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Soft Coat Wheaten Darlington 16 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard
Soft Coated Wheaten Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

Darlington 16 Judge




Judge: Ms J Dowdy

BEST OF BREED : 1346 REVIS Mrs J & Mr P Ch Garsayno Gold Gemma
Dog CC : 1327 JOHNSTONE Mr & Mrs R H Whitevale Motorway Madness At Rouxboos
Res Dog CC : 1312 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Loofahsa Scaramouche Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 1346 REVIS Mrs J & Mr P Ch Garsayno Gold Gemma
Res Bitch CC : 1306 BARRETT Mrs S P & Mr N J Saffini Sugar And Spice
Best Puppy : 1318 GALE Mrs S & Mr P Flaxela Drop Dead Gorgeous
Best Veteran : 1312 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Loofahsa Scaramouche Sh.CM


Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers

One of my favourite shows and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Darlington committee for the invitation to judge. Thank you also to my ring stewards Dave & Hannah for their assistance & good humour on a rainy day. I have not judged wheatens since 2013 and it was pleasing to see that the “schnauzer fronts” noted then were few and far between in today’s entry. Sadly, I found movement in many exhibits disappointing, this is a breed that should be moving with reach and drive and many today lacked reach in particular, this in the most part being caused by a shortage of length in the upper arm, this said movement all through was very difficult to assess as many exhibits broke their stride frequently due to the ring being very uneven under foot. I felt that mouths were not as strong as they had been three years ago with a number of exhibits having small teeth with questionable bites. Finishing on a positive note I feel we have some super youngsters in the breed which bodes well for the future, I will look forward to watching them develop to their full potential.

VD (1)

1. Clarke’s Loofahsa Scaramouche ShCM 8 ½ years and in superb muscular condition. Neat ears, strong masculine head with excellent pigmentation all though. Enough neck, good topline, correct depth to body & short coupled. Very steady on the move. All topped with a gloriously silky coat. RCC & pleased to see he was awarded Veteran Grp

2 congratulations. This boy is a credit to his owners.

MPD (1)

1. Lui’s Eblanahalls Aye Right 8m old Irish coated boy who exudes character. Correct bite & dark eye. Excellent length of neck, good shoulders. Moderate angulation front & rear. Moved out steadily when settled. Typical of type he has very little coat at this stage of development but he can be proud of what he does have soft & silky.

PD (1)

1. Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star At Starzak 11m Loved his size and overall balance. Good dentition. Very nice length of neck, adequate spring of rib for aged and short coupled. Tailset could be slightly higher. Beautiful coat for his age soft in texture and good wheaten colour. Moved out steadily given the uneven ground underfoot.

JD (2)

Two very nice youngsters with not much to split them.

1. Watkin’s Zaraslake Lucky Seven. Just out of puppy and maturing very nicely, very balanced in outline. Excellent dentition, Good length of neck, level topline & correct tailset. Deep chest, short coupled & super rear angulation.

2. Jones’ Wheaten Rebel’s Voice Of Vision For Silverluka. Very alert young lad using his ears to advantage. Excellent head properties. Beautiful coat with correct texture & colour. Nicely angulated & moved out well.

PGD (5)

Close decision & many of the same comments apply to both of these boys

1. McFerran’s Kirktonhill Cara Dilis Appealed for shape & size, good head proportions & earset. Excellent length of neck, good topline & tailset, well-angulated rear quarters. Coat still to mature in colour & wave but he has plenty of time on his side. His free and easy movement made him my class winner today.

2. Mackenzie’s Kirktonhill Rumour Has It ShCM One I have admired from the ringside, good length of neck, topline & tailset. Nicely bodied and has a beautiful coat for texture & colour. Not quite the movement of one today & I felt he was adversely affected by the uneven ring surface which was a shame.

3. Pascoe’s Calvenace My Sweet Lord For Middlebury

LD (4)

1. Moles & Williams’ Celtannia Extra Suave 19m so still only a youngster but has lots to like. Super masculine head with dark hazel eyes. Nicely balanced in outline and his matching front & rear angulation means he covers the ground well when settled. Coat is at the typical wheaten juvenile stage but this should improve as he matures.

2. McIntyre’s Thistlebe Mr Bojangles Another with a strong masculine head without coarseness. Enough neck, level topline & excellent tailset. Good angulation front & rear that was reflected in his movement. Very pleasing coat for softness & waves.

3. Griffiths’ Manawyddan I Got Rhythm

OD (6)

1. Johnstone’s Whitevale Motorway Madness At Rouxboos – I liked this boy as a youngster & now fully mature. I have to say he is not the flashiest of dogs but he is one of the soundest, so much to like when you assess him. Pleasing head proportions, dark eye, soft expression & correct dentition. Enough neck & strong level topline, deep chest. Well-conditioned body with excellent muscle tone. Moved effortlessly with reach & drive. Beautiful coat, soft, desired wave & clear wheaten in colour. CC, I understand this was his 3rd congratulations.

