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Soft Coat Wheaten Bath 16 Judge's Critique

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Soft Coated Wheaten Breed Standard

KC Breed Standard

Bath 16 Judge




Judge: Mr P Wilkinson

BEST OF BREED : 1716 SATHERLEY, Mrs C L & SMITH Mr T S Am Ch Haldane Chasin' Tail (Imp USA)
Dog CC : 1716 SATHERLEY, Mrs C L & SMITH Mr T S Am Ch Haldane Chasin' Tail (Imp USA)
Res Dog CC : 1687 DUNHILL Mrs E Mother's Finest Jon Snow At Fantasa NAF TAF (Imp)
Bitch CC : 1715 SATHERLEY Mrs C L & Mr C W Ch Silkcroft Colour Of Magic Sh.CM
Res Bitch CC : 1677 BUSBY, Mrs R H & BUSBY Miss O F Calvenace Minnie Ha-ha At Zakby Sh.CM
Best Puppy : 1687 DUNHILL Mrs E Mother's Finest Jon Snow At Fantasa NAF TAF (Imp)
Best Veteran :


Puppy Dog

1st Dunhill Mother's finest Jon Snow At Fantasia NAF TAF Well balanced male, good head nice head planes, good earset excellent underjaw and nice big white teeth, good neck topline & tailset, well bodied for age, moved well very good profile, great extension, in very good coat, RCC

2nd WATKINS & WATKINS Zaraslake Lucky Seven Quality head, very good ears, nice eye. excellent bite, good neck level topline, ultra short, good turn of stifle, very well presented coat in lovely condition, moved well in rear, needs to settle in front.

3rd TILLEY Janeyjimjams Jubliee Star At Starzak


Post Graduate Dog

1st LEVERTON Carkbark Good Luck Charmm OK in head, good earset nice expression, ok thru shoulder, in good body weight, well muscled hind quarters, moved ok.

2nd CALVERT & NAYLOR Amaricy Bullet Proof Dog with a nice outline, well conditioned, nice coat, moved ok just preferred profile of 1 on the move.

Limit Dog

1st DUNHILL Fantasia Blonde Qiwi A well balanced dog with a nice outline short back, ok in head, nice eye, good muzzle, very good bite big teeth, nice bone, good feet, moved well

2nd CROXFORD & DOWDY Hajo V Diekhof (imp) Nice Type good head, Good muzzle and underjaw, nice neck and front, in very good body weight, moved well in front would like more positive movement in rear.

3rd HOWE & STEVELYN Kings Call of Sunnidayze

Open Dog

A good class but, very mixed in type and size & coat

1st SATHERLEY & SMITH Am Ch Haldane Chasin' Tail (imp USA) Smart attractive dog, lovely type, very good outline, a good head, great expression, very good neck and shoulder, correct topline, nice depth of body, well muscled quarters, so well balanced, moved soundly, great extension, stood well on a loose lead holding his profile. CC & BOB

2nd FALLON Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson JW Sh CM Male of very good quality, very nice dog to go over, carrys so many good breed points, today I thought he looked a little bored, and lethargic on the move, lacked extension in profile.

3rd BOAST Denzo;;y Tickle Me Elmo

Puppy Bitch

1st GRANT Dannebriel Gladly Godetia Very nice puppy, full of quality, good head, muzzle, underjaw, mouth, nice neck and shoulder, good legs and feet, in very good body weight, nice coat condition, moved well when settled, pushed hard for the RCC

2nd HOWES Flaxela New Vision At Daisymaes Nice Puppy for size OK in head, good eye, good bite, level topline good seton, nice body condition, moved ok.

3rd FALLON Janeyjimjams jubilee Jewel for Justjenson

Junior Bitch

1st SATHERLEY Silkcroft Auroras Encore Ok in head nice eye, correct mouth, nice outline, good coat, needed to settle on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st HUGHLOCK Janeyjimjams Jolene Quality bitch very well balanced lovely head, nice front, very good body lines, well made quarters well muscled in good condition moved soundly and freely.

2nd SATHERLEY Silkcroft One Step Closer JW Very smart an attractive bitch, good head, neck topline, excellent body condition, good turn of stifle, nice coat, preferred rear movement of 1.

3rd CLARKE Flaxela Everlasting Love Ir J Ch

Limit Bitch

1st BUSBY & BUSBY Calvenace Minnie Ha-Ha At Zakby Sh CM Quality bitch well balanced, beautiful outline, very well presented and handled, good head ears, eye and expression, lovely neck and shoulder,l excellent body. short backed well made quarters, pushed hard for the CC just preferred the profile and extension of the CC winner RCC

2nd HILL, HILL & HILL Janeyjimjams Jive Queen Another nice bitch, good outline, well presented, many breed points, moved ok, preferred the shortness of 1.

3rd DUNHILL Blonde Queen Bee

Open Bitch

1st SATHERLEY Silkcroft Colour Of Magic Sh CM A bitch full of quality, lovely head, good earset, strong muzzle and underjaw, lovely neck and shoulders, good legs and feet, well ribbed up level topline, strong loin, good seton, well made quarters, good bend of stifle in good coat, free moving good extension in profile, very sound CC.

2nd TANNER Kariskiye Born to Bewitch Top size bitch full of quality, good head, lovely eye, in excellent body condition, sound mover, carrying a good coat.

3rd CLARKE Ch Calvenace Fat Bottomed Girl JW Sh CM.

Judge Mr Paul Wilkinson

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