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Border Bath 18 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bath 18 Judge



Judge: Mr K J Bartlett

BEST OF BREED : 1043 GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Ch Benattivo Fire Flower JW
Dog CC : 1045 GUVERCIN Mrs J Ch Baillieswells Glengyle at Glebeheath JW
Res Dog CC : 1048 HOLLINGSBEE Mr M J & Mrs J M Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood
Bitch CC : 1043 GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Ch Benattivo Fire Flower JW
Res Bitch CC : 1031 BAIRD Mr W & Mrs T Dowgri Demelza Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 1080 SPAFFORD Mrs S Dassett Last Waltz
Best Veteran : 1054 JACKSON Misses J & E Ch Cobstoneway Moon River At Clipstone
Best Special Beginner : 1063 PATEMAN Miss S J Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien


My thanks to Bath Canine Society for the inviting me to judge at their show also my two stewards who kept things running smoothly.

MPD (4)

1 Spafford's Dassett Last Waltz, liked his head and expression nice in eye and ears well set, nicely bodied coat good, moved really well today to get Best Puppy in Breed.

2 Matthews' Tojamatt Taboo, another pleasing one to go over, narrow in front and spannable, racy in hindquarters not moving as well as 1st but did enough to win the next class.

3 Pearce's Onthill Nighthawk.

PD (3)

1 Matthews' Tojamatt Taboo.

2 Ritche's Ianteg Cream Cookie, pleasing for size and in head good neck and shoulders and topline, tail set correct, well ribbed standing on neat feet pleasing on the move.

3 Pile's Heading for Home at Moleschamber.

JD (1)

1 Single's Brackenfell Born to be Alive, otter head with short muzzle good mouth, ok for bone coat and thick pelt moved out well.

GD (2)

1 Hollingsbee's Tarkaswell Smart move to Otterwood, liked his size skull broad neat ears good in front and rear angulation, level topline to well set tail, in good coat, moved true both ways and in profile, well deserved the res CC.

2 Wilson,'s Earthtaw Jack the Lad at Olderhill, pleasing in head neck and shoulders good for bone well ribbed back spannable in good coat, just preferred overall performance of 1.

PGD (3,1)

1 Read, Roxambor Space Invader, broad in skull dark eyes neck flows into clean shoulders, narrow front, easily spanned, good in hindquarters and coat, pleasing on the move.

2 Phipps' Tufterslodge Tea n Cake, nice strong head, good in front and topline, well ribbed back, tail set and carrige, correct moved true.

LD (5,1)

1 Larner's Hawcoat Mr Fixit, liked his shape and size otter head, neat ears, good in neck and shoulders, spannable narrow althrough well set on, good in hindquarters pleasing on the move.

2 Dennis' Moleschamber Finlaggan, another nice one just lacking coat today, lovely head and expression and body shape, front and rear movement good.

3 Pile's Tarkaswell Dr Zhivago at Moleschamber Sh CM.

OD (5)

1 Guvercin, Ch. Ballieswells Glengyle at Glebeheath, liked eveyrthing about this 22 month old dog, liked his size, the best of heads. straight front, well bodied, racy in hind quarters, in good coat and standing on neat well padded feet. moved with drive to win a good class of dogs. CC.

2 Matthews' Tojamatt Moriarty, another pleasing one, good head shape with strong jaw and correct mouth, narrow front, good in neck and shoulders, well bodied and moved out well.

3 Holmes, Ir. Ch Barnby Caramel Wafer at Bimandi JW Sh CM.

Vet D (2,1)

1 Spencer's Ch. Cobstoneway River Magic JW Sh CM. 8 years, and still looks good pleasing. head well set and well carried ears, nicely ribbed, good tail set and carrige, moved well.

Sp Beginners (1)

1 Pateman's Twiggiestone Somethin Else for Lessien, a lovely young bitch, pleasing in head, eyes and coat, moved ok, pleased to watch her get 2nd in special beginners group.

PB (3)

1 Guverin's Glebeheath Fingers on Lips, a promising young bitch, lovely head and expression bodying up nicely straight in front good topline and tail set, moved well round the ring.

2 Pateman's Twigglestone Somethin Else for Lessien.

3 De Boorder's Boorderway Crimson Maple.

JB (7)

1 Heely's Thistlemead Harmony, a nice all round bitch, typical head and expression, neck flows into well laid shoulders, good topline and tail set, nice in body well ribbed moved well both ways.

2 Ascombe's Gameway French Fancy Avec Orangebox, feminine head nice expression, pleasing in neck and shoulders, straight front with good bone and feet, spannable coat, correct and thick pelt.

3 Service, Marsirdan Jemima Puddle.

NB (5,1)

1 Guvercin,Glebeheath Fingers on Lips.

2 Heely's Thistlemead Harmony,

3 Service, Marsirdan Jemima Puddle

GB (1) transferred.

1 Anscombe, Gameway French Fancy Avec Orangebox.

2 De Boorder, Mulberry Blossom for Boorderway,pleasing for shape and size femmine head with darks eyes ears well set clean in front level back pleasing in rear angulation good bone and feet moving well.

3 Read, Miltonbury Sunrise at Roxamber

PGB (5,2)

1 Taylor & Taylor's Clydebeck Solitaire, nice in outline, feminine head, good mouth and dark eyes, straight front, thick pads. good coat and pelt, well ribbed backed, racy in hindquarters, won this class on her movement.

2 Greenway's Amber Sprit Gambler, a lovely bitch of good size, otter head, keen expression good neck and shoulders well bodied best of coats and spannable pleasing on the move.

3 Windsor-Hichens & Lee's Marizion May Flower.

LB (5,2)

1 Stevens' Cobstoneway Love Song JW Sh CM, another lovely bitch for size, feminine head, neat well set ears neck flows into a level topline, good tail set and carriage, harsh coat spanned easily, looked good stacked and on the move.

2 Baird's Tojamatt Debutante for Dowgri Sh CM. typical head and expression, narrow front, legs of good bone, nice in body with good ribbing, topline level and tail well set and carried, racy in hindquarters, moving well both ways.

3 Small's Tilmoray Tyurtle Dove.

OB (6,2)

1 Girling's Ch. Benattivo Fire Flower, a lovely all round bitch liked her size lovely head and expression, narrow front, neck flows into level back, tail set correct, racy hindquarters, spannable and in good coat. moved with drive, looked good from all angles, pleased to give her the CC and Best of Breed.

2 Baird's Dowgri Demeiza Sh CM, another pleasing one, typical head and expression, narrow all through with good bone, neat well padded feet,well presemted good on the move.

3 Samson, Ch. Tarkawell Double Agent JW Sh CM.

Vet B (5,1)

1 Jackson's Ch. Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone, 8 and a half years old and in good coat, pleasing in head, body, neck and shoulders. moved really well to get Best Veteran.

2 Small's Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at Tilmoray JW Sh CM. 11 years, in good coat and moved ok.

3 Hyslop's Baywillow Brown Braid JW Sh CM

Judge Ken Bartlett

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