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Blackpool 09 Judge


Judge: Miss Sarah Dandy

Benattivo Mulberry

BEST OF BREED : 1436 GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Benattivo Mulberry
Dog CC : 1429 FRYER Mr D G & Mrs A C Irton Up Helly Aa
Res Dog CC : 1484 NICHOLLS Mr J F & Mrs I H Halcus Annatto
Bitch CC : 1436 GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Benattivo Mulberry
Res Bitch CC : 1485 NICHOLLS Mr J F & Mrs I H Baywillow Maid With Spice For Halcus JW
Best Puppy : 1416 CLARK Mrs P Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway
Best Veteran : 1445 HARDMAN Mrs L A Bonosue Queen Of The Nile Sh.CM
Best Breeder : Mr C P & Mrs S J Girling


Veteran – Dog or Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st: Bonosue Queen of the Nile (Mrs L A Hardman) Grizzle bitch of pleasing size, lively and active, built on good racy body lines. Sound forehand matched with well angulated hindquarter which she used effectively on the move, moved soundly and tracked well. BV.

2nd: Bonosue Ozymandias JW ShCM (Mr I A Hardman) A grizzle male with good typical head and expression. Balanced with good topline, just lost out to 1 in front angulation. Moved well particularly using his angulated hindquarters to give drive in profile.

3rd: Olderhill Hesta at Borderella (Mrs P South)

Minor Puppy – Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 2

1st: Iacheslei Cantus (Miss A Harrison) Well proportioned youngster with super clean outline. Good head, skull and expression with well set ears, strong muzzle and lovely neck. Scored in front assembly with a good lay back of shoulder, straight legs with moderate bone and neat feet. Lovely topline and tailset, good underline with a length of body, well ribbed back and strong loin. Excellent grizzle coat. Moved soundly and tracked very well. Promising.

2nd: Borderella Day Tripper (Mrs P South) Typical otter head on this grizzle puppy with a good reach of neck set into a soundly constructed forehand. Balanced overall, with a narrow body, ribs carried well back, handles well. Moved very well in profile

3rd: Foxcraig Magic Aurora (Mr G R Sugars)

Res: Royday Royal Oak (Mr R Longton)

VHC Ravenside Ballymoss (Mr M Lowry)

Puppy – Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st: Felfree Ricardo Tubbs (Miss F Freer) Soundly constructed with a pleasing head and expression, quite mature with a clean outline. Balanced angulated quarters with level topline and good tailset. Scored on movement, tracking well with drive in profile. Right amount of bone with neat feet, presented in super condition with a good harsh B/T coat.

2nd: Ashbrae Fellman at Beaconpike (Mr & Mrs Golding) Moderate sized grizzle balanced in outline. A keen expression with a good reach of neck, nice bone and feet. Moved well in profile

3rd: Fehmarn Drambuie (Miss J Green)

Junior – Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

1st: Halcus Annatto (Mr J F & Mrs I H Nicolls) Well made, good in outline and balanced, an attractive head with pleasing expression and strong muzzle. Good neck into a clean wither and level topline, held on the move. Soundly constructed forehand, with a layback of shoulder and length in upper arm, correct bone and spring of pastern. Narrow body with a good length and ribs well back. Racy and strong hindquarters used to great effect on the move. Moved extremely well with a good striding forward movement with plenty of reach and drive, one of the few to track so true. RDCC

2nd: Otterbobs Riggindale (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin) . Super typey head of good proportions with keen expression. Angulated and balanced quarters with good neck into well placed shoulders and muscular hindquarters with second thigh, hocks well let down. Well constructed male of a nice moderate size, with good length of body well ribbed back. Presented in full coat with thick pelt. Moved soundly and in fit order

3rd: Balehaugh Boy (Mrs D Stewart)

Res: Rossula Wildgorse (Mrs M Warren)

Graduate – Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 1

1st: Radnorvalley Goshawk Of Rhozzum (Mrs M Sharp) Best mover in class, particularly liked his size and soundness. Pleasing head with moderate neck into a good topline and tailset. Well angulated forehand with defined wither and a good layback of shoulder matched by well constructed racy hindquarters. Balanced, narrow bodylines with a good underline, ribs carried well back. Moved out well in profile and tracked very true.

2nd: Blackmine Rossington to Badgerholme JW (Mr & Mrs B, Miss T Dickinson & James) Handsome head with good expression, length of neck into a well angulated forehand with a length of upper arm and well placed shoulders, balanced with a racy hindquarter with well let down hocks. Straight moderate bone and good feet. Moved well in profile

3rd: Draycore Rockkafela At Kgills (Mr K J & Mrs G Bate)

Res: Rossula Wildgorse (Mrs M Warren)

VHC: Highfell Orient (Mr L Jackson & Miss I M Dugdale)

Post Graduate – Dog Entries: 10 Absentees: 1

1st: Jaenjays Enchanter (Mrs J Nield & Mr M Asquith) Well proportioned male, a typical head with keen expression. Reach of neck into a soundly constructed forehand, with a good topline and underline, a length of body well ribbed back with strong loin. Angulated racy hindquarters with a bend of stifle and hocks well let down, moved well using hocks to drive in profile. Nice type overall, very well balanced and of moderate size, presented with good grizzle coat

2nd: Fehmarn Reap the Harvest (Mrs J Morton-Shaw) Another soundly constructed grizzle of pleasing size and proportions, with a typical otter head with good skull. Balanced quarters, a length of body with correct topline, croup and tailset and a good underline. Good bone and feet. Moved well.

