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Judy Averis wrote:

I cannot tell you how many years I have been in dogs because I never started at a particular age because I was born into them.

My father was the late Les Atkinson who was a Professional Handler and during his long show career, he became very
famous as a handler of Terriers. He also had the great honour of winning Best In Show at Crufts in 1963 with a Lakeland Terrier Rogerholm Recruit owned by W.Rogers. (Judith herself went on to win BIS at Crufts with her homebred Ch Saredon Forever Young owned and bred by David Scawthorn and Judith Averis Ed.) In fact I was born on the day of a show and my father had to rush home. But, as handling was his living and I had four more brothers and sisters for him to feed, I must forgive him.
As soon as I could walk I used to potter around the kennels showing no sign of fear for the dogs, but I know that my father would never have a nasty dog on the premises and neither would I. My earliest memories were those of these huge Airedales. well they seemed that to a small child towering over me yet so gentle as if they knew that they would knock me down if they jumped up and me nagging my father "Can I hold the lead?" and I was so pleased when with his assistance we could walk with them if only a few steps.
I was never bitten and must have in my timehandled thousands of dogs. This must be a good recommendation for anyone fr anyone considering purchasing a Terrier.
When I left school I began working for my father helping him with the
preparation of his show dogs, but I was unable to attend many shows because someone had to stay at home and look after the dogs that were left behind. After a few years my apprenticeship had ended - yes we all have to start at the bottom - that is the satisfaction of the whole game and one which makes you appreciate the good times at the top.
A few shows passed and I was well and truly hooked, meeting so many interesting people and making countless friends who helped me on my way.
If anyone ever tells you that top show people will never help or show anything to a novice; this is untrue. Catch them at a quiet moment (not when they are racing around getting their dogs ready for the ring) and just ask away. The majority will give you straight answers if they think that you are willing to learn and not too big headed and try and tell them their business. After all most of the top Terrier folk could teach all of us something and we could very rarely equal them because they have so many years of experience and they themselves are still learning and picking up tips through all this wealth of knowledge.
When I decided I was ready to have my own dog I purchased an Airedale Terrier "CILLEINE PENELOPE" She soon became a Champion
and I fell in ove with the breed.
Since then I have made up Champions AIREDALES, LAKELANDS, WELSH, WIRE FOX, NORFOLKS, and WEST HIGHLAND WHITES. I have sent many dogs overseas who have gained their titles. What I have learned in the past and what I hope to learn in the future, would like to share withthe readers Of Terrier World and any advice needed by you I will be only too pleased to help if you write to me and kep an eye on the Airedale notes.

Since Judith Wrote This Article In 1987 She Has Along With Her Partner David Scawthorn Made Up Champions in More Breeds (Editor)