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Bath 09


Judge: Mr R Iving

BEST OF BREED : PICKERING Mr G & Mrs S Ch Picer Bright Idea JW
Dog CC : SINGH Miss J Ch Vandamere's Secret Agent JW
Res Dog CC : CLARK Mrs P Gameway Charles Dickens
Bitch CC : PICKERING Mr G & Mrs S Ch Picer Bright Idea JW
Res Bitch CC : GIRLING Mrs S J & Mr C P Benattivo Rosina
Best Puppy : BAILEY Mrs M A Grindelvald In Full Cry
Best Veteran : JACKSON, Mrs J & JACKSON Mrs E Ch Rossula Magic Borderer Clipstone
Best Breeder : Girling


Border Terriers

The entry was 142 dogs making 149 entries with 20 absentees.

I gather that there was comment in some quarters about how much I moved the dogs & I make no apology for that. I moved each dog individually twice & in each class around the ring sometimes on two occasions & sometimes three. In these days when so many Borders are stacked to look as the exhibitor wants them to look my view is that the only way to see the real outline of the dogs is to move them around a few times & see their natural lines, not the outline set up by the handler. Additionally I know as an exhibitor that in these large classes the dogs get very bored standing around waiting & they welcome the opportunity to move around the ring. For those of us who still like to freestand our dogs that does make a difference & it is only when you see them either freestanding or moving in profile that you can get a true picture of outline. But that’s probably rather an old fashioned view these days.

The dogs were clean & well presented but a number were shown with absolutely no topcoat. Far too many have too little coat of the type demanded by the Standard which asks for it to be ‘harsh & dense with close undercoat’. Size was not bad generally speaking with fewer excessively over sized dogs than I have sometimes seen before.

I was very pleased indeed by the final line-up for the DCC which I thought was particularly consistent for type & quality & the top bitches too were, in my opinion, excellent. Front movement generally still gives great cause for concern & shoulders are not great but there were also quite a few where hind movement was poor too. There were enough good movers to make the top winners strong in that area. I was also able to find enough exhibits with good heads but I have to say that there were rather too many with big heads & rather large, round looking eyes & too much stop.

Overall I very much enjoyed judging the breed on this occasion & I was encouraged by the number of good exhibits – particularly in the puppy classes. That makes me optimistic for the breed’s future.

BOB & BCC went to Pickering’s Ch Picer Bright Idea, pleasing bitch with a very typical head & expression, good ears, good neck & topline, very good coat & shown in excellent condition, just the right amount of bone, OK for size, good hindquarters, moved out very well, could do with just a bit more enthusiasm or encouragement from her handler, good in rib & correct amount of loin, plenty of strength of muzzle, very much a quality bitch.

DCC was Singh’s Ch Vandamere’s Secret Agent, very pleasing dog, good for size with good head, excellent typical expression, better in front than 2nd in his class, good coat, enough length, good topline, moved well behind, showed well, spannable, typical dog throughout.

RDCC Clark’s Gameway Charles Dickens, another very typical dog, good coat, excellent head & expression, showed well, good neck & topline, good shape & size, good feet, very typical outline, a good typy dog with much quality.

RBCC Girling’s Benattivo Rosina, good skull, correct eye, OK in foreface, excellent neck, topline & tailset, good stifles, slightly better in coat than 2nd in her class & better in front. Enough bone, good for size & very much a quality bitch. I thought fitted well with the BCC winner for type.

BP Bailey’s Grindevald In Full Cry, very pleasing in head, good skull, good strong foreface, could be better in eye, OK in neck, moved better in front than 2nd in his class, very good bone, enough of it, spannable, good depth of body, good tail & moved out pretty well. Coat could be better. Scored over minor puppy in maturity of course

BV Jackson’s Ch Rossula Magic Borderer Clipstone, very typical dog standing, excellent for type with very good strong head, typical expression, stands with good topline, good coat & excellent condition, well proportioned, OK in stifle, good rib & typical loin, excellent coat.

Best Breeder Girling’s, a very typical group with good heads & well proportioned all through

MPD (11,1a)

1 Anscombe’s Orangebox Firecracker, very pleasing youngster, good head & expression, OK in eye & good neck, topline & tailset, showed extremely well, good enough bone for his age, easily spannable, shown in good coat & moved pretty well;

2 Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantus, another pleasing puppy, good head & skull, strong muzzle, again good in neck & topline, pleasing in tail, moved well behind. Not quite as good in eye as 1 but has a great deal of quality. Showed much better than 3;

3 South’s Borderella Day Tripper.

PD (10,2) 1 G In Full Cry. BP;

2 Haydon & Gibbings’ Earthtaw Albury, strong head, good topline, coat coming in, good hindquarters but needs to tighten up a bit in front. OK in bone, good small feet, very good outline standing but not so good moving;

3 Freer’s Felfree Ricardo Tubbs.

JD (5)

1 Roderick’s Barterhound Twister, very pleasing in head & expression, good neck & topline, good tailset, excellent hindquarters, better in front than2, enough bone & spannable, coat still OK for quantity, moved up & down very soundly & showed extremely well;

2 Docwra’s Bandicoot Double O Seven, another dog with a very typical head & expression. Showed extremely well, good for size, excellent topline, coat just coming in, very good hindquarters, scored there over 3 & also in head but could be better in front. Good bone, good feet & OK for body proportions;

3 Hunt’s Ethlencoral Pip of Ottaswell

GD (7)

1 B Twister;

2 Dean’s Digmoor Captain Rook by Tyrian, OK in outline, could be stronger in head but showed better than 3 & was better behind than him too. Both about the same in front. This one’s coat is a bit past its best but OK in feet, good topline, good neck, good eye & enough body length, good stifles;

3 Jackson’s Clipstone Tailor.

PGD (2)

1 Anscombe’s Tufterslodge Walnut at Orangebox, reasonable in head, good neck, topline & outline, moved OK behind. Not bad in tail, coat reasonable, good enough in shoulder, good feet. OK ears, could be slightly darker in eye & slightly better in front but scored very much over 2nd for front, eye & topline;

2 Robbins’ Kyscafter Emrys, bigger stronger dog with strong skull & OK in head, a bit light in eye, slightly big in ear, could be better in front, good coat. Plenty of strength but could be better in topline & could move better behind.