3rd: Rhozzum King Pin (Mrs F J Matthews)

Res: Master Minstral at Beaconpike (Mr & Mrs Golding)

VHC: Chorbeck Moonlight Shadow (Mrs H Haughton)

Limit – Dog Entries: 15 Absentees: 2

1st: Irton Up Helly Aa (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) Stood out in such a strong class for his type and quality, presented on top form. Attractive head and expression with strong neck into a cleanly defined wither with a super topline and an equally good underline with a length of body, well ribbed back and strong loin. Balanced well angulated quarters with a particularly good layback of shoulder and length in upper arm and racy hindquarters with a good bend of stifle and well placed hocks, standing on good legs and feet. Excelled in movement which can be attributed to his sound and balanced construction. Moved out with an economical free easy stride, with plenty of forward reach and drive, holding his topline on the move. Tracked most precisely. Pleasing in outline with nothing overdone and presented in superb fettle. Delighted to award him his first DCC.

2nd: Hawcoat Double Expresso (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner) A soundly constructed grizzle built on racy lines with typical head and appealing expression. Has an elegant reach of neck with level topline and a good underline, with a length of rib. Well angulated balanced quarters with a soundly constructed forehand and racy hindquarter. Presented in fit order with a good harsh coat. Moved positively and soundly with reach in profile.

3rd: Hesslemere Hi Karate JW (Mrs C Davis)

Res: Gameway Charles Dickens (Mrs P Clark)

VHC: Foxcraig Jester (Mr G Sugars)

Open – Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st: Benattivo Rock Robin (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling) Balanced construction with a good body, topline and well constructed quarters. Built on pleasing narrow bodylines and of moderate size, a nice one to go over. Has a very good typical head with keen expression atop a super neck. Pleasing bone with straight legs and small feet. Grizzle, in his underclothes today. Moved and tracked extremely well and caught my eye in profile.

2nd: CH Vandamere’s Secret Agent JW (Miss J Singh) A smart male, very good for type and size, masculine but moderate. Well made, good in outline and balance with a most pleasing head and neck into a cleanly defined wither, good topline and tailset. Sound well constructed quarters and correct underline with a length of body and firm loin. Moved soundly and presented in hard condition but just didn’t sparkle today.

3rd: CH Rhozzum Dankworth (Mrs M Sharp)

Res: Run Along Jake (Mr B A Bassett)

VHC: Kersfell Cock Robin at Hobholt (Mrs M A Wallace)

Minor Puppy – Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 0

1st: Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway (Mrs P Clark) Nicely made youngster beautifully presented with the most superb harsh pinwire coat of correct blue and tan colour. Femine otter head with a good neck into a sound forehand with a good layback of shoulder, balanced with a well angulated hindquarter with a bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Nice bone and feet. Lovely size and outline, liked her overall symmetry and clean lines. She moved so soundly and particularly tracked well. BP

2nd: Iacheslei Cantilena (Miss A Harrison) . Another promising youngster presenting a moderate and balanced outline. Attractive head and expression with a length of neck into good topline, croup and tailset. Good underline with a length of body. Well angulated forehand with well placed shoulders and a sound hindquarter with a bend of stifle and hocks well let down, finished by a well set on tail. Super harsh grizzle coat. Moved well in profile.

3rd: Keycharm Spirit Dancer (Mrs L Illingworth)

Res: Carrickfarm Mika (Mrs V M Armstrong)

VHC: Royday Wiss (Mr R Longton)

Puppy – Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 3

1st: Grindelvald Miss Teak at Eltonfurze (Mrs A Fray) Well balanced feminine grizzle of moderate size presented with a good harsh coat. A pleasing head and lovely expression with good neck into a soundly constructed forehand with well laid back shoulders. A good topline and underline with a length of rib. Well angulated hindquarters with a second thigh. Good tail well set on. Moved soundly and tracked well.

2nd: Benattivo Gemstone for Daluce (Mr J & Mrs H M Thomas) An elegant youngster with a clean outline. Well made, good in outline and balance, with a very attractive typical head and a good reach of neck. Narrow with a good length of body, firm topline and good croup and tailset with lovely underline. Well balanced angulated quarters which she used to effect in profile movement, just didn’t track so precisely as 1. Super fit condition.

