A Blast From The Past Crufts Memorabilia


Judith Averis

An Interview With Billy Browne-Cole

Fionnuala Malone Introduces Roger Good
Fionnuala Malone Introduces Tony Manning
Fionnuala Malone Introduces Ted Barry
Fionnuala Malone Introduces John Foley
Fionnuala Malone Introduces Don Munro

Mog's Dog Free Zone

Letters To Terrier World

Airedale Australian Bedlington Border English Bull Cairn Cesky Dandie Dinmont Glen Of Imaal Irish Kerry Blue Lakeland Sporting Lukas Manchester Miniature Bull Norfolk Norwich Parson Russell Scottish Sealyham Skye Soft Coated Wheaten Staffordshire Bull Welsh West Highland White Wire Fox John Averis Kindly Sent His Grandfather's Memorabilia From The 1960's


Best In Show 1963 Rogerholm Recruit
This Is The Award Card From 1963 For Best In Show Prize Money £2.00
(Little Wonder That The Kennel Club Is A Multi Million Pound Organisaton)


The Late Les Atkinson With Rogerholm Recruit BIS Crufts 1963

Rogerholm Recruit BIS Crufts 1963

The Tweedsbairn Party How Many Faces Do You Recognise?
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Obv. Les With Recruit; Who's The Guy About To Give A Song Left Of Les As You See It


This KC Registration Card Is Unique
Showing A Bitch Registered From Two Crufts BIS Winners

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The Late Les Atkinson With Rogerholm Recruit BIS Crufts 1963


1962 Bob Barlow with Ch Crackwyn Cockspur---------1961 Joe Cartledge with Ch Riverina Tweedsbairn