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Soft Coat Wheaten National Terrier 17 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

National Terrier 17 Judge




Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Judge: Mrs H Bakewell

BEST OF BREED : 974 DOWDY, Ms J I & DOWDY Mr G J Greentree Gold Mombo To Denzilly (Imp)
Dog CC : 974 DOWDY, Ms J I & DOWDY Mr G J Greentree Gold Mombo To Denzilly (Imp)
Res Dog CC : 975 DUNHILL Mrs E Ch Fantasa Blonde Kaos
Bitch CC : 971 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams JW
Res Bitch CC : 979 GALE Mrs S & Mr P Flaxela Drop Dead Gorgeous
Best Puppy : 1022 WITHINGTON Miss S Fantasa Blonde Rufus
Best Veteran :


Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

I would like to thank the National Terrier committee for asking me to judge at their show with it being an honour of the terrier world. Thanks to the two wonderful experienced stewards on the day who did a sterling job. Thank you to all the exhibitors for such a lovely entry of Wheatens & your time presenting your dogs in wonderful condition.

MPD (3)

1 Withington’s Fantasa Blonde Rufus, nice overall size & shape, good head all in proportion from muzzle to skull. Neck, shoulders & front good, nice body, tailset & well made rearquarters. Good topline stacked & on the move. Well presented coat & a good colour. Moved well fore & aft soundly. BPD, BP;

2 Boast’s Kaliclan Long May You Run, bigger in type to winner, good head with nice stop & skull. Good neck, shoulder, front & body. Good topline & tailset. Good rear with muscle, moved well fore & aft;

3 Fergeson-Blakeley’s Fantasa Blonde Rickon.

PD (4)

1 Johnson’s Garsayno Gold Kipling, lovely outline & shape, good head, mouth, muzzle & eye. Nice neck & shoulders, good body, nice square & compact with short loin, deep chest & good front. Good muscle & rear angulation. Nice colour of coat & presentation. Moved well in front & rear;

2 Barret’s Saffini Shining Star, good head, bite, muzzle & skull, nice neck set on laid back shoulders. Good front, body & well made rear. Again nice colour & presentation of coat. Just needs to behave himself & you have cracked it;

3 Satherley & Johnstone’s Cameron Fighting Spirit for Silkcroft.

JD (2)

1 Williams’ Flaxela Living Legend of Gwendonydd, nice overall well balanced, again nice head & eye with good reach of neck, shoulders & front. Good body & nicely made rear. Stood foursquare & in good coat & colour. Moved soundly but did want to poke at times;

2 Lui’s Eblamahalls Aye Right, longer cast in type, nice skull & earset, good neck, topline & tailset. Moved loose in front & a little close behind. Lighter colour of coat.

GD (2,1a)

1 Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak, nice head, eye, good mouth, muzzle strong & square. Good overall size, reach of neck, shoulder & topline, nice deep chest, good body & nicely angulated rear. Moved OK & in nice coat & colour. PGD (1) 1 Leverton’s Carbark Goodluck Charm, nice overall, good head, eye, neck, shoulders. Nice length & topline, well made rear. Loose in front & close behind. Nice coat.

LD (9,2)

1 Dowdy’s Greentree Gold Mombo to Denzilly, wow, looked stunning & did not disappoint when I put my hands on him. Nice strong muzzle with big white teeth, good stop & dark eye. Flat skull with good ear placement. Well proportioned neck set on nice lay of shoulders. Deep chest & straight front, nice body with spring of rib, good coupling. Nicely angulated & well muscled hindquarters. Moved soundly covering ground well. Beautiful coat & presentation. CC & BOB;

2 Bristow’s Dezilly Sweet Destiny for Avard, another nice boy who I gave RCC to last time I judged, nice head, skull & good mouth, nice size dark eye, stop, good neck & shoulder. Straight front, good body, well muscled rear, & angulation, moved well around the ring keeping nice topline. Presented in lovely coat;

3 Dunhill Hall’s Mother’s Finest Jon Snow at Fantasa.

OD (12,4)

1 Dunhill’s Ch Fantasa Blonde Kaos, another boy who I have given a RCC to before in 2010. Nice square, good head with lovely shaped dark eye, good neck & front. Good body with super topline stacked & moving. Well made rear with muscle, correct coat & well presented & handled well by a very talented youngster. RCC;

2 Mapson’s Ch/Am Ch Abiqua Wild Jack Of Hearts, nice masculine head, good mouth, skull & eye. Good neck, shoulder & straight front, topline & well made rearquarters. Moved soundly, covering ground well, good coat & presentation;

3 Boast’s Denzilly Tickle Me Elmo.

MPB (3)

1 Jones’ Saffini Suga Pie Honey Bunch, super shape, outline, good head, mouth, eye & shoulder. Nice square & compact body, front, good topline & tailset. Well made rear, moved well fore & aft once she had settled. Good coat;

2 Thoburn’s Mother’s Finest Let Leia Go First for Northridge, nice head, dark eye, flat skull & well placed ears, good neck, shoulders & body. Nice front, tailset & well made hindquarters. Moved well & in nice coat;

3 Williams’ Evesvale Rio Ria.

PB (1) A.

JB (3)

1 Gale’s Flaxela Drop Dead Gorgeous, litter sister to my CC winner & has the same attributes as her but not as mature which will certainly come & follow in her sister’s path. Good head, bite, muzzle strong & nice eye. Good neck, front, body & hindquarters. Well presentation & good coat. RCC;

2 Howes’ Flaxela New Vision at Daisymaes, very similar in type to winner, good head, neck, nice front, just a shade longer cast in body than winner. Good topline, & tailset. Well muscled rear, moved well in front & behind. In nice coat & well presented;

3 Gullick & Tate’s Jaeva Princess Leia.

GB (4)

1 F Drop Dead Gorgeous; 2 Mann’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Line, nice outline, good head, would like better topline. Good front, nice body, low tailset. Needs to muscle up on rear. Moved OK but needs a little more confidence;

3 Roberts’ Janeyjimjams Jubilee Grace.

PGB (8,1)

1 Gent & Lees’ Flaxela My Secret Love at Sumirick, lovely outline & shape, nice head, eye, earset, & mouth. Good strong neck, good front, well bodied & good tailset. Moved soundly in front & rear, well coated & nicely presented;

2 Satherley’s Silkcroft Auroras Encore, similar type to winner, nice head, not the neck of 1. Good front, body & rear, nice tailset & topline. Moved well covering ground;

3 Quarrie’s Quaywest My Favourite Blonde.

LB (8,1)

1 Clarke’s Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams, beautiful head, flat skull, nice square muzzle with good bite. Good neck on well set shoulders, good front & body with spring of rib, nice tailset & well made rearquarters. Good bone & well muscled. Beautiful coat of waves, texture & colour went around the ring effortlessly with soundness & drive keeping topline. CC & BOB;

2 Barrett’s Saffini Sugar And Spice, lovely overall well balanced bitch, nice square, good front, shoulders & body. Well made rear, moved well fore & aft. Good coat & well presented;

3 Lui’s Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls.

OB (8)

1 Revis’ Ch Garsayno Gold Gemma, nice head & eye, good neck, all in proportion, good body & bone. Nice spring of rib, good topline stacked & on the move. Well muscled rear. Moved well fore & aft. Well presented;

2 Hobson & Bradford’s Abiqua Wild Wrapped In Ivy, nice outline, good head, neck, shoulder, short compact body, good tailset & well made rearquarters. Moved well fore & aft, in lovely coat condition;

3 Withington’s Ch Fantasa Blonde Lilley.


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