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Border Birmingham National 15 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 15 Judge


Judge: Mr John Dace

BEST OF BREED : 6971 HALL & ELLIS Messrs C & L Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW
Dog CC : 6971 HALL & ELLIS Messrs C & L Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW
Res Dog CC : 6979 HORNER Mr & Mrs A G & C Stineval Napoleon
Bitch CC : 6925 ARMSTRONG, Mr E & ARMSTRONG Dr M Ch Ploughdown Placida
Res Bitch CC : 7041 SPENCER Miss C Ploughdown Persephone
Best Puppy : 6946 DOCWRA Mrs V L K Bandicoot Doc Martin
Best Veteran : 6933 BAXTER Mrs S J Am Can Int Ch Sulan Fancy That


Border Terriers

I must begin by saying a very sincere thanks to the KC & the officers & committee of the Birmingham Dog Show for giving me this most prestigious appointment to award CCs for the first time.

Also again sincere thanks to the exhibitors for their splendid entry & acceptance of my decisions on the day, & to my very efficient stewards who ensured that classes moved along which helped in a timely finish.

On reflection of the exhibits I found that teeth & mouths were very good on the whole, feet were variable as was movement. Temperaments were good. All dogs were entire. My main concerns were in the condition of some exhibits who could have been fitter & harder in muscletone but where has the consistent ‘head like that of an otter’ gone? The variance in head shape & therefore expression was quite evident. I was pleased with my final awards & again many thanks to everyone for making this one of my most memorable days.

The depth of quality particularly in the bitches bodes well for the breed in the future but as already mentioned concentration on heads to achieve the ‘head like that of an otter’ should be one of the paramount objectives.

MPD (1)

1 Brewster & Green’s Stowthorney Mr Tickle, 9 months grizzle. Stood alone. Nice expression. Strong teeth. Dark eyes. Narrow through with ribs well back. In good double coat. Moved well. One to watch.

PD (5,1)

1 Docwra’s Bandicoot Doc Martin, 12 months grizzle. Typy head with dark eyes & lovely expression. Good scissor bite. Nice reach of neck. Good shoulder placement. Narrow through with ribs well back. In fine condition. Well set on tail. Moved easy with good ground cover. I predict a good future. Pleased to award him BPD & BP. Discovered that his sire is the same as the sire of my BOB;

2 Bryan & Pounder’s Hemlockstone Nimrod, 10 months. Slightly smaller than 1 but with lots of Border attributes. Nice expression. Good bite. Narrow racy lines. Nice bend of stifle. Level topline. Double coat. Good on move. Should develop well;

3 North’s Bandicoot Jimmy Choo at Northborders.

JD (10,1)

1 Horner’s Stineval Napoleon, a young dog that I have waited some time to go over & he did not disappoint. Good otter type head with strong jaw & scissor bite. Narrow front with good reach of neck & ribs well back. Good bend of stifle giving great movement. I think this dog has an excellent future & was very pleased to award him RCC;

2 Armstrong’s Ploughdown Plato, bl/t dog with lovely qualities. Otter type head. Harsh double coat. Reach of neck into good shoulders. Hard & fit. Movement good. This was a very close decision & could reverse in the future;

3 Clarke’s Gameway McVitie.

ND (3)

1 Johnson’s Karison Keiser, in full coat which gave impression of being a little thick in neck however he has the qualities that I like. Good strong head with dark eyes & correct denture. Spannable. Thick pelt with double coat. Lovely thick tapering well set on tail. Moved with drive & purpose;

2 Broomhead & Bean’s Plushcourt The Boss Bee at Manorcroft, good type head – narrow through – easily spanned. In good coat with pliable pelt. Ribs well back. Nice feet. In fit condition. Moved well;

3 Southham’s Badgerbeck Morgan at Southash.

GD (4)

1 Brewster & Green’s Breckgreen Soldier Blue, very neat bl/t. Handy size. Good reach of neck into good shoulder assembly. Well ribbed back. Easily spanned. In fit condition. Tight feet. Good ground covering movement;

