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Border Bath 16 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bath 16 Judge


Judge: Mr A Hedges

BEST OF BREED : 1357 RITCHIE Ms S Ianteg Red Rubi Jw Shcm
Dog CC : 1324 MARTIN Mr D K & Mrs D Bortino High Society
Res Dog CC : 1300 HALL & ELLIS Messrs C & L Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW
Bitch CC : 1357 RITCHIE Ms S Ianteg Red Rubi Jw Shcm
Res Bitch CC : 1326 MARTIN Mr D K & Mrs D Bortino Smiling Queen
Best Puppy : 1277 BAXTER Mrs S J Mysulan Going Solo
Best Veteran :


My thanks go to the Officers and Committee of Bath show for inviting me to come and judge Border Terriers for the first time, and on the Bath Billiard Table as well, it was a fabulous day for me and will live long in my memory.
I thought the dogs were better than the bitches although reading through my critique it doesn’t sound like that, but it was. If I may make a couple of points. Nobody who goes to shows goes to lose and some are making it rather easy for the judge to give them a hard time. Long pointed nails are not good news , nor is standing the dog like a rocking horse. If you are going to use bait, the dog needs to think it has a chance of getting it, the idea is to bring him up on his toes and make a much better picture. Every little helps, none of the opposition are going to roll over and make it easy for you!
Hind movement was generally better than front movement, and plenty could have been fitter.
My thanks go to all who entered, you gave me a wonderful day and I was honoured by each and every one of you

Minor Puppy - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st - Blewecourt Zeus (Mr M Gardner)
This chap has a good front, level topline and a good tail and set. He moved well in front, was easily spanned and has decent head.

2nd - Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony (Miss J Hughes & Mr M J L Kendrick)
This one has a stronger head than the winner and he moved better behind , but he is less easily spanned.

Puppy - Dog Entries: 8 Absentees: 1

1st - Mysulan Going Solo (Mrs S J Baxter)
This chap won this class pretty easily and subsequently BPIB. I liked him all over, he has a good head, a narrow and straight front, a good topline and hindquarters with a good tail set. He has a good coat and pelt, he is a lovely colour and I was very taken with him. He was shown and showed well.

2nd - Shiftyfox To The Victor (Mr V J Pearce)
This one beat the third by virtue of moving a bit better, although I slightly preferred 3’s head. He is good enough in front, moved well behind and his coat will get better

3rd - Cedarhill Shining Star At Nookshot (Miss R C Newman)
I liked this chaps head, he has a good front and topline and his coat is OK. I moved 2 and 3 together at the end and 2 just edged on movement.

Res - Southash Deputy Sheriff At Smurfski (Mr J Yore)

VHC - Shiftyfox Tried And Tested (Mr G Wildey)

Junior - Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1st - Orangebox Dark Energy (Mr M & Mrs T Anscombe)
Blue dog who I liked a lot for head, size and balance. He has a good expression, straight and narrow front, good coat and pelt, good topline and hindquarters and he moved well, smart dog.

2nd - Picer Fellemburg (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)
Very masculine dog, well up to size, strong head, good bone, level topline, good coat and pelt, moved well, just a bit too much for me.

3rd - Jucres King Of The Hill (Mr R and Mrs J Balkwill)
This is a nice headed dog who I liked a lot, he has a good front and body and he moves well, his tail lets him down a bit.

Novice - Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st - Remony Midnight Rambler (Mrs A E Gregory)
This chap is a bit finely built all though for me, but he moves ok, and the ringside appreciated the effort he and his handler put in to secure this very hot class.

Graduate - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st - Glebeheath Smash N'grab (Miss L M Jordan & Mr A M Smith)
This is a tidy dog all round. He moves OK, his front is good enough, he has a decent topline and a good coat.

2nd - Tyrian Arrowsmith (Mrs K Dean)
I preferred the head on this one, but his coat is gone and he didn’t go quite as well on the move, but like 1, he has all the essentials there.

Post Graduate - Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1st - Onthill Aramis (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)
This chap does not help himself at all, maybe he does on other days, but today he really tried to throw it away. I liked him a lot, he has a very nice head, a good straight front which is narrow, he has a good topline, good coat and pelt and a good tail and set. His hindquarters are good and he moves well. If he shaped himself a bit who knows how far he could go, but his handler has it all on with him. Good luck.

