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The problem of stolen dogs has been increasing over recent years. Whether a dog is stolen or lost, the experience can be extremely distressing – and confusing; sometimes people do not know what to do or where to start if their animal goes missing. There are many organisations which can help and steps which can be taken to ensure dogs are returned to their owners as quickly as possible.

These Links May Help You Find Your Dog
It transfers the owner’s details free of charge onto the site and offers free advice and support. Doglost will write a press release for you and provide the numbers of local press and radio stations. Doglost’s staff will also speak to the press for owners if necessary and will provide posters – which can be delivered by email – so they can be put up throughout the area.
A campaigning group which ‘promotes the protection, security and welfare of dogs from the threat of theft by the provision of advice, information and education, leading to a reduction in the incidents of dog theft, and thereby avoiding unnecessary suffering and distress to dogs and their owners’.
The bureau operates a national missing pets register and works with 12,000 pet care organisations, including charities, rescue centres, dog wardens, the police and vets.
Help for people who have lost a dog – and those who have found them. The site contains lists of missing and found animals.
This site also offers a found and missing pets register.
The aim of this appeal is to get vets or their receptionists to scan all the dogs on their books, and for vets to adopt a practice policy through which all dogs are routinely scanned on their first visit. On which lost and found dogs can be posted. (Petlog, its pet reunification service through the use of microchips)
Petlog carries the details of more than 3.5 million animals and their owners, and manages a 24/7 central reunification service. (tattooing)
Dog tattoo identification offers a permanent and visible means of identifying your pet. The tattoo is applied within seconds, and requires no anaesthetic or sedation.
Animal Search UK 01432 761 406 - Open 7 days a week 9am-9pm. Free advertising for lost and found pets and free help and advice. The UK’s only uniformed search team for missing and stolen dogs run by former police officer Tom Watkins.





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