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Border Bath 11 Judge's Critique

KC Breed Standard

Bath 11 Judge


Judge: Mr B Rodgers

BEST OF BREED : 1367 JOHNSON, Mrs B & WILLIAMS Mr K E Ch Quarryway Dill
Dog CC : 1367 JOHNSON, Mrs B & WILLIAMS Mr K E Ch Quarryway Dill
Res Dog CC : 1383 MITCHELL Mr D & Mrs D Ragatam Joker At Paleside
Bitch CC : 1394 PICKERING Mr G & Mrs S Picer Polyanthus JW
Res Bitch CC : 1366 JOHNSON Miss K J Ch Karison Kamellia JW
Best Puppy : 1332 DICKINSON Mr & Mrs B Ragatam Newmarket At Badgerholme NAF
Best Veteran : 1347 HARRIS Mrs B S Penlumeg Pendant
Best Breeder : Mrs Stevens



MPD (4,1)

1 Dickinson and Ragatam's Newmarket At Badgerholme. This dog is a very good mover, in good coat for his age. Good head with good expression. Nice feet. Good bone. Nice carrotty tail. Moved with handler as one. I liked his attitude.

2 Woolacott's Tufterslodge Ososimple. Would have liked more bone on this dog. Had a lovely shaped head. Coat coming nicely. Good mover. Very well presented and handled.

3 Hollingsbee's Otterwood Heartbeat

PD (2)

1 Wilson's Olderhill Afortunado. This dog moved and showed very well. Nice head and ears which gave him good expression.

2 Varnlagan's Laddie By Nookshot. 


1 Jenkins' Badgerbeck Pablo. One that I feel could go all the way to the top with maturity. You could go a long way to find a better mover. Good head and shoulders. In the best of coats. Lovely flow from head to tail.

2 Stockley's Foxfactor Pied Piper JW SH. CH. Rather overshadowed by 1st. Presentation in good style. Lovely head with good shoulders. Nice bone. Thick pelt and tight feet. Handler got the best out of him.

3 Bates' Sweeping Foxtrot For Kgills (Imp)

GD (6,1)

1 Channer's Mingrovia Flinstone Chief At Rubyfin. This dog is a great mover. Carrying the best of coats. Good topline. Good head and shoulders. Good mouth. Carrotty tail. Good handling.

2 Wallace's Hobholt Helmsman JW. Very similar to 1st. Nice head with good expression. Good shoulders with good coat. Good tail - set-on well. Just preferred head on 1st.

3 Matthews' Rexlands Cock Robin

PGD (9,1)

1 Harrison's Iacheslei Cantus JW. This was the best class of dogs. This dog presented at its best. One with good movement, good bone and feet. Typical head and expression. With maturity should go far.

2 Ramus' Onthill Fernando. Very similar to 1st but short of coat. Good head and shoulders. Another great mover. A really nice Border.

3 Anscombe's Orangebox Firecracker

LD (13,1)

1 Mitchell's Ragatam Joker At Paleside. Nice dog this one. Racy without being thin. Coat in good condition. Good bone. Another one for the future. Good expression.

2 Martin's Bortino High Society. Very close to 1st, with a great head. Good bone. Liked the expression of 1st better.

3 Ramus' Onthill Super Trooper

OD (5)

1 Johnson & Williams' Ch Quarryway Dill. This was a very good well-balanced type of Border. Good topline and moved very well. Typical head. Gave him Group 4 at Boston without coat, and this time with good coat looks like what he is - a Champion. Everything about him fits. Correct attitude. Certainly an eye-catcher. Dog CC and BOB

2 Harrison's Iacheslei Torus JW. Another good dog. Good head and shoulders. Another one which is balanced. In good coat. Good back-end on him. Preferred expression on 1st. Lovely mover.

3 Stevens' Creswickes Whot A Dandy

VD (3)

1 Snedden's Kersfell Comet JW. 8 years old. Lovely type. In good coat. Very good mover. Very well handled.

2 Jackson & Jackson's Ch Rossula Magic Borderer Clipstone. 10 years old. Sound as a bell. In good coat. Very good mover. Very well handled.

3 Tulawyn Oberon At Tilmoray

MPB (3,1)

 1 Haydon and Gibbings' Earthtaw Catkin. Really good one. Will have a good future. Good head and shoulders. Good neck. Great mover, which comes from good back-end. I like her. Good attitude.

2 Payler's Badgerbeck The Vivacious. At Jansara. Nice head and ears, with good expression. Level topline with good tail-set and carriage. Balanced. Preferred movement of 1st.

PB (5)

1 Hardman's Bonosue Damson Queen. Very good puppy. Moved very well. Nice head. Good bone and feet. Nice thick pads. Excitable, but when settled showed herself off. BPB

 2 South's Tameila Penny Lane By Borderella. Similar to 1st. Head and shoulders good. Nice length. Racey. In good coat. Moved very well with handler. Very nice.

3 Girling's Benattivo Faberge

JB (15,2)

1 Johnson & Williams 's Quarryway Tansy. One I feel will have a bright future. Like her a lot. Maturity will make her blossom. Good expression which comes from her good head and eyes and ear placement. Balanced. Good attitude.

GB (14,1)

1 Johnson's Karison Kokoa. Shown in good coat. First class presentation. Good head, neck and shoulder. Nice legs and feet. Good topline. Balanced. Excellent attitude. Considered her over her kennelmate for Reserve CC.

2 Evans's Norgard Take Ten. Lovely head. Keen expression. Nice bone and feet. Drives from her good angulated quarters. Top marks for presentation. Well handled.

3 Hardman's Spanwise Absinthe

PGB (10,1)

 1 Channer's Rubyfin Ruby Tuesday. Good head and expression. Good presentation. Free mover back and front. Held her topline when moving. Very nice bitch.

2 Bate's Springhaugh Time At Kgills. Shown in full coat. Very well handled. Movement fore and aft ok. Really drives. Tail-set ok. Good head and expression. Balanced.

 3 Milton's Baillieswells Isla

LB (17,4)

1 Parson's Kyscafter Nimue. Alert, on her toes. Good mover. Really drives. In good coat. Racey. Good back-end. Correct tail carriage. Did well to beat 13 others in this class.

2 Hollingsbee's Otterwood Blueberri. Good back-end which she drives from. Held her topline all the time. Nice head with lovely dark eyes. Lovely expression. Presentation not at its best.

3 Stockley's Jenabeck Rose Over Foxfactor

OB (9,1)

1 Pickering's Picer Polyanthus JW. Shown in top-class coat, with thick undercoat. Good bone with lovely feet. Excellent bend of stifle. Feet having nice thick pads. First-class head and shoulders. Good neck with excellent top-line. Handled her to win CC and BOB.

2 Johnson's Ch Karison Kamellia JW Very close to 1st. The same critique applies to her lovely type. Moved with handler as one. Another top-class exhibit. RCC

3 Thomas' Benattivo Gem Stone For Daluce

VB (4)

1 Hardman's Bonosue Queen Of The Nile Sh Ch. 12 years old. Belies her age. In first class trim. Good head and shoulders. Experience shown in attitude - 'done it all before'! Best veteran.

2 Hyslop's Rubicon Raincloud Sh Ch. 7 and a half years old. Good head. Moved really well. Nice bend of stifle. Well balanced. In really good coat.

3 Steven's Springhill Pacify Of Cobstoneway. Best Breeder Mrs G Stevens.

B Rodgers

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