2nd - Kyscafter Frosty Jack (Mrs R Kelland)
This is a smart dog who went very well. He has a nice head, a good front, a level topline and decent hindquarters. He has a good coat and a good expression. I liked him.

3rd - Navy Seal By Tyrian (Mrs K A Dean)
This guy held his own well in decent company, he has all the virtues of 1 and 2 but not to quite the same degree. I liked his head, front, body and hindquarters, his coat and pelt are ok and he moved well enough

Res - Badgerbeck Prototype (Miss S L Hillman)

VHC - Roxambor Magical Timepiece (Mr B J & Mrs A E Read)

Limit - Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 0

1st - Stineval Napoleon JW (Mr & Mrs A G Horner)
This is a very smart dog who was the best mover so far. He has a good front, which is straight and narrow, a good neck onto a level topline and he has good hindquarters. His coat was profuse and he has a good pelt along with a good tail and set. I liked his head and expression. A smart dog.

2nd - Cedarhill Once Upon a Time (Mrs C Dean)
A lot the above remarks apply here, but this chap is slightly longer in the back. He has a good head, a good topline and a very good tail, he moved well but was edged out by one who’s front I preferred.

3rd - Barnby Caramel Wafer At Bimandi (Mrs M J Holmes)
I really liked this dog and he has all the virtues mentioned above in both dogs, but, he was totally devoid of coat which did for him in the end, but he has a good head, a lovely body and he moves very well. Hard lines arriving with no coat. Better days ahead I am sure.

Res - Question Master (Mrs S Waller)

VHC - Raleniro Second Time Around (Mr M J & Mrs D A Lorraine & Miss P Thomas)

Open - Dog Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st - CH Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW (Mr C Hall & Miss L Ellis)
A very good dog indeed, he has a strong head, straight and narrow front, good topline, hindquarters and movement, excellent coat and pelt, and is presented to a very high standard. I preffered the head and size of my CC winner. RCC.

2nd - CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Miss L M Jenkins)
I liked this dog a lot, he has all the virtues of one above, but he would not co-operate with his handler to any great degree, and with the sort of quality that 1 has, you have to be putting your best foot forward, and he didn’t. Lovely head, good front, body and hindquarters, coat and pelt, but, on another day, who knows?

3rd - Cobstoneway Lazy River (Mesdames R & J Squibbs & Barker)
This is another very smart dog, he did not have the condition or coat to cope with one and two, but I liked him overall, but the competition was very tough.

Res - Cro CH Stonechester Question Von Jrasamuyr (Miss C Khatchikian)

VHC - Bortino Red Emperor (Mr D K & Mrs D Martin)

Veteran - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st - Bortino High Society (Mr D K & Mrs D Martin)
This chap won the CC pretty much as soon as I saw him. I thought he was wonderful. He has what I consider to be a super head and an excellent expression, he has a strong foreface, good underjaw, and a proper set of teeth. He has a very good neck onto well laid shoulders, he has a bang straight narrow front and very neat feet. He has a level topline, a narrow body and a very good backend. He moves very well in front, and on the odd occasion that him and his owner got it together, he moves well enough behind. I would have happily taken him home. CC.

2nd - Borderella Day Tripper JW ShCM (Mrs P South)
This chap is a lovely dog and looked in the pink, he was very unlucky to run up against one of my stars of the day. Thankyou very much for bringing him, it was my honour with both of these guys.

Minor Puppy - Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

These are two nice puppies, I preferred the head on one over 2, the second had a shorter back, they both had good coats and are in my opinion two nice puppies.

1st - Benattivo Fire Flower (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling)

2nd - Quite Fiery Lucifer by Badgerbeck (Miss L M Jenkins)

Puppy - Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st - Bromsden Skyfall (Mrs L J Vintcent)
This is a lovely headed puppy, she is ok if front and her topline is ok but it slopes off a bit. She moves along nicely and her coat and pelt are OK

2nd - Southash Annie Oakley At Smurfski (Mr J Yore)
This is a tidy bitch. I preferred the head and length of the winner in this class, her coat is ok and she has the makings elsewhere, maybe just needs more time.

