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Soft Coat Wheaten Manchester 16 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

Manchester 16 Judge






Judge: Mr J J Ashe

BEST OF BREED : 1814 FALLON Mrs A & Mr M Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson JW Sh.CM
Best Dog : 1814 FALLON Mrs A & Mr M Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson JW Sh.CM
Res Best Dog : 1816 GRIFFITHS Dr E & M Manawyddan I Got Rhythmn
Best Bitch : 1828 MOLES, Mr B D & WILLIAMS Mr D W Kinaelan Cachique At Celtannia
Res Best Bitch : 1819 HERBERT Mr P & Mrs J Calvenace She's The One At Julibidd
Best Puppy : 1827 MOLES, Mr B D & WILLIAMS Mr D W Celtannia Extra Chic
Best Veteran :


Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers

PD (2,1a)

1 Jones’ Wheaten Rebels Voice Of Vision for Silverluka, head of good proportions, well placed ear, nice front, coat coming through, did not settle & gave the handler a hard time.

PGD (2)

1 Bristow Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard, good dentition, nice reach of neck, level topline, deep chest & good tailset. Well presented;

2 Moles & Williams’ Wheaten Goblins Eros for Celtannia, balanced head, dark eye & nice ears, good pigmentation. Square in shape just preferred the neck & tailset of 1.

LD (1)

1 Griffiths’ Manawyddan I Got Rhythmn, good head & expression, well placed ear, well placed shoulder & straight front, well coated, overall good balance & good rear movement. RBD.

OD (2,1)

1 Fallon Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, stood alone but a very worthy winner, flat skull, well defined stop, good head proportions, good dentition, nice dark eye, well laid back shoulder, giving good forequarters, level topline short coupled, good angulation & balance. Strode out well around the large ring, BOB & very pleased to see him take G2 in a very strong terrier line-up.

PB (3,1)

1 Moles & Williams’ Celtannia Extra Chic, square bitch, nice head & mouth, good shoulders into level topline. Short coupled nice spring of rib, well let down hocks, played up in the ring nearly throwing the class away but did just enough to show her quality. BP;

2 Holding’s Kirktonhill Cara Alainn, similar bitch to 1, could change places on another date just preferred tailset of 1.

PGB (3,1)

1 Shrive’s Emalot Santa Maria, feminine head, well placed shoulder, good front, deep chest, level topline & good tailset which she kept on the move, nice angulation well presented lighter in coat colour;

2 Hughlock’s Janeyjimjams Jolene, nice head & pigmentation, well laid shoulder, strong bone, good forequarters preferred topline & tailset of 1, needs to settle on the move.

LB (4,2)

1 Herbert’s Calvenance Shes The One at Julibidd, balanced head, dark eye, good reach of neck, longer cast in body, good tailset & nice angulation, well presented. RBB;

2 Johnson’s Garsaynogold Julia, similar to 1, slightly heavier in ear & I preferred the tailset of 1, strode out well on the move.

OB (5,2)

1 Moles & Williams’ Kinaelan Cachique at Celtannia, feminine bitch, correct proportions straight front, balanced with good angulation, nice colour & level topline BB;

2 Tilley’s Starzaksolid Gold Ez Action, 7 year old in excellent condition, straight front, plenty of coat lighter in colour than 1, preferred tailset of 1.


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