2. Revis’ Tiareko Niflheim’s Wizard Another I liked very much on the day. Good head properties & correct dentition, dark hazel eyes. Presents a very balanced masculine outline, straight front, excellent length of neck, good tailset Moved with drive but not having the reach of 1 today. Coat soft but still lacking a little in colour & wave.

3. Howes’ Ch Daisymaes Enforcer

VB (2)

1. Brown’s Loofahsa Honeybee At Carkbark. Up to size but this said she is very well balanced and has good head properties, correct dark eye & earset. Although her coat is pale in colour the texture is lovely & soft. Good body, level topline & moved out well.

2. Switzer’s Starcadia Ocean Destiny. A smaller bitch with a sweet feminine expression. Longer cast than one. Good rear movement, but not giving her all today. Beautiful coat, strong wheaten colour & desired wave.

PB (5:1a)

Litter sisters headed this class

1. Gale’s Flaxela Drop Dead Gorgeous. So much to love about this young lady, spot on for size & overall balance. Very feminine head, correct bite, dark hazel eyes. Shoulders well laid back & level topline that she retained on the move. Covered the ground with ease displaying reach & drive. At this stage of development coat typical for age. Pleased to award her BP & delighted to see she was awarded Puppy Grp 2

2. Howes’ Flaxela New Vision At Daisymaes A size up on one but also very nicely balanced. Correct head proportions with a soft, sweet expression, excellent dentition. Good length of neck. Deep chest & nicely angulated rear. Beautiful coat for age soft & silky.

3. Mann’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Line

JB (2)

1. Clarke’s Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams. Litter sister to 1st & 2nd in PB class and another super puppy. Correct head proportions, excellent dentition & good pigmentation. Strong neck, good layback of shoulders and strong topline. Spot on tailset. Nicely angulated rear quarters & well-muscled. Moved out very well. Prettiest of coats.

2. Griffiths’ Manawyddan On The Move. Lots to like & close up to 1. My notes say “Happy Disposition” Liked her overall shape very much. Pretty expression with dark eyes and good pigmentation. Good length of neck and level topline. Moved out extremely well in profile but a little close moving away today. Coat paler than 1 as currently at the juvenile stage but signs of change are already evident.

PGB (8:2a)

Three very nice bitches headed this class

1. Shrive’s Emalot Santa Maria. A young lady I have admired from the ringside and she doesn’t disappoint. In particular I like her for size, shape & breed type. Very nicely constructed, good head proportions with well-set ears that she uses to advantage. Good length of neck, firm body & short coupled. Very good rear angulation. Beautiful coat & excellent presentation.

2. Hughlock Janeyjimjams Jolene Ultra feminine in appearance with good head proportions. Super length of neck. Lovely coat for colour & texture, I would prefer her to be slightly shorter coupled but this said she moved out so freely in side profile displaying reach & drive. Now needs to mature in body to complete the picture, once fully mature I feel she will trouble the best.

3. Brown’s Carkbark Brown Eyed Girl

LB (8:2a)

1. Barrett’s Saffini Sugar And Spice. At 23m still only a youngster. Very Feminine head but no weakness. Well-set ears used well & dark hazel eyes. Free stands naturally showing off her beautifully balanced outline, perfect for size. Level topline & good tailset. Well sprung ribs, good depth of chest & short coupled. Coat soft & of reasonable colour but still needs to mature fully to complete the picture. The breed standard reads “spirited & game” she has these qualities in abundance RCC

2. Lui’s Thistlebe Them There Eyes At Eblanahalls ShCM Excellent head properties, dark hazel eyes & good pigmentation. Excellent length of neck, firm level topline retained on the move. Nicely angulated quarters which was reflected in her rear movement. In side profile she has a tendency to drop her head down which forces her head & neck to be level with her topline. If her head were to be held high she would look so much nicer in profile movement. Coat of lovely texture & loose waves. Liked her a lot.

3. Johnson’s Garsayno Gold Imp

O (4:1a)

1. Revis’ Ch Garsayno Gold Gemma. Strong skull & muzzle with good stop but remains feminine with a soft expression. Correct dark hazel eyes & good pigment all through. Moderate length of neck into well laid back shoulders. Strong level topline held on the move. Excellent muscle tone & well-angulated rear quarters. Well-sprung ribs & depth of chest. Beautiful coat of correct texture & colour with desired loose wave, her crowning glory. Moved out with reach & drive CC securing BOB today as she was simply much more animated than the DCC winner in the challenge.

2. Charlton’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jemima. Another very nice bitch to assess. Very alert attitude that I liked, well set ears that she uses to advantage. Strong skull but would prefer muzzle to have more strength. Good length of neck, level topline, coat is mostly of a clear wheaten colour. Moved out steadily.

3. Busby’s Calvenace Minnie Ha-ha At Zakby ShCM

Jo Dowdy

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