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Soft Coat Wheaten Welsh KC 16 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard Soft Coated Wheaten Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

Welsh KC 16 Judge




Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Judge: Mr B Browne-Cole

BEST OF BREED : 5106 HOWES Mr S & Mrs B Daisymaes Enforcer
Dog CC : 5106 HOWES Mr S & Mrs B Daisymaes Enforcer
Res Dog CC : 5126 SATHERLEY, Mrs C L & SMITH Mr T S Am Ch Haldane Chasin' Tail (Imp USA)
Bitch CC : 5125 SATHERLEY Mrs C L & Mr C W Ch Silkcroft Colour Of Magic Sh.CM
Res Bitch CC : 5118 MUNN Mr & Mrs S Snowmeadow Peggy Phurrari JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 5130 WILLIAMS Mrs S & Mr G Flaxela Living Legend Of Gwendonydd
Best Veteran : 5085 CARTER, Mr & Mrs I R & L & CARTER Miss Z Ch Chloeanco Hunni Dream Sh.CM


Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers

VD (2)

1 BV, Carter’s Ch Chloeanco Hunni Dream, compact 7 year old with pleasing head shape, excellent bite, correct coat & colour, moved well going, needed to settle a little coming on the day;

2 Clarke’s Loofahsa Scaramouche, 8 year old, good bone, legs & feet, good coat texture, moved steadily.

PD (3)

1 BP, Williams’ Flaxela Living Legend of Gwendonydd, very promising youngster, liked this head shape & ear carriage, correct front, good angulation, sound both ways;

2 Dunhill’s Mother’s Finest Jon Snow at Fantasa, very showy & a good make & shape, moved out well, should do well;

3 Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak.

JD (1)

1 Jones’ Wheaten Rebel’s Voice Of Vision for Silverluke, good head proportions, would have preferred a slightly better bite, liked his front, good coat & colour, moved well coming, needs to settle going.

PGD (1)

1 Carter’s Zaraslake Indiana Twist from Chloeanco, liked his head shape, but would have preferred slightly better placed ears, ample neck, good topline, covered the ground well.

LD (3,1a)

1 Heister & Brooks’ Silkcroft Crests Of Waves, good head shape, ears a little flighty, pleasing body shape of a good depth, excellent coat texture, moved well going, needs to settle a little coming;

2 Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard, good head & muzzle, liked his front but moved a tad close behind on the day.

OD (8)

1 CC & BOB, Howes’ Daisymaes Enforcer, quality compact showy 3 year old, liked his head, dark eyes & well placed ears, good reach of neck set in the best of shoulders, excellent front & rear, correct coat texture, strong loin with a good set on, couldn’t stand wrong, a pleasure to watch him move;

2 RCC, Satherley & Smith’s Am Ch Haldane Chasin’ Tail, another quality male & worthy champion, so sound both ways, pushed hard for top spot;

3 House’s Glendowan Tarquol.

VB (3)

1 Moran’s Ch Abiqua Wild In A Satin Sash, 8 year old, good for size, liked her make & shape, coat texture & colour, moved steadily;

2 Williams’ Ch Brynhir Rochelle Lil Rock, quality sound bitch, loved her head & ears, good body proportions, didn’t put all in today;

3 Bristow’s Kellynack Viva La Passione for Avard.

PB (2)

1 Howes’ Flaxela New Vision at Daisymaes, promising head with well placed ears, excelleising youngster, good topline both standing & on the move, plenty behind, a good set on.

2 Ayteo's kanjuley scarlet rose, sound bite with large teeth good angulation moved out well should do well.

JB 3)

1 Clarke's flaxela weaver of dreams classy youngster, loved her head, excellent bite, good bone legs and feet. black nails need slight attention. should go to the top when ready. 

2 Grant’s Dannebriel Gladly Godetia, good head, neck & shoulders, liked her body shape, should do very well;

3 Satherley’s Silkcroft Auroras Encore.

PGB (4)

1 Johnstone’s Loofahsa Fiamma Rouxboos, typy head, ample neck, well sprung ribs, good depth, strong loin, so sound both ways;

2 Gent & Lees’ Flaxela My Secret Love, liked her head, well placed ears, good reach of neck, excellent hindquarters, just needs to settle a little coming;

3 Rogers’ Kizzahla Kiss And Tell.

LB (10,2)

1 Hill’s Janeyjimjams Jive Queen, good proportions to head, correct front assembly, strong loin with plenty behind, covered the ground well;

2 Grant’s Dannebriel Cirque Surreal, good neck & shoulders, correct angulations, liked her coat texture, sound both ways; 3 Wright’s Kariskiye Tip Top Too Ticky to Abbeymead.

OB (10,1)

1 CC, Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Colour Of Magic, quality 6 year old, loved her make & shape, correct set on, very good bone, legs & feet, such a pleasure to watch her move;

2 RCC, Munn’s Snowmeadow Peggy Phurrari, another quality bitch, beautiful head & eye, level, so sound both ways, the correct coat texture;

3 Tilley’s Starzak Solid Gold Ez Action.


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