3rd - Earthtaw Herb Robert (Miss J A & Mr M W V Haydon & Gibbings)
This one has a lot of the same attributes as the two above, and will I suspect be rather different to look at in a few more months. All the basics are there, just needs time.

Res - Chesterton Caboodle (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney)

VHC - Nookshot Divalicious (Miss R C Newman)

Junior - Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

I liked all of the first three in this class.

1st - Picer Flora Mcivor (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)
This is a good headed bitch in full coat. She has a very good front, a good neck into a level topline and she has good hindquarters. She is narrow all through , has a good pelt and a good tail and set. She edged out the second on better movement, but there wasn’t a lot in it. Nice bitch.

2nd - Brankell Double Or Quits (Mr P Brannan & Miss M Kelly)
Pretty much all I have said about the winner applies to this bitch as well, another one who has a lot of good things going for her. The winner moved that bit better behind today and that was the deciding factor.

3rd - Cobstoneway Love Song (Mrs G Stevens)
This is a bit repetitive, but the same applies here, lots of good bits, head, front , coat, tail, the other two moved better in my view. This one is a perfectly good mover, as is number 2, but the winner just went that bit better.

Res - Bimandi's Bananarama (Mrs M J Holmes)

VHC - Marizion May Flower (J Windsor-Hichens & A Lee)

Novice - Bitch Entries: 8 Absentees: 0

1st - Mulberry Blossom (Miss De Boorder)
This one was maybe a smidge up on the leg for me but she looked like she could put a shift in if called upon. She has a nice head, a good front, a level topline, good tail, coat and pelt. She moved well enough and was shown well.

2nd - La Senza (Mrs M Medhurst)
This is a tidy bitch who was handled very well. She has a decent head and expression, her front , body and hindquarters and coat are all up to the mark. I preferred the winners head.

3rd - Quite Fiery Lucifer by Badgerbeck (Miss L M Jenkins)
The second of the two nice minor puppies.

Res - Badgerbeck Fair Trade (Miss S L Hillman)

VHC - Earthtaw Herb Robert (Miss J A & Mr M W V Haydon & Gibbings)

Graduate - Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st - Ianteg Red Rubi JW ShCM (Miss S Richie)
My BCC & BOB winner. This bitch won pretty easily here and at the death just held on from the veteran bitch who tempted me so much. I think this bitch has a super head with an excellent expression, strong muzzle and a good set of teeth, she has a strong neck and a very good straight and narrow front. She has a good body, her ribs go well back and she has a very good backend and moves very well, She had very good muscle tone, which was missing in plenty, and whist she is a bit short of coat, what she has is of good texture and she has a good pelt. She moves better behind than the dog and that’s what got her BOB. She went well in the group, and topped off a great day for me. Thankyou very much.

2nd - Bardenfox Pussy Galore JW (Mr K H & Mrs D Moore)
This is another smart bitch, but turning up with minimal coat doesn’t give you much chance against this winner in my view. Having said that she is not so far off, she has a lovely head, a good front which is narrow, a good body and hindquarters and moved well. I hope to see her when she has more coat.

3rd - Heatherdrift Harmony At Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yates)
This is another typy bitch who put her best foot forward. She shares a lot of the same virtues as the ones that beat her, but not to quite the same degree.

Res - Blewecourt Carpe Horam (Mr M & Mrs T Morgan)

VHC - Laurelton Charlie's Angel At Towden (Mrs E Cole)

Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 15 Absentees: 2

1st - Tarkaswell Doctor's Orders JW (Mrs C E Sansom)
This one is a very typy bitch who was the best mover in the class. She has a good head and a nice expression. She has a straight narrow front and her body is narrow all through. She has good hindquarters with a well set tail and a good coat and pelt. This was a very competitive class, but she repelled all borders to win the day.

2nd - Torryburn Cadenza (Miss J Aldis)
In the final analysis of this class, I preferred the head on this one, but the winner edged her out of the move. The most of the above remarks apply here in equal measure, nobody was giving it away and she was putting it all in right till the end.

