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Border Blackpool 2010 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Blackpool 10 Judge


Judge: Mr Allen G Horner

BEST OF BREED : 1326 JOHNSON, Mrs B & WILLIAMS Mr K E Quarryway Dill
Dog CC : 1326 JOHNSON, Mrs B & WILLIAMS Mr K E Quarryway Dill
Res Dog CC : 1319 IRVING Mrs K. M. Dandyhow Beeline
Bitch CC : 1277 CLARK Mrs P Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway JW
Res Bitch CC : 1286 FRASER, Mr K K & BUTLER Mrs T J Blue Tutu Via Ycart
Best Puppy : 1266 BARRETT Mr R & Mrs E Howthwaite In Violet
Best Veteran : 1383 STOCKLEY Mr B J & Mrs K D Ch Manx Margaid Sh.CM
Best Breeder :


Border Terriers

This was my first appointment awarding CCs. I found a couple of mouths with teeth out of line & considering the quality of some of the exhibits they had to pay the penalty. I also found a couple of kinked tails which really surprised me.

V (7,3a)

1 Stockley’s Ch Manx Margaid, g/t, a worthy ch in her time, still showing herself well, pleasing head & expression, good dark eyes, good clean teeth & bite, in good coat on a thick loose pelt, still moving sprightly for her 8½ years, she will last for a long time to come for owner;

2 South’s Borderella Emma, nice 8½ years g/t & enjoying her showing still, good keen dark eyes with a pleasing expression. Not the sprightly movement of 1;

3 Freeman’s Borderella Elsa.

MPD (7,4)

1 Robinson’s Hollinholme Huntsman, g/t, nice expression with dark almond shaped eyes & small ears, correct bite, level topline with good tailset, moved a little loose but forgave it allowing for his age;

2 Sharp’s Rhozzum Vale, b/t, pleasing head, good length of neck, enough bone, nice topline, moved OK, a nice size puppy;

3 Johnson’s Karison Kumphrey.

PD (4)

1 Archibald’s Lairhope Lord Of The Glen at Tweedburn, g/t, I liked him when he came in, masculine head with dark eyes, small dark V shaped ears close to the cheek with good dentition, nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders, level topline & tail set on well, covered the ground with ease, pity he was short of coat. BPD;

2 Mathew’s Rexland Cock Robin, g/t, nice head, correct bite, good front, level topline, moved well. Just a little shorter in the rib & loin than 1. Coat past its best;

3 Webb’s Hollowmoor Fanfair.

JD (7)

1 Higham’s Comberdown Jailbreak to Vandamere, grizzle/r, I really liked this one, has a lovely expression with good strength of jaw, correct dentition & broad skull with width between the eyes, straight front, good in shoulder, nice topline & tailset, moved well, put down in tip-top condition, considered strongly for top awards;

2 Pickering’s Picer King Edward, b/t, this dog is up to size, he is very masculine with a varmint expression, dark eye, & good mouth, in good hard muscular condition;

3 Alexander’s Glenbucket Clan Chief.

GD (11)

1 South’s Borderella Day Tripper, g/t, strong headed dog with well placed ears & dark eyes, good bite, nice tight feet & firm pads, good in coat & moved well;

2 Newsome’s Kighill Mister Clooney, g/t, typical head, nice dark almond shaped eyes, good dentition, nice topline & tailset moved soundly. Coat past its best;

3 Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantus.

PGD (12,1)

1 Harris’ Nickeltweed Lets Go Joe, g/t, this one stood out to me in this class although he was short on coat which I forgave. He has a strong head, big white correct teeth, good reach of neck, well placed shoulder, good length of back & narrow throughout, tail well set on, moved well both ways, handled well;

2 Hodgson’s Solitary Mist, g/t, head not as good as 1 but a lot to like of him, well laid shoulders, good length of rib & loin, nice short tail, enough bone, tight feet & thick firm pads moved out well;

3 Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantus.

LD (16,3)

1 Irving’s Dandyhow Beeline, g/t, this dog never stopped showing from entering the ring shown on a loose lead, both free standing & moving, I really liked his expression, with small neat ears set close to the head, dark eye & good strength of jaw, he has double textured jacket on a thick & loose pelt, good short tail & small neat feet. RCC;

2 Lowry’s Ravenside Ballymoss, g/t, different type to 1, pleasing head, good neck, well placed shoulders, a level top line & good tailset, narrow right through & moved well;

3 Mitchell’s Ragatam Joker at Paleside.

OD (0).

