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Soft Coat Wheaten SKC August 16 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

SKC August 16 Judge





Judge: Mr R Cruden (Shamsky)

BEST OF BREED : 1786 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams
Best Dog : 1802 SATHERLEY, Mrs C L & SMITH Mr T S Am Ch Haldane Chasin' Tail (Imp USA)
Res Best Dog : 1797 MCINTYRE Mrs A Thistlebe Mr Bojangles
Best Bitch : 1786 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams
Res Best Bitch : 1801 SATHERLEY Mrs C L & Mr C W Silkcroft Auroras Encore
Best Puppy : 1786 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams
Best Veteran :


Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

PG (9,1a)

1 Satherley’s Silkcroft Auroras Encore, 16 months bitch of a smaller type but very well put together. Lovely balanced skull with keen dark eyes & thin well set ears. Good sized teeth & strong jaw, slight arch to neck & well laid shoulders. This was a very close call between 1 & 2 but I just preferred the rear action of 1;

2 Johnson’s Garsaynogold Julia, taller bitch than 1 of 2½ years & looking beautiful in profile. Balanced head, good front, deep chest & strong loin. A tad close behind that just restricts her rear drive;

3 McFerran’s Kirktonhill Cara Dilis.

OD (4)

1 Satherley & Smith’s Am Ch Haldane Chasin’ Tale, 4 years dog with a lot to like. Nice head with dark eyes, strong bite & good earset. Strong neck, well laid shoulders & straight front with good depth to chest, compact loin & strong well angulated rear. If anything I would prefer him to be a shade taller. This boy excelled on the move with plenty of reach & drive;

2 McIntyre’s Thistlebe Mr Bojangles, 4 years boy with a lovely profile & good size. Good balanced head, arched neck & strong flat topline. Straight front, decent spring & good rear angulation. Just didn’t get his movement right today, messing up in the around & not so smooth as 1;

3 Mackenzie’s Kirktonhill Rumour Has It.

OB (4)

1 Clarke’s Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams, a stunning girl celebrating her 10 months birthday & the one that took my breath today. Head of good ratios, feminine but with good width to her skull. Strong muzzle, large clean teeth, dark friendly eyes & thin well set ears. Well built forehand with straight front legs & good spring to ribs. Level topline with no weaknesses & strong rear with good bend through her stifles. Moved effortlessly with good reach & drive & one with a bright future. Delighted to watch her go PG3 though in my opinion she could easily have topped it. BP, BOB &PG3;

2 Johnson’s Garsayno Gold Imp, 4 years very nice bitch of good size & shape. Pleasing head with strong jaws. Good forehand & strong back. Good rear angulation & well let down hocks. Couldn’t match the easy movement of the winner even with good drive from the rear;

3 Lui’s Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls.


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