3rd - Argentail Titania by Onthill (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)
This one scored well from the neck back as I was not wild about her head. She has a good front which is narrow, she has a good body and hindquarters, a good coat, pelt and tail and was a well worthy contender, a nice bitch.

Res - Mulberry Blossom (Miss De Boorder)

VHC - Clydebeck Solitaire (Mrs S & Mr M & Miss J Taylor)

Limit - Bitch Entries: 13 Absentees: 1

I found this class hard work to judge, nothing grabbed me at all and it was very much a case of balancing one bit against another in all of them.

1st - Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin' (Mrs S J Baxter)
This blue and tan bitch has a super coat and she was the best mover in the class. I would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle, but it has strength and houses good teeth, she has a very good front, which is straight and narrow, a good body with a level topline and I liked her back end. She has a good tail and set and a decent pelt as well

2nd - Otterbobs Xolana (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)
This is a typy bitch who scores well from the neck backwards, she has a good front, good body and hindquarters and she moves well. Her head butters no parsnips for me but her virtues are behind the collar where she also has a good coat and pelt and a well set tail.

3rd - Kyscafter Fizz (Miss L S Robbins)
This bitch is a smidge on the leg but it is not a great distraction, she has a nice head, and is typy and sound. She has a good coat and pelt, and a well set tail.

Res - Thistlestone Ms Money Penny (Mr S Whisker & Miss J May)

VHC - Ploughdown Persephone (Miss C Spencer)

Open - Bitch Entries: 16 Absentees: 4

Having seen all of the above (first three placed) since they were puppies, I never imagined for one second I would ever judge them, thank you for doing me the honour of bringing them.

1st - CH Bramblebrae Violet at Shiftyfox JW (Mr G Wildey)
As someone who likes to look for great virtues, this bitch made my day, she has the most fantastic coat and pelt, and I don’t know about working in all weathers, but I don’t think a power washer could get to her, what a coat and pelt. Aside of that, she has a lovely head, good narrow front, lovely body with ribs well back, an excellent back end and she moved very well. It was her excellent movement that just held off the 2nd when push came to shove at the end of the class, which was very competitive and a pleasure to judge.

2nd - CH Emblehope Dance and Dance JW (Miss D Bladen)
Presented in immaculate condition without a hair out of place as you would expect, this lovely bitch put up a terrific fight for the first place. She has a lovely head, a straight and narrow front, a narrow body and very good hindquarters, she has a good coat and tail, but in the final analysis, she got outmoved in the front by the winner. A lovely bitch.

3rd - CH Tarkaswell Double Agent JW ShCM (Mrs C E Samsom)
This lovely bitch is slightly more on the leg than 1&2, she is typy and sound, having a good head, a straight front, a good neck onto good shoulders, a level topline and a good backend. She has a very good coat, pelt and tail and she moved well. She never let up for a minute and was puishing hard right until the final whistle.

Res - CH Cedarhill Rising Star At Brankell JW (Mr P & Miss K Brannan)

VHC - Ottaswell Aida At Hoathwood JW (Mrs S Hales)

Veteran - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

This was a fabulous class and it killed me to have place 3 of these not first. Such delightful ladies, any of which would grace my couch at home, I loved all 4 of them

1st - Bortino Smiling Queen (Mr D K & Mrs D Martin)
this bitch who got the RCC is the litter sister to the dog ticket winner and she is just fab. Like him, I loved her at first sight, neat, compact, super coat and pelt, moved well, lovely front, body and hindquarters, she oozed breed type for me, she was handled somewhat nervously by who I discovered was her owner and breeder, and she just about did her charge credit, but I think the bitch carried the handler through it. Lovely bitch.

The next three are all absolute credits to the breed, they all looked like spring chickens, they were in great nick, had beautiful heads and were dead sound. Making decisions on such as these three is extremely difficult, but none had their colours lowered in defeat and I would have been proud to have showed any of them. Thank you so much for bringing them for me to judge. The honour was all mine.

2nd - Int/Am/Can CH Sulan Fancy That (Mrs S J Baxter)

3rd - Kyscafter Kestrel ShCM AW(B) (Miss L S Robbins)

Res - Lutrabeck Layla (Mrs S A & Mr M J & Miss J Taylor)

Judge: Mr A Hedges

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