1 Johnson & William’s Quarryway Dill, g/t, I really like this dog, not overdone in any way, lovely expression, broad skull, small neat ears, dark almond shaped eyes, showing no exaggerated stop between nose & skull, strong underjaw & correct dentition, straight front, level topline, narrow right through & easily spanned, enough bone & neat tight feet on thick firm pads & moved well. CC, BOB & G4;

2 Clarke’s CH Gameway Charles Dickens, g/t, nice dog with a lovely keen expression, nice dark eyes & a good bite, of a slightly different type to 1 but a worthy ch all the same, moves so well & has a correct coat & pelt, showing his best all of the time;

3 Higham’s Comberdown The Rocker.

MPB (10,2)

1 Bladen’s Foxyard Better Behaved at Emblehope, b/t, up to size, hope she doesn’t grow on, sweet expression with dark eye & strong jaw, correct teeth, small ears & broad skull, straight front & well angulated shoulder, good bone, tight feet & thick pads, nice topline & tailset, narrow through & moved well;

2 Fawcett’s Carrock Cupcake, g/t, handy sized puppy with a typical head & expression, good rib & loin, nice carrot shaped tail & in hard muscular condition;

3 Southam’s Southash Seabreeze.

PB (10,2)

1 Barrett’s Howthwaite In Violet, b/t, keen expression, correct dentition, strong jaw, level topline, good length of rib & loin, & short thick tail, nice bone & small tight feet in good coat of the right texture, thick & loose pelt moved well. BP;

2 Johnston’s Joncroft Never Unprepared, g/t, strong head with dark eye & small ears, good reach of neck level topline & good tailset, in good muscular condition. Would have liked more coat. Moved well;

3 Haughton’s Ragatam Lucinda for Chorbeck.

JB (11,1)

1 Pickering’s Picer Grace Darling, g/t, typical head with good strength of jaw & big strong white teeth, lovely outline with a level topline & short carrot shaped tail, enough bone & narrow right through, underneath the coat it was easily spanned, moved well;

2 Johnson & William’s Biddestone Poppyseed, g/t, smaller type than 1 but still lots to like, nice head with a dark eye & broad skull, good mouth, small ears, good reach of neck flowing into a good front, well placed shoulders, good loin & rib, narrow, in good double coat & loose thick pelt & moved well. Lost to 1 on maturity;

3 Higham’s Comberdown Rosalie.

GB (11) 1 Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Blueberri, b/t, typical border varmint expression, nice dark eye, with small ears well balanced overall, good coat & in good condition moved well;

2 Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Mika, g/t, good head with nice expression correct bite & strong jaw, nice topline short carrot shaped tail & moved well, thick & loose pelt but coat not as far advanced as 1;

3 Harrison’s Iacheslei Catilena.

PGB (9,2)

1 Iacheslei Catilena, g/t, typical head, nice topline & tailset, good front, good length of rib & loin, thick & pliable pelt, moved OK;

2 Johnston’s Joncroft Water Kelpie, g/t, similar type to 1, just preferred 1 over 2. Showed well & in fine fettle;

3 Parr’s Head Over Heels at Westpoint.

LB (19,4) 1 Pickering’s Picer Polyanthus, b/t, nice one from this small kennel with a lovely head & keen expression, strong jaw & big teeth, broad skull with ears close to the cheek, nice reach of neck, good topline & narrow right through making for a racy outline & again put down in pristine condition;

2 Johnson’s Karison Kamelia, g/t, typical head with a sweet expression, straight front with well laid shoulders, nice rib & loin. Would have liked a little more angulation to the rear; 3 Mitchell’s Ragatam Jasmine at Paleside.

OB (10,2)

1 Clark’s Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway, b/t, what more can I say about this lady that has not been already said? Other than what you see is what you get, a lovely expression with dark eyes well filled out under the eye, strong jaw & broad skull, good reach of neck, lovely front & topline & well set on tail, good bone, tight small feet, an excellent thick & loose pelt with double coat that felt like pin wire, moved out well both. CC;

2 Fraser & Butler’s Blue Tutu via Ycart, b/t, lovely lady who I also admired, lovely expression with a keen eye, good reach of neck, level topline & good tailset, narrowest of bodies, lovely bone also had nice feet & firm pads, coat in perfect condition & moved well going forward but just preferred the rear movement of 1;

3 Rayner’s Stoneygin Mo Cuishle.


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