2 Jordan & Smith’s Glebeheath Smash N’grab, again lots to like. Good head. Dark eyes. Strong jaw & bite. Thick pelt & double coat. Spannable with nice length of back. Good bend of stifle giving good rearend angulation & movement;

3 Goulding’s Earthdog Lanyard by Beaconpike.

PGD (7,1)

1 Jackson’s Clipstone Starshine, a beautifully made dog. Typical of this kennel. Smashing head with correct bite, strong jaw, neat ears, keen expression. Good reach of neck into well-constructed shoulders. Narrow & easily spanned. Pliable thick pelt with hard wiry double coat. Good rear end angulation giving drive. In fit condition. I think he has a very bright future. Well considered in final line-up;

2 Dean’s Manorborders Maverick by Tyrian, bl/t. Again with many good attributes. He is slightly heavier in build than 1 but spannable. Nice expression, strong jaw with good scissor bite. Level topline with correct tailset. Coat not quite at best. Good movement;

3 Wildey’s Shiftyfox Roll The Dice.

LD (11,2)

1 Girling’s Benattivo Betfred, another fine example of the breed. Good otter type head with all attributes. Strong jaw. Large teeth. Dark eye. Correct stop. Harsh coat with thick pelt. Good bend of stifle giving ground coverage. Handy size;

2 Duxbury’s Keycharm by Ridgebow, slightly larger than 1 but spannable. Lovely head shape with all attributes, dark eyes, strong jaw, scissor bite, large teeth. Nice neck into well angled shoulders. Straight front. Ribs well back. Narrow through. Hard double coat with thick pelt. Level topline with good bend of stifle giving easy movement. Would do a day’s work;

3 Waller’s Question Master.

OD (7,1)

1 Hall & Ellis’ Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach, opportunities to not only breed but own an outstanding dog are very rare but here is one. It gave me one of the most significant times in my career to assess such a dog, an absolute dream. He is such an outstanding showman whilst having all the points that a Border Terrier should possess. All I would say is that the breed Standard is met in every aspect. CC & BOB. Nothing more needs to be said except I was more than pleased to see him awarded G3;

2 Privezentseva’s Multi Ch Stella Rover, bl/t, a worthy ch in all respects. Good head, dark eyes, large teeth, strong jaw. Good reach of neck into well constructed shoulders. Narrow front extending through with ribs well back. Level topline. In fit condition;

3 Tyumentseva’s Cederhill No Excuse Needed.

VD (4,1)

1 Dean’s Ch Cedarhill Authorised, 8 years. A worthy ch. Lovely Border type head with keen expression. Strong jaw. Good reach of neck. Narrow front & narrow through. Level topline. Carroty type tail, well set on. Moved with lots of drive. Does not look his age;

2 Hunt’s Ch Ethlencoral Pip of Ottaswell, 7 years. Slightly larger than 1 but spannable & typical Border. Many fine aspects, good head, plenty of substance. Double coat, pliable thick pelt. Level topline. Well constructed rearend with good movement;

3 Axford’s Barterhound Rhinestone.

MPB (11,2)

1 Ritchie’s Ianteg Red Rubi, 9 months, alert youngster with good head shape, dark eyes, keen expression. Straight front. Narrow through. Level topline. Moved well for a puppy. Will watch her progress with interest;

2 Southam’s Southash Dancing Queen, 8 months, again a nice sized puppy with lots to like. Not to exaggerated in any way. Good feminine head shape with dark eye, strong jaw. Correct coat & pelt;

3 Stowthorney Miss Chief by Northborders.

PB (8,1)

1 McFarlane’s Lynsett Bold Spirit, 11 months. A young bitch with a strong head. Lovely expression with dark eyes, nice v-shaped ears. The best of coats, wiry, double with thick pelt. Level topline. Narrow body. Very good tail, short, thick at base & tapering well. Moved well. One I liked very much. Hard decision in puppy challenge. BPB;

2 Morgan’s Blewecourt Carp Horam, 10 months. Another classy puppy with lots to like. Nice head, dark eyes, keen expression. Good coat & pelt. Level topline on the move. Nice bend of stifle with well let down hocks. Tight feet;