3rd: Chorbeck Precious Pearl (Mrs H Haughton)

Junior – Bitch Entries: 19 Absentees: 2

1st: Benattivo Rosina (Mr C & Mrs S Girling) Winner of a strong class, well proportioned grizzle, balanced overall and of lovely moderate size. Has a typical head with a reach of neck into a correct topline and tailset. Very good forehand angulation with length in upper arm, balanced with a racy hindquarter which she used to effect on move, she moved soundly and tracked best in class. A quality bitch good for type with a tight grizzle coat, just seemed to give up in the challenge.

2nd: Tallowbrook Memento Of Quatford (Mrs V Furness) A stylish bitch, very striking and presented in tip- top condition with super B/T coat of correct texture and colour. Pleasing feminine head and expression with good neck, topline and underline, most pleasing in size and narrow through, she presented a clean outline with well balanced quarters. Just lost out to 1 on tracking, but moved well in profile. Close decision between the first two places.

3rd: Rexlands Golden Plover by Karison (Miss K & Mrs D Johnson & Pearson)

Res: Rhozzum User Friendly (Mrs M Sharp)

VHC: Stoneygin Mo Cuishle (Mr G & Mrs D Rayner)

Graduate – Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1st: Hesslemere Miss Lemon JW (Mrs C Davis) Feminine, moderately sized grizzle who showed with enthusiasm. Pleasing head and expression, a reach of neck and very good front assembly. Balanced overall with right amount of bone and small feet. Good topline held on the move where she excelled in this class, moving well both in profile and fore and aft. Good carroty tail well set on.

2nd: Radnorvalley Glamour Girl of Foxhaigh (Miss T Collier) Pleasing in outline with clean narrow lines, good forehand with level topline and a good tailset. Correct underline well ribbed back, with good length and strong loin. Soundly constructed hindquarter with bend of stifle, second thigh and well let down hocks used to advantage on the move in profile.

3rd: Riseburn Roulette (Miss C Tutin)

Res: Kgills Dare to Dream (Mr K J & Mrs G Bate)

VHC: Irton Polka (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer)

Post Graduate – Bitch Entries: 14 Absentees: 5

1st: Gameway Margarita at Southash (Mr J & Mrs I M Southam) Soundly constructed and typical grizzle with well balanced quarters. A nice head with flat skull and strong muzzle, length of neck into good topline and tailset. Good front assembly, underline and well angulated hindquarters. Of pleasing size and proportions, moved the best in this class from all angles.

2nd: Borderella Amy (Mrs P South) Nice type overall with an appealing head and expression with a lovely neck into a well placed wither and good topline and tailset. Soundly constructed, balanced quarters on good straight legs and neat feet.
In lovely toned condition with firm loin and muscular but racy hindquarters.
Moved well in profile just didn’t track as well as 1.

3rd: Foxcraig Magic (Mr G Sugars)

Res: Quarryway Sorrel (Mrs B & Mr K E Johnson & Williams)

VHC: Hanway Back to the Future (Mrs J Willetts)

Limit – Bitch Entries: 11 Absentees: 2

1st: Benattivo Mulberry (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling) A quality bitch on top form today. Typical and feminine with good head and expression, elegant neck into a cleanly defined wither. Extremely balanced in outline, well put together with good body proportions and very soundly made balanced quarters, correctly constructed front assembly and sound level topline. Effortless movement, displaying super reach and angulation using her excellently made hindquarters to great effect. Good legs, bone and feet with good pasterns and hocks. Presented in super harsh grizzle coat and a beautifully toned condition, has an active demeanour with great ring presence. Pleased to award her first BCC & BOB.

2nd: Karison Kamellia JW (Miss K Johnson) A very honest bitch winning her place in such a strong class on her excellent profile movement. Pleasing in size and overall proportions with a feminine head and expression, good ears, nice neck into a very well constructed forehand with correct topline, underline and a thick carroty tail well set on to finish the picture. Harsh grizzle coat in excellent order. Moved sound and true but was a bit lack lustre when called in to compete for the Res CC.

3rd: Tythrop Traviata (Mrs J Lee)

Res: Irton Strawberry Fair At Howthwaite JW (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)

VHC: Alcumlow Starry Night (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

Open – Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st: Baywillow Maid with Spice for Halcus JW (Mr J F & Mrs I H Nicholls) Shapely grizzle bitch with a lovely balanced outline. Good head with typical expression. Pleasing body proportions, level topline and very well constructed quarters, with a good underline and length of rib. Scored on front assembly with clean well placed shoulders balanced with super hind angulation and was the best mover in this class, moving with reach and drive and tracking extremely well. In good muscle tone and condition, could not deny her soundness of movement to award her RBCC.

2nd: Comberdown Ciara (Mr I & Mrs A Higham) Feminine head of good proportions on this well put together grizzle, with a reach of neck into a sound forehand, correct topline with defined coup and well set tail, matched with a very good underline. Well balanced quarters, with good legs, feet and hocks. Moved well with drive and tracked true.

3rd: Stoneygin Ripon Ruby at Badgerholme JW ShCM (Dickinson & James)

Res: Glebeheath Figurine (Mrs J Guvercin)

VHC: Rexlands Serin (Mrs D Pearson)

Sarah Dandy (Judge)

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