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Soft Coat Wheaten Bath 17 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

Bath 17 Judge





Judge: Mr P R Eardley

BEST OF BREED : 1520 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams JW
Dog CC : 1542 MEISTER, Miss N & BROOKS Dr J D Silkcroft Crests Of Waves
Res Dog CC : 1524 FALLON Mrs A & Mr M Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson JW Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 1520 CLARKE Mr & Mrs P & J Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams JW
Res Bitch CC : 1550 SATHERLEY Mrs C L & Mr C W Silkcroft Sky Full Of Stars Sh.CM Ir J Ch
Best Puppy : 1562 WITHINGTON Miss S Fantasa Blonde Rufus
Best Veteran : 1558 TILLEY Mrs C A Starzak Solid Gold Ez Action JW Sh.CM


Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers

This was my first time awarding CCs to the Soft Coated Wheatens & I thoroughly enjoyed the task. Thank you very much to the exhibitors for entering, particularly on a week day & for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions. Thank you also to the two ring stewards who were super efficient enabling us to get through the entry in good time.

Overall I felt that it was a competitive entry with enough good ones to make it an interesting competition. Rear angulation & movement is a challenge & there were one or two with teeth smaller than I would have liked & one or two untidy mouths.

MPD (3)

1 Withington’s Fantasa Blonde Rufus, a good one to start the day. Lovely outline standing & moving. Super in profile with decent reach & drive & a good rear. Fabulous tail. Very promising indeed & one to watch. BP;

2 Thoburn’s Northridge Me And Tennessee, more mature than 1 & a super showman with good attitude. Not quite the topline or the angulation of winner. Lovely head & a good coat well presented.

PD (5,1a)

1 Barrett’s Saffini Shining Star, good youngster who scored heavily in maturity, outline, coat temperament & head with a correct foreface. Could be a little stronger in rear;

2 Fergeson-Blakeley’s Fantasa Blonde Rickon, lovely type. Not as mature as 1 & was a touch reserved. Good rear & with maturity could turn the tables.

JD (1) A

. PGD (5,1)

1 Watkins’ Zaraslake Lucky Seven, eyecatching sort who was on his toes, good outline, nice moving dog. Eye could be a touch darker;

2 Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak, looked super stacked. Coat coming through well. Maturing nicely & was in lovely hard condition. Winner was just a bit more positive up & back.

LD (3)

1 Dunhill Hall’s Mother’s Finest Jon Snow at Fantasa, not easy to separate these boys. This one was free moving with decent profile movement & good up & back. Coat just coming through, good head. Will look even better when his coat finishes changing;

2 Blandford’s Janeyjimjams Joshua, close up with the correct outline & nice & short. Just a bit unsettled which was a pity.

OD (6)

Super class giving me plenty of food for thought.

1 Meister & Brooks’ Silkcroft Crests Of Waves, this was the one who caught my eye on the way in. I loved his outline, great condition, good tail & all male with plenty of attitude. On examination he scored in head & he was a good assertive mover in all directions. Asked for the CC & got it;

2 Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, so lovely to look at, super coat excellently presented, great outline & a good firm topline. Fully mature & all male. Just a touch sluggish today against the winner. RCC.

VD (0).

MPB (3)

1 Escott’s Sidereal Tennessee Waltz, caught my eye as everything was in the right place & put on the steadiest performance. Super condition & shows promise. BPB;

2 Maleary’s Stuffy It Must Be Love, equally promising & a good type. With more confidence will do better.

PB (4)

1 Satherley, Meister & Brooks’ Silkcroft Some Magic Rose, super type & looking at the results this kennel seems to produce a type that I like. Good proportions, lovely to go over, just a touch unruly but that is fine in a puppy. Could strengthen a little in rear;

2 Jones’ Saffini Suga Pie Honey Bunch, lovely head, good coat & a nice sort. A bit scatty but again she is only young & still learning.

JB (0).

PGB (7)

1 Johnstone’s Loofahsa Fiamma Rouxboos, super type, decent proportions, nice tail, lovely coat, nice head, good ears. Caught my eye. Is a touch weak behind;

2 Grant’s Dannebriel Gladly Godetia, strong contender, good presence & OK on the move. Would prefer a touch more colour in the coat.

LB (4)

1 Barrett’s Saffini Sugar And Spice, I really liked this one & she pushed hard in the challenge. Super type, good proportions, steady shower & OK on the move. One to watch;

2 Clarke’s Flaxela Everlasting Love, feminine & typical but a touch reserved & not quite the movement of the winner.

OB (11,3)

1 Clarke’s Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams, so eyecatching & such a correct type, stands right with a super outline, maturing beautifully but still has the exuberance of youth, lovely coat & so well presented. Lovely headed girl. Great front action. A touch close behind but her overall quality just shone through. CC & BOB. Rewarded my confidence in her by placing third in the group where she looked lovely;

2 Satherley’s Silkcroft Sky Full Of Stars, litter sister to the DCC & very much my type. Impressive, great temperament, super coat & like her brother moved well in all directions. RCC in strong competition & of clear ch quality.

VB (4)

Lovely to see the veteran girls in a breed that clearly lasts.

1 Tilley’s Starzak Solid Gold Ez Action, in fine form, lovely outline, moved well up & back & like the seasoned showgirl put in a steady performance;

2 Ford’s Kanjuley Scarlet And Gold, I loved the type of this girl & also her coat in all its gleaming maturity. Not quite so steady up & back as the winner but in good form.



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