3 Ruth’s Hemlockstone Diana at Bowencloud.

JB (16,4)

1 Spencer’s Ploughdown Persephone, I really liked this young lady. Lovely clean head with correct proportions. V-shaped ears, dark eyes which gave a lovely expression. Good shoulder construction. Straight front & ribs well back, narrow through. Level topline with tail set on correctly & meeting the Standard. Good bend of stifle which enhanced her movement. I was pleased to discover that she was bred at the same kennels as my BCC winner. RCC;

2 Parkes’ Clevepark Dazzle, another typy bitch. Slightly longer cast than 1. But lots to like. Good head, strong jaw, good dentition. Harsh double coat with thick pelt. Level topline maintained on the move. Moved with ease;

3 Baxter’s Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin’.

NB (4)

1 Roderick’s Benattivo Good News for Barterhound, dark eyes, small v-shaped ears, good mouth. Nice reach of neck. Narrow front & narrow through. Moved well. Will be interested to see her mature;

2 Lorraine’s Raleniro New Rose, handy size with many good Border attributes. She was perhaps a little nervous & reluctant. Good when moving;

3 Prevost & Hopkins’ Argentail Midsummer Sky.

GB (11,1)

1 Goulding’s Beaconpike Venus, handy size, good head with nice expression, ears set close to cheeks, dark eyes. Clean neck with plenty of reach. Well placed shoulders. Narrow front. Easily spanned. Ribs well back. Good bend of stifle. Moved well;

2 Gilpin’s Otterbobs Xolana, stronger in build than 1. Head of correct proportions, with all Border elements. Well presented. Harsh coat, pliable pelt. Covered the ground well on tight feet. Good bend of stifle;

3 Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Mara.

PGB (15,4)

1 Baird’s Tojamatt Debutante for Dowgri, well balanced with lots of Border attributes. Not quite as racy as some but easily spanned. Level topline retained on the move. Well let down hocks. Tight coat. One to watch;

2 Ritchie’s Ianteg Aurelia, racier type. Dark eye, nice earset. Strong jaw & good bite. Narrow front. Good shoulders. Tight feet. Moved with plenty of drive & purpose;

3 Read’s Badgerbeck Cha Cha Cha at Roxambor.

LB (18,4)

1 Johnson’s Benattivo Best Bet Karison, well balanced. In fit condition. Good head with all Border attributes yet feminine. Easily spanned. Level topline. Narrow through. Lovely short tail of correct proportions. Good bend of stifle giving free striding movement. Plenty of hard wiry coat with thick pelt. Should achieve top honours;

2 Lambeth’s Lutudarum Kristallkrona, similar in type to 1. Feminine head with correct Border proportions & attributes. Dark eyes, good scissor bite. Narrow front. Ribs well back. Strong loin. Good tailset. Good bend of stifle with well let down hocks giving lovely free movement;

3 Phillips’ Nantoch Ffion.

OB (12,4)

1 Armstrong’s Ch Ploughdown Placida, she is my ideal type of Border bitch. Excellent in size. Lovely proportionate head with keen expression. Easily spanned. In super fit condition. Harsh double coat with good pelt. Good rear end angulation giving super movement. Hard decision in challenge for BOB. CC;

2 Dean’s Cedarhill Wish Upon A Star, slightly smaller than 1 but an extremely good type. Smashing Border head with good scissor bite, dark eyes, small v-shaped ears. Good reach of neck. Narrow front, easily spanned. Ribs well back. Strong loins, covered ground well. Tight harsh coat. Could swap places any day;

3 Jenkins’ Badgerbeck Prediction.

VB (2)

1 Baxter’s Am/Can/Int Ch Sulan Fancy That, 8 years young & not showing her age. Showed herself very well. All the finest points a Border can have. Keen, lively, good movement. Harsh tight coat. Easily spanned. Not surprised that she has the Ch status she holds;

2 Small’s Badgerbeck Tree Piit at Tilmoray, 7½ years bl/t, again not showing age. Nice head with dark eyes, good mouth, ear shape. Handy size. Good topline & tailset. Short carroty tail. Coat not quite at best but good pelt.


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