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Soft Coat Wheaten Manchester 17 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

Manchester 17 Judge






Judge: Mr Tom Mather

BEST OF BREED : 1874 FALLON Mrs A & Mr M Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson JW Sh.CM
Best Dog : 1874 FALLON Mrs A & Mr M Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson JW Sh.CM
Res Best Dog : 1883 MOLES, Mr B D & WILLIAMS Mr D W Celtannia Extra Suave
Best Bitch : 1884 MOLES, Mr B D & WILLIAMS Mr D W Celtannia Extra Chic
Res Best Bitch : 1872 CLARKE Mr J & Mrs P Flaxela Weaver of Dreams JW
Best Puppy : 1878 JOHNSON Mr G & Mrs S Garsayno Gold Kipling
Best Veteran :


Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers

PD (5)

1 Johnson’s Garsayno Gold Kipling, ultra smart with a good head of adequate length, strong jaw, good pigmentation. Very good rib, body & couplings for age. Strong, firm topline with good set on. Moved with a light easy action with some drive from the rear. Good colour & texture. BP;

2 Dowdy’s Greentree Gold Mombo to Denzilly, another who showed to good advantage, masculine attractive head, well balanced & he uses his strong muscular neck to advantage to present a good outline. Sound on the move;

3 Satherley’s Cameron Fighting Spirit for Silkcroft.

JD (3)

1 Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak, a good moving youngster, moderately long skull with good head planes. Well ribbed with strong short loin. Excellent topline & tailset;

2 Satherley’s Cameron Fighting Spirit for Silkcroft, not quite the maturity of the winner but well balanced & he is most impressive in profile with his good head & tail carriage, very good textured jacket, good topline & adequate hind angulation;

3 Brooks’ Loofahsa Yankee Doodle.

PGD (1)

1 Moles & Williams’ Wheaten Goblins Eros for Celtannia, quite eyecatching as he is pleasing for both balance & type. Good head planes, strong punishing jaw, well ribbed with good topline & tailset. Pleasing profile action & good textured jacket.

LD (2)

1 Moles & Williams’ Celtannia Extra Suave, pleasing head of good length & strong jaw. Neat ears. Good pigmentation. Nicely arched, strong muscular neck, adequate depth of chest & good ribbing. Moved well with a light easy action. RBD;

2 Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard, good head & expression with decent pigmentation. Adequate depth of chest, well ribbed & short coupled. Not quite the neck or hind action of the winner. Good colour & texture.

OD (2)

1 Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, ideal type & balance & he uses his nicely arched neck well to create a lovely outline. Strong jaw, dark hazel eye with good pigmentation. Adequate depth & breadth of chest & good ribbing. Excellent topline & tailset. Free moving with good muscle tone & some reach & drive. Good colour & texture of jacket. BD & BOB;

2 Griffiths’ Manawyddan I Got Rhythmn, good length of skull with strong punishing jaw & decent pigmentation. Well ribbed with strong short loin. Shows & moves to advantage. Good textured jacket.

PB (3)

1 Jones’ Saffini Suga Pie Honey Bunch, an attractive, well balanced youngster. Pleasing head & expression. Good forehand. Well ribbed & in good body condition for age. Once settled, she showed off her good hind action. Good colour & texture;

2 Phillips’ Jaeva Princess Leia, presents a lovely outline both standing & moving, good length of head, strong jaw, good pigmentation. Adequate depth of chest. Very good profile action.

PGB (4,1)

1 Moles & Williams’ Celtannia Extra Chic, very free moving with both reach & drive. Nicely arched neck, well laid shoulders & good body. Strong well made hindquarters with some bottom behind the tail. Good textured jacket. BB;

2 Clarke’s Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams, slightly paler but very good textured jacket. Most appealing for both balance & type. Fairly long head with strong jaw, pleasing eye & neat ears. Excellent forehand. Good body & rib. RBB;

3 Griffiths’ Manawyddan On The Move.

LB (3)

1 F Weaver Of Dreams; 2 Satherley’s Silkcroft Auroras Encore, shown in grand condition & her coat is a good colour & texture. Pleasing head of fair length & strong jaw. Good pigmentation. Free moving with very good profile action;

3 Barrett’s Saffini Sugar And Spice.

OB (3,1)

1 Bristow’s Kellynack Viva La Passione for Avard, at 9 years of age she was most impressive, free moving with good profile action. Good skull, strong punishing jaw, well pigmented, neat ears. Good body & rib with short strong loin. Good colour & texture;

2 Jones’ Zaraslake Pumpkin Pie at Silverluka, less finished than the winner. Good textured jacket. Moderately long skull with strong jaw & pleasing eye. Decent ribbing & strong loin. Could be a little stronger in pastern. Well balanced & typical.


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