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Soft Coat Wheaten National Terrier 16 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

National Terrier 16 Judge




Judge: Miss A Bradley (Montelle)

BEST OF BREED : 1046 DOWDY, Ms J I & DOWDY Mr G J Ch Denzilly Sweet Rebel
Dog CC : 1094 PASCOE Mrs D & Mr M W Ch Middlebury Shooting Star
Res Dog CC : 1114 SATHERLEY, Mrs C & SMITH Mr T Am Ch Haldane Chasin' Tail (Imp USA)
Bitch CC : 1046 DOWDY, Ms J I & DOWDY Mr G J Ch Denzilly Sweet Rebel
Res Bitch CC : 1097 REVIS Mrs J & Mr P Ch Garsayno Gold Gemma
Best Puppy : 1125 WATKINS, Miss S & WATKINS Mrs C Zaraslake Lucky Seven
Best Veteran :


Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers

A sincere thank you to everyone for a truly exciting entry & for the generous acceptance of my decisions. Overall presentation was in keeping with the appearance of a natural dog. Dentition was an issue in some which had to reflect on placings in such strong competition. Finally special thanks to stewards Joyce Setterfield & Jean Hay who were most efficient ensuring the smooth running of the ring.

MPD (4)

1 Watkins’ Zaraslake Lucky Seven, stunning puppy full of quality & breed type, moderately long head, flat skull, strong jaw, pleasing eye & expression, well placed ears, has fair length of neck, compact body, well sprung ribs, deep chest, correct set on free movement, well presented coat of good colour. BP;

2 Dunhill’s Mother’s Finest Jon Snow at Fantasa, another quality puppy, has a balanced head, not quite the expression of above but again an excellent body, ample length of neck, well laid shoulders, good bone, strong backline, good showman;

3 Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak.

PD (2)

1 Jones’ Wheaten Rebel’s Voice Of Vision for Silverluka, head of nice proportions, well placed dark hazel eye, fair length of neck, moderate length of back, good set on, pleasing coat of good colour, moving a little close behind today;

2 Cooper’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Juke, needing time to develop, looking a little too long in foreface at present, has a dark hazel eye & well placed ears, fair length of neck, appears a little long in body at this stage.

JD (3)

1 Moles & Williams’ Celtannia Extra Suave, up to size with powerful head, flat skull, dark hazel eye, well placed ears, moderate length of neck, deep chest, has good set on, well angulated quarters;

2 Roberts’ Loofahsa Andiamo, smaller dog with a balanced head, has a moderately short back, good set on, covers the ground well on the move;

3 Pascoe’s Calvenace My Sweet Lord for Middlebury.

GD (3,1a)

1 Leverton’s Carkbark Goodluck Charm, has a well proportioned head with dark eye, compact body, fair depth of chest, going a little close behind today;

2 Hammond & Evans’ Calvenace Thor, nicely balanced dog in good coat, has excellent body condition, a well set tail & is sound in movement.

PGD (7,1)

1 Catlow’s Flaxela Too Fast For Love at Justjingo, has a well proportioned head with pleasing eye, well placed ears, good in body, ample depth of chest, sound in movement;

2 C Goodluck Charm;

3 Adams’ Saffini Crazy For You.

LD (7,1)

1 Revis’ Tiareko Niflheim’s Wizard, a soundly made dog but up to size, has a powerful head, strong muzzle, moderate length of neck, good front, ample depth of chest, strong back, good set on;

2 House’s Glendowan Tarquol, typical Irish type, very sound & of nice size, could have a little more neck, compact body, good spring of rib, deep chest, well set tail, free moving;

3 Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard.

OD (13,2)

1 Pascoe’s Ch Middlebury Shooting Star, a well balanced dog of good structure, has a well proportioned head, flat skull, medium width, defined stop, strong muzzle, placed dark hazel eye, well placed ears giving correct expression, has firm length of neck, deep chest, good spring of rib, firm back, good set on, well off for bone, moved freely, excellent soft silky coat, well presented. CC;

2 Satherley & Smith’s Am Ch Haldane Chasin’ Tail, a very well put together exhibit, moderately long head, pleasing eye, well set ears, ample length of neck, excellent front, well laid shoulder, good depth of chest, moderate length of back, compact body, powerful short loins, covers the ground well on the move, has good set on. RCC;

3 Boast’s Denzilly Tickle Me Elmo.

MPB (5,1)

1 Hammond & Evans’ Calvenace Come On Eileen, most attractive well presented puppy, excellent coat & condition, pleasing head with dark hazel eye, well placed ears & fair length of neck, really good body with well developed chest, quality bone & feet;

2 Roberts’ Janneyjimjams Jubilee Grace, nice make & shape, pleasing head & expression, shows promise, needing more body development, has time on her side;

3 Mann’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Line.

PB (4)

1 Grant’s Dannebriel Gladly Godetia, a mature puppy with good body. Nicely proportioned head, excellent neck & shoulders, level back, good set on;

2 Satherley’s Silkcroft Auroras Encore, balanced head with dark hazel eye, well placed ears, has moderate length of neck, compact body, good tailset, pleasing colour, moved well;

3 Robertshaw’s Barleythrift Pheonice.

JB (5,1)

1 Rogers’ Kizzahla Kiss And Tell, has well proportioned head, pleasing eye, fair length of neck, good depth of chest, level back, good set on, moved freely;

2 Griffiths’ Manawyddan On The Move, perhaps a little too refined in head, would prefer a little more length of neck, has a compact body, level back with good set on;

3 Hanna’s Celtannia Extra Confident at Kinaelan.

GB (6)

1 Connor’s Regalred Russian Romance, pleasing head, flat skull, good ears, well placed dark hazel eye, compact body, good depth of chest, good set on, in good coat;

2 Shrive’s Emalot Santa Maria, a nice type, perhaps a little strong in head, has compact body with pleasing topline, nice set on, good in coat;

3 Brown’s Carkbark Brown Eyed Girl.

PGB (5)

1 Hammond & Evans’ Calvenace Kichi, good head proportions, firm skull, dark hazel eye, fair length of neck, well developed chest, compact body, good set on, in good coat, moved well;

2 Clarke’s Flaxela Everlasting Love, very Irish in type, has a balanced head, well placed dark eye, has excellent pigment, compact body, strong quarters giving good drive in movement;

3 Satherley’s Silkcroft One Step Closer.

LB (19,2)

1 Escott’s Sidereal’s Essence Of Time, excellent head, eye & expression, ample neck to well angulated shoulders, moderate length of body, deep chest, good spring of rib, level back, good set on, sound free movement;

2 Hill’s Janeyjimjams Jive Queen, another of quality, pleasing head & expression, has compact body, moderate length of neck to well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, correct set on, sound free movement;

3 Wardle’s Saffini One And Only.

OB (21,3)

1 Dowdy’s Ch Denzilly Sweet Rebel, this correct sized bitch scored in overall balance, so well put together, typical in expression, has a moderately long neck with slight arch showing strength & muscle, has well laid shoulders with enough width to chest, compact in body with good depth, a well set & carried tail giving an excellent topline, has good reach in front movement with good drive behind, pleased to award CC & BOB in incredible strong competition;

2 Revis’ Ch Garsayno Gold Gemma, very close up to above, just a little more of this one, again very typical with excellent coat, has a well proportioned head for length of neck to well angulated shoulders, strong body, level back, good set on, sound & free movement. RCC;

3 Williams’ Ch Brynhir Rochelle Lil Rock.


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