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Soft Coat Wheaten Birmingham National 16 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

Birmingham National 16 Judge




Judge: Mr Alan Small

BEST OF BREED : 9982 FALLON Mrs A & Mr M Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson JW Sh.CM
Dog CC : 9982 FALLON Mrs A & Mr M Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson JW Sh.CM
Res Dog CC : 9993 HOWES Mr S & Mrs B Daisymaes Enforcer
Bitch CC : 10025 SATHERLEY Mrs C L & Mr C W Ch Silkcroft Colour Of Magic Sh.CM
Res Bitch CC : 10011 MUNN Mr & Mrs S Snowmeadow Peggy Phurrari JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 10030 WATKINS, Miss S & WATKINS Mrs C Zaraslake Lucky Seven
Best Veteran : 9977 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Loofahsa Scaramouche Sh.CM



Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers

MPD (3)

1 Watkins’ Zaraslake Lucky Seven, won a nice class of quality puppies, pleasing head, flat skull, dark eye & rims, correct bite, nice front & shoulders, short back & carried a level topline, in nice coat condition, moved & handled well to BP;

2 William’s Flaxela Living Legend of Gwendonydd, nice pup, good head & eye, correct mouth, pleasing body for age & in nice coat, well set tail, went well;

3 Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak, completed a nice trio of youngsters.

PD (0).

JD (4,1a)

1 Moles & Williams’ Celtannia Extra Suave, nice headed dog with flat skull, dark pigment, well set ears & good bite, pleasing front & shoulders, nice length of neck, good body, in good coat & wave, went well;

2 Jones’ Wheaten Rebel’s Voice Of Vision for Silverluka, just out of puppy & coat coming through nicely, pleasing head, flat skull, good foreface with correct bite, nice front with ample bone, bit of a handful but lots to like about him;

3 Roberts’ Loafasa Andiamo.

YD (0).

PGD (4,1)

1 Adam’s Saffini Crazy For You, nicely balanced typy dog, good head with flat skull, dark pigment & correct mouth, nice front & shoulders, good body with soft silky coat & wave, well set tail. Moved & handled well;

2 Catlow’s Flaxela Too Fast For Love at Justjingo, pleasing expression, good shoulders, in good coat of lighter wheaten, went well;

3 Leverton’s Carbark Goodluck Charm.

LD (4)

1 Revis’ Tiareko Niflheim’s Wizard, happy dog who went well, lovely head with good eye & mouth, nice neck to well laid shoulders, good front & feet, pleasing body with nice quarters, in good coat of soft wave, alert dog who carried a level topline with good set on;

2 Meister’s Silkcroft Crests Of Waves, quality dog with good head shape, not the pigment of 1, nice neck, pleasing body with good set on, moved true carrying a level topline;

3 Griffith’s Manawyddan I Got Rhythmn.

OD (8,2)

1 Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, a dog of top quality, of good type & balance, lovely head & expression, balanced neck to well laid shoulders with good body, presented a lovely profile with good set on, in lovely coat & condition, owned the ring & went well carrying a level topline. Pleased to award him CC & BOB;

2 Howes’ Daisymaes Enforcer, top drawer dog who pushed all the way. A grand typy dog with lovely head, pleasing overall balance with nice neck to well laid shoulders, good body & depth with strong quarters, in lovely coat & condition. Moved & handled well presenting a lovely profile, his day will come. RCC;

3 William’s Snowmeadow Peregrin Piper.

VD (1)

1 Clarke’s Loofahsa Scaramouche, golden oldie, still has a good head with nice expression & dark eye, good front & shoulders. Went well enjoying his day. BV, pleased to see him go VG4.

MPB (5)

1 Howes’ Flaxela New Vision at Daisymaes, lovely young bitch, nice feminine expression with good eye, well set ears & correct bite, good front & shoulders, pleasing body for age, in lovely condition with coat coming through nicely;

2 Fallon’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee for Justjenson, another nice typy puppy, lovely conformation & movement, pleasing head & expression, nicely, good mouth, moved & handled well;

3 Jacobs & Gale’s Flaxela Drop Dead Gorgeous.

PB (2)

1 Clarke’s Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams, litter sister to New Vision & another good youngster, nice head, flat skull, correct mouth, nice front & shoulders, pleasing body for age & stood foursquare with well set tail, moved & handled well;

2 Grant’s Dannebriel Gladly Godetia, nice bitch, bit more mature than 1 but not the front movement, pleasing head & expression with correct mouth. Nice outline, went well.

JB (4)

1 Griffiths’ Manawyddan On The Move, light wheaten with nice feminine expression, good eye & bite, nice neck, pleasing body, went well both ways carrying a level topline;

2 Satherley’s Silkcroft Auroras Encore, smaller bitch but all there, well balanced & full of type, presented a nice outline with good coat & wave. Went well;

3 Rogers’ Kizzahla Kiss And Tell. YB (2) 1 Hughlock’s Janeyjimjams Jolene, tidy bitch, good head, flat skull, clean bite, well set eras, nice front & shoulders, ample bone, pleasing body with good quarters, moved & handled well;

2 Lui’s Hobel Turn Around, different type, nice foreface with correct bite, clean outline, not the front movement of 1.

PGB (8,3)

1 Satherley’s Silkcroft One Step Closer, lovely bitch, nice head with well set ears, dark eye & good bite, nice neck, clean shoulders with good front, pleasing body & in good coat of soft waves. Moved & handled well;

2 Lui’s Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls, pleasing bitch, bit longer in foreface, good bite, pleasing neck to well laid shoulders, good coat, nice in profile, went well;

3 MacGregor’s Kirktonhill What I Believe.

LB (8,2)

1 Satherley’s Silkcroft Sky Full Of Stars, tidy bitch of good type, lovely head & expression with nice eye & good bite, well set ears, good pigmentation, pleasing neck, grand body with good quarters, lovely coat of soft curl, moved & handled well;

2 Shirve’s Emalot Santa Maria, nice balanced bitch, pleasing head with nice expression, well set ears, nice neck, good body, in good coat, moved & handled well; 3 Johnson’s Garsayno Gold Julia.

OB (12,1)

Terrific class of quality bitches.

1 Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Colour Of Magic, cracking bitch with grand head & expression, good pigment & furnishings, flat skull, good eye, neat well set ears, good foreface & bite, excellent front & shoulders, well padded feet, good overall balance with correct length of neck, good in body with strong quarters, in good coat, lovely moving bitch that showed well to gain the CC;

2 Munn’s Snowmeadow Peggy Phurrari, great bitch, lovely head with correct ratios, good pigment with well set eye & correct mouth, presented a lovely profile with correct neck, grand body & depth, good in quarters, lots to like about her, in lovely coat & condition. RCC;

3 Clarke’s Ch Calvenace Fat Bottomed Girl, nice trio of quality bitches.

VB (5,1)

1 Rogers’ Ch Kizzahla Katinka, grand condition on this 12 year old bitch, still holding her own & showing her many qualities, in good coat, enjoying her day out & went well;

2 Bristow’s Kellynack Viva La Passione for Avard, nice all round with pleasing head & expression, presented a nice profile, moved & handled well;

3 Griffiths’ Manayddan Brigid.


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