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Soft Coat Wheaten Bournemouth 16 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

Bournemouth 16 Judge





Judge: Mrs M House

BEST OF BREED : 339 THOBURN Mr & Mrs A D & L Northridge Gotan Go
Dog CC : 339 THOBURN Mr & Mrs A D & L Northridge Gotan Go
Res Dog CC : 336 SATHERLEY, Mrs C L & SMITH Mr T S Am Ch Haldane Chasin' Tail (Imp USA)
Bitch CC : 308 DOWDY, Ms J I & DOWDY Mr G J Ch Denzilly Sweet Rebel
Res Bitch CC : 317 HANNA Mrs B Celtannia Extra Confident At Kinaelan CJW16
Best Puppy : 306 DOWDY, Ms J I & DOWDY Mr G J Greentree Gold Mombo To Denzilly
Best Veteran : 329 SALISBURY Mrs L M Orliscwt Lillee the Pink


Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Judges Report

My thanks to the Society for the opportunity to judge the breed once more, and the exhibitors for their support. The weather was kind and it was a pleasure to judge outside.
The breed seems to go through phases over the years but now appears to be adopting a middle road which augers well for the future. The Standard states ‘not exaggerated in any way’. Also ‘tail carried gaily (upright) but never over the back.’ Anything contrary to this detracts from the overall terrier character of the breed. I also penalised incorrect coats and over trimming. A soft, silky, flowing coat with loose waves or large, light and loose curls is asked for. The majority were but others were crisp or had tight curls. Movement is important, as they say “if it is made right it moves right”, most of my main winners had good reach in front and drive behind but a number were close in rear and lacking correct shoulder angulation. Size was more uniform but a few bitches were heavy and lacked femininity.

Minor Puppy Dog 1.

1 Dowdy’s Greentree Gold Mombo to Denzilly
Very promising happy puppy just 6 months and enjoying his day out., balanced head, scissor bite and good pigment. lovely coat, level topline, good tailset, well angulated, moved freely will tighten up with time. Was delighted to see he went Terrier Puppy Group 1. I like a puppy to be a puppy but meanwhile look forward to seeing the finished article.

Puppy Dog 2.

1. Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak
Typical puppy developing nicely.. Good head, flat skull, correct bite. Coat good colour and texture. Moved freely with drive. No exaggerations.

2. Watkins Zaraslake Lucky Seven.
Upstanding and alert, masculine, well developed. Balanced head, level topline, well ribbed, size larger and preferred movement of 1.

Junior Dog 2 (1 abs ) Stood alone but a worthy winner

1. Coopers’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Juke
Typical happy terrier. Lovely head, well set ears, good bite and pigment, level topline and tailset. jacket needs time but developing nicely, his time will come to be a swan. Moved well.

Post Graduate Dog 1. Another who deserves his place.

1. Blandford’s Janeyjimjams Joshua
Well balanced throughout, good head, flat skull, correct bite. Lovely coat colour, deep chest, well ribbed. moved out with reach and drive.

Limit Dog 3.

1 .Meister & Brooks’ Silkcroft Crest of Waves.
Correct size, Balanced head, flat skull. level topline and correct tailset.. Good shoulders and rear angulation. Moved well.

2 Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard
Another of correct size, compact, good bite, well laid shoulders, level topline, moved well with precision.

3 Godwin’s Stevelyn Walk of Life

Bournemouth Canine Society Championship Show 2016
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Judges Report

Open Dog 3

1. Thoburns’s Northridge Gotan Go. CC, BOB
Well balanced dog overall with no exaggerations. Lovely head, good bite, level topline and high set tail.
well ribbed, short coupled, well angulated front and rear. Moved with reach in front and drive behind. Lovely flowing coat of correct texture and colour..
One which fits my interpretation of the Standard, was pleased to give him CC & BoB and delighted to see he took Terrier Group 4.

2 Satherley & Smith’s Am.Ch. Haldane Chasin’ Tail (Imp USA) Res. CC
Smaller in stature but all male. Balanced all through, good pigmentation and bite, small ears,.long neck and
level topline, well set tail. Coat lovely texture and colour. Moved freely once settled. RCC.

3 Howes’ Daisymaes Enforcer

Veteran Dog nil.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1.

1. Atyeo’s Scarlet Rose.
Typical Irish type puppy, nicely angulated, level topline, good tailset. has it all but needs time to come together; best bite of the day with large teeth. Stood 4 square when settled, moved freely.

Puppy Bitch 4

1.Clarke’s Flaxela Weaver of Dreams.
Mature puppy , good bite, well balanced throughout , good angulation front and rear., level topline and good tailset .Fluid mover.

2. Howes’ Flaxela New Vision at Daisymaes.
Nice head, good bite, level topline , well set tail., similar to litter sister above, just preferred shoulders of 1.
3. Fallon’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Jewel for Justjenson

Junior Bitch 3.
. Little to choose between these 2

1. Satherley’s Silkcroft Auroras Encore
Feminine and compact, balanced head, good reach of neck , well ribbed, level topline and good tailset.
Moved freely. Coat correct texture.

2 Taylor’s Amberstar Abbey Road
Another feminine bitch of correct size, good reach of neck, good bite, well ribbed.Strode out with reach and drive when settled. Coat promising but needs time.

3 Grant’s Dannebriel Gladly Godetia

Post Graduate Bitch 6

1. Hanna’s Celtannia Extra Confident at Kinaelan Res. CC
Lovely type, maturing nicely, balanced head with well set ears and alert expression, well angulated front and rear, moved freely with purpose . coat lovely texture, colour should develop with age.

2. Wells’ Amberstar Dizzy Miss Lizzy. Slightly larger but still feminine. Balanced head , level skull,
well set ears. Good reach of neck with well angulated shoulders, level topline. Well schooled, moved with reach and drive. Good coat texture, also needs time.

3. Godwin’s Linatina Jamaica Me Crazy

Bournemouth Canine Society Championship Show 2016
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Judges Report

Limit Bitch 9
Difficult decision between these 2, could change places at any time.

1. Hill’s Janeyjimjams Jive Queen
Good head and expression. Correct bite, well set ears, well angulated. Well ribbed back, short coupled. Coat lovely Wheaten colour, Up to size for a bitch but has overall balance and strode out with reach and drive.

2. Herbert’s Calvenace She’s the One At Julibidd size smaller, compact. Good shoulders and rear angulation, level topline and well set tail. moved well, soft coat, just preferred head proportions of 1.

3. Dowdy’s Denzilly Sweet Rumour

Open Bitch 9 1 abs

1. Dowdy’s Ch Denzilly Sweet Rebel CC
One I have admired, did not disappoint. Correct size, good head, alert expression , level topline, well ribbed, short coupled, well angulated shoulders and balanced rear. Best mover in the bitches .
lovely coat colour and texture.

2.Munn’s Snowmeadow Peggy Phurrari JW. ShCM.
A size larger but balanced overall. good head and bite, well set ears, good reach of neck and level topline moved steadily with reach and drive. lovely coat colour.

2. Ford’s Kanjuley Scarlet and Gold.

Veteran Bitch 3.
A trio of not so old ladies belying their years and enjoying their day.. All 3 could change places any time.

1. Salisbury’s Orliscwt Lillee The Pink
Balanced all through, alert expression. Lovely mature silky coat of soft waves, good front and rear angulation moved out with reach and drive.

2. Tilley’s Starzak Solid Gold Ez Action JW Sh.CM
Good head, well ribbed, deep chest, well laid back shoulders and good rear angulation giving her reach and drive. Moved freely and happily.

3. Bristow’s Kellynack Viva La Passione for Avard.

Margaret House

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