPB (10)

1 Richarson’s Staynorwood Fortune, what a lovely baby, grizzle, well shaped head, well set ears, good reach of neck, good body, another with super jacket, liked balance, moved well;

2 Martin’s Merumhor Solstice Belle, litter sister to MPD, b/t, feminine head with typical expression, ticking just coming through good jacket, also well balanced, moved steadily;

3 Peacock’s Ragatam Nutmeg.

PB (7)

1 Clark’s Gameway Dragonfly, well constructed grizzle, feminine ottery head, well set dark ears, good reach of neck, good shoulders, well ribbed, nice length of body, thick jacket, moved with confidence. BP & PG4;

2 South’s Tameila Penny Lane, another very nice puppy, feminine grizzle. Not as much bone as 1. Straight front, decent jacket. Tad heavy in ear. Good topline, moved well;

3 Payler’s Badgerbeck The Vivacious at Jansara.

JB (18)

1 Wildey’s Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox, eyecatching b/t, correct double coat, thick & wiry, plenty of ticking, head matured nicely giving feminine expression, good breadth of skull, keen dark eye, neatly set ears, just enough bone, well set on hocks, level topline, well set on carroty tail, moved with drive & purpose. RCC;

2 Johnson’s Karison Koffee, handy size, feminine head, keen expression. Heavier in ear than 1. Another excellent jacket with short carroty tail, moved well;

3 Armstrong’s Ir Ch Blewecourt Manhattan at Ploughdown.

GB (14)

1 Marr’s Ragatam Kinsai at Redfox, light grizzle, feminine, typical head with keenest expression, thick pelt & good jacket, good angulation, steady mover, more mature than 2 Johnson’s Karison Kokoa, grizzle in good order, lovely feminine head, neat earset, good mouth, just enough bone, super jacket. Just fell away a bit at croup;

3 Hardman’s Spanwise Absinthe.

PGB (7)

1 Clement’s Bramblebee Squiglet, dark grizzle, in hard condition, well muscled, narrow front, strong but feminine head, spannable, well set on tail, strode out well;

2 Bate’s Spring Haughtime at Kghills, light grizzle in good jacket, short strong muzzle, neat earset & neat feet, short carrot tail, moved steadily;

3 Hardman’s Spanwise Absinthe.

LB (18)

Splitting hairs with placings in this class.

1 Armstrong’s Badgerbeck Blizzard at Ploughdown, b/t, excellent pelt & jacket, strong headed, varminty expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, lovely shaped carrot tail, good bone, moved out with drive;

2 Bladen’s Foxyard Better Behave at Emblehope, similar attributes as 1, very attractive b/t with more feminine head than 1, lovely outline & balance, neat feet. Good jacket but did not have as much as 1, deciding factor;

3 Sugar’s Foxcraig Magic.

OB (15)

1 Clark’s Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway, what a cracker, looks as well as the tools for the job, b/t that truly sparkled, dream to go over, so well constructed, of right size, lovely feminine head with typical expression, good bone, narrow front, neat feet carried her effortlessly around the ring, wonderful thick harsh jacket with great ticking. CC & BOB;

2 Barret’s Howthwaite In Violet, another very attractive b/t with all the attributes. Little taller than 1. Thick pelt & good jacket, good bone & construction, excellent mover;

3 Thomas’s Bennativo Gem Stone for Daluce.


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