Breed Stats.


Bichon Frise 2,430
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 8,884
Chihuahua (Long Coat) 2,301
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) 1,908
Pug 4,769
Yorkshire Terrier 3,767
German Shorthaired Pointer 1,281
Hungarian Vizsla 1,332
Retriever (Flat Coated) 1,233
Retriever (Golden) 7,804
Retriever (Labrador) 40,943
Spaniel (Cocker) 22,211
Spaniel (English Springer) 12,700
Weimaraner 1,951
Border Terrier 8,214
Bull Terrier 2,624
Cairn Terrier 1,502
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 8,746
West Highland White Terrier 5,890
Basset Hound 1,031
Beagle 2,592
Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired) 1,162
Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) 2,511
Rhodesian Ridgeback 1,101
Whippet 3,246
Alaskan Malamute 1,195
Boxer 5,947
Bullmastiff 1,149
Dobermann 1,600
Dogue de Bordeaux 2,790
Great Dane 1,306
Rottweiler 2,156
Siberian Husky 2,072
Akita 1,046
Bulldog 4,217
Dalmatian 1,356
French Bulldog 1,521
Lhasa Apso 4,674
Miniature Schnauzer 5,231
Poodle (Toy) 1,403
Shar-Pei 2,174
Shih Tzu 5,127
Tibetan Terrier 1,433
Border Collie 2,356
German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian) 10,338
Shetland Sheepdog 1,374


The Breeds On The Left Are Those That Have Registered More Than One Thousand Dogs In 2009.

There Must Be A lot Of Breed Clubs Between Them, More Than Enough To Form An Alternative Dog Show Organisation.

Clearly, this could not happen overnight. But, what is needed is a working fund collected through a levy at local/breed shows whereby if a show is held without a Kennel Club License and those involved are banned by the KC, there would be funding available to challenge the Kennel club in a proper Court of Law, not in a 'Kangaroo' Court at Clarges Street.

What is needed is contact with other organisations both in Europe and America and become an Affiliate to one of their organisations just to get it off the ground. Why not hold a show with European or American awards?

This is achievable. But, it will take ambition and the wherewithal of some strong willed people to set this up.

We as Exhibitors and Breeders of Pedigree Dogs are continually being squeezed by the English Kennel Club. Are we just treated as cash cows?

In this time of recent recession where it is most difficult to fine a venue for a show, try to keep the costs down for exhibitors pursuing their hobby; what does the Kennel Club do? They send out a so called 'Field Officer' who is full of self importance their apparel adorned with a large Kennel Club Badge, who do their best to find something to bollock the Secretary about. And most of them are Moribund specimens.

Why should you have to pay the Kennel Club a fee for a License to run a dog show?

More and more imposed regulations, rising costs, astronomical fines if you ' Step Out Of Line' and all of the rest of it. This pays for the upkeep of a multi million pound business - that we have no say in the running of.
This is of course a ' Private Club ' The Kennel Club Associate members scheme is a sham, their club is most exclusive.

Any thought on the above do email Terrier World. All of your emails will be treated as anonymous if you so wish. If you want your thoughts published in the Letters section, I can do this name withheld if you choose this to be.

Here is a list of the German Shepherd Clubs that have signed the Kennel Club undertakings

Bolton GSD Club, GSD Club of Essex, GSD Club of Scotland (joint show), Midland Counties GSD Association, Preston & Fylde GSD Club, Sheffield GSD Society, South of Scotland GSD All Breed Training Club, South Western GSD Club, British Association for GSDs, North Wales Alsatian Club, Birmingham GSD Association, Southern Alsatian Training Society, and GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK.

These clubs above are from the list below. Even if only the German Shepherd Clubs that have refused to comply with the KC's demands stood together, they would mount a formidable presence for an alternative organisation.

German Shepherd Breed Clubs and Societies