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Stolen Kebulak Trigger Happy
(Bullet) Kebulak Trigger Happy

My 14 month old male Welsh Terrier was stolen from Gar Doyle's house yesterday in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Southern Ireland.  At the same time Gar's 7 year old male champion wire fox terrier was stolen.  It is most likely that tinkers took the dogs but we cant be sure.  Dogs can be returned safely if the word is put out that they are missing so I am asking for everybody's help in finding them.   It is important that the word is put out in pet shops, vets, pubs etc.  It is even possible that the dogs could be brought to to the UK.   Both dogs are microchipped.
I am offering a SUBSTANTIAL REWARD for the return of my Welsh Terrier or for information leading to his safe return. 
Bullet (Kebulak Trigger Happy) is 14 months old.  He is a junior champion and has 6 green stars.  He was being campaigned in Ireland by Gar Doyle to his Irish title before returning to me in the UK. 
Stealing dogs is an appauling crime and I am asking for everyone's help in finding Bullet. 
I can be contacted on 01473 785411 or 07717 692854.  My email is cdavani@live.co.uk

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