LD (17,2)

This was a very strong class both in quantity & quality terms & there were dogs placed further down the line that I very much like as well.

1 G Charles Dickens. RCC;

2 Girling’s Benattivo Rock Robin, another very pleasing dog with an extremely typical head & expression, excellent neck, topline & tailset. Not putting on quite the same showmanship as 1 going around the ring & coat just coming in. Very pleasing bone, good feet, good hindquarters & typical Border;

3 Harrison’s Iacheslei Torus.

OD (2)

1 V Secret Agent. CC;

2 Dean’s Ch Stineval Acerola with Tyrian, slightly bigger type & bigger in head than 1, good topline, coat & hindquarters, moved well behind but didn’t move quite so well in front as 1. Not quite the expression but OK for depth & length of body. Good in loin. VD (2) 1 Ch R Magic Borderer C. BV;

2 Norris’ Brookbank Break The Spell, a very pleasing dog. Again good in head, neck OK, coat coming in moved well behind. OK in front, well proportioned. A dog of quality but beginning to show his age.

MPB (12,1)

It is interesting that both the MP winners & the Puppy winners were litter brother sister combinations.

1 Anscombe’s Orangebox Stargazer, very pleasing in head & expression, good coat coming in well for her age, very pleasing bone, good behind, good feet, good size, OK in rib, good tail a bit over-stripped out. Scored slightly over 2nd in front;

2 Harrison’s Iacheslei Cantilena, OK in head, could be better in ears, very good coat, good neck & topline, good tail & tailset, very good hindquarters. Needs to settle down a bit in front, plenty of bone;

3 Hibberd’s Biddestone Picnic.

PB (12,1)

1 Fray’s Grindevald Miss Teak, very pleasing bitch, typical, particularly good head & expression, moved pretty well both ends but even better behind than in front. Good coat, good topline, must not grow on, good tailset when she uses it. Good stifles & well muscled behind. A quality puppy & BPB;

2 Johnson & Pearson’s Rexlands Golden Plover by Karison, smaller type & very smart, typical head & expression, good neck & enough bone, good bend of stifle, good coat, enough length of body & OK in tail. Ears carried a bit high at times but she moved pretty well in front;

3 Waller’s Worker’s Playtime.

JB (15,1)

1 B Rosina. RCC;

2 Southam’s Gameway Margarita at Southash, not quite in such good coat as 1 but good head & expression, good neck, topline & tail, moved better behind than in front, good small feet & a very pleasing exhibit;

3 Godefroid’s Hartswelin Far Away.

GB (14,4)

1 Phillips’ Aurgwen Alyth, very good size for a bitch, pleasing in head & expression, OK in eyes & OK in ears, good neck & topline, excellent coat, good hindquarters, moved quite well in front, good shape & proportions, not too big;

2 Milton’s Tythrop Treen of Baillieswells, totally different colour, good for size, moved out well, OK behind, can stand a bit straight in stifle if not watched by her handler, good bone, OK in skull but needs a bit more furnishing on muzzle to complete the picture, good feet & very good tail;

3 Small’s Badgerbeck Tree Pipit at Tilmoray.

PGB (15,3)

1 Dean’s Yeomeadow Heather for Tyrian, very upstanding bl/t bitch with very good topline & tailset, moved pretty well in front & behind, good head, skull, eyes & foreface, very good in outline & has much quality, well muscled, pretty headstrong at times;

2 Johnson’s Karison Kamellia, smaller type, very good head, good skull, excellent neck & really good coat, correct tail & had proportionate bone & good feet, moved out pretty well & is another quality exhibit;

3 Godefroid’s Hartswelin She's Magic.

LB (11)

1 Harris’ Penlumeg Pendant, standing looks very good, typical head & expression, enough strength of muzzle & correct skull, excellent coat, enough neck, topline OK standing but does not always hold it well on the move, good hindquarters & correct tail. Just the right amount of bone. Moves well but sometimes with little enthusiasm;

2 Hunt’s Ottaswell Carmen, bigger bitch, good head & expression, good broad skull, strong muzzle. Excellent neck, shown in good coat, good tail of correct thickness. Not quite the front of 1, good in rib & loin, plenty of muscle & good in stifle;

3 Girling’s Benattivo Mulberry.

OB (8,2)

1 Ch P Bright Idea. CC & BOB;

2 Higham’s Comberdown Ciara, rather a different type, not so good in coat as 1 but moved pretty well in front & behind but doesn’t always stand right in front. Could be stronger in foreface but good hindquarters with plenty of muscle. Good topline & OK in tail;

3 Guvercin’s Glebeheath Figurine.

VB (6,3)

1 Freivokh’s Kelgram Kashmir at Artwork, moved very well for her age, very good in neck, topline, coat & tailset, tail a bit long but in proportion. Good enough expression, OK in front, good small tight feet, long enough in body & good in rib, not overdone;

2 Cole’s Towden Peaberry Espresso, not quite the style when moving as 1 but good in skull & very fit for her age, correct amount of bone. Not quite as good in front as 1. Good tail & well muscled hindquarters;

3 South’s Mrs P Olderhill Hesta